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Planning a Wedding on a Budget – With Food Allergies

One of the easiest ways to deraila grocery budget – or a wedding budget! – is cooking for people with foodallergies. Products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and the like can besignificantly more expensive. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, thenyou will want to think carefully about how to handle your food choices in sucha way that will fit your needs and wants while also staying within your budget.

Budget Wedding Food Scenarios

Scenario 1: You havesevere food allergies or specific dietary needs,but your guests don’t.

If you have a strict diet forreligious reasons, moral choices, or food allergies, then you already know howto cater to your own diet. But will you ask your guests to eat the same way?There are two basic choices in this scenario. One option is to serve yourguests a meal that adheres to your vegan diet, your kosher diet, yourgluten-free diet, or the like. This is the preference of many couples, but itcan also become very expensive to create a meal based around special diets, andit might be out of your price range if you are planning a wedding on a budget.Another choice is to offer more standard fare to your wedding guests but tohave a special meal prepared to suit the dietary concerns of the bride andgroom.

Scenario 2: You eat astandard diet, but some of your guests have strict dietary concerns.

This is a tricky scenario to dealwith, because you want your guests to be happy and comfortable, but perfectlymeeting everyone’s different dietary needs and preferences perfectly at yourbudget wedding just isn’t possible, especially if you are having a large wedding. Not everyonecan eat dairy or gluten. Not everyone chooses to eat meat. Many people avoidcarbs or sugar like the plague. So what is the savvy bride to do? Fortunately,most people with food allergies or strict diets know how to manage their owndiets when they are eating out. They may choose to eat before they come, orthey may pick and choose what foods best fit their dietary needs. One of themost practical food options for a group of guests with diverse dietary needsmight be to offer a buffet with a variety of food choices and small cards thatlist the ingredients in each dish, to assist those guests with dietaryconcerns.

Are you planning a wedding on abudget with diverse dietary needs? Share your tips with us!

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