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The Time is Right for a Wedding Ring Set

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It seems as though romance is in the air this week, as creative proposals go viral on the internet. Is it time for you to get inspired for a marriage proposal of your own?

1. Lip Dub Proposal

It doesn’t get much more romantic than this creative proposal,in which a few dozen people lip sync and act out the lyrics to Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You” for  a beautifully choreographed musical proposal. “Don’t say no, no, no, no, no, Just say yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, And we’ll go, go, go, go, go, If you’re ready, like I’m ready,” the couple’s family and friends sing in flash mob style to the now bride-to-be in the back of a slowly-moving
SUV. We may not all be nearly ascreative as this, but it is sure to get you in the mood for love. I just hopehe remembered to buy a wedding ring set!

2. First DateProposal

One less successful proposal in the news this week was thefirst date proposal by a man who hoped to have an arranged marriage. Pallavi Reddy’s
parents hopedto arrange a marriage for her with a successful man of common heritage. Whenshe finally agreed to a date with the man of their choosing, it became quicklyclear to her that she could not marry him. Before the date was over, however,he proposed
marriage without the answer he had hoped for. The lesson? Hold offon purchasing a wedding ring set, no matter how inexpensive it may be, untilyou are certain that her answer will be yes.

3. Brainy BeachProposal

This past week, a brilliant young brain surgeon decided topropose to his girlfriend on their trip to the
beach. His idea was to bury theengagement ring in the sand and have his bride-to-be dig it up. Several hourslater, with the help of several beachcombers and a metal detector, the ring wasrecovered. Fortunately, she thought that the whole thing was quite
funny, andshe said yes. It was certainly a proposal to remember, and at least he didn’tbury the entire wedding ring set.

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Photo credit: Renee V

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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