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Diamond Cluster Rings of the Rich and Famous

Seven years after becoming acouple, and six children later, Brad Pitt has decided to make it official with his long-time girlfriend Angelina Jolie. CNN confirms that Brad Pitt spent over a year working with a California jewelernamed Robert Procop to design a diamond cluster ring to best fit hisbride-to-be’s finger as well as her personality.

As of yet, the media has notgotten a good look at the diamond cluster ring that Brad Pitt designed forAngelina Jolie, but a recent Glamour blog post speculates about what the ring might look like. All that we know is that Pittand Procop spent a long time searching for the perfect center diamond for thering, and that a ring of side diamonds surrounds Jolie’s entire ring finger.Some experts are guessing that the center diamond is a large emerald-cutdiamond.

Would you like a diamond clusterring that looks like Angelina Jolie’s? Here are some affordable wedding ringsthat may look something like hers.

1. One option is a 3/8 carat whitegold engagement ring with a center square of sixteen small diamonds and parallel bands of diamondsleading down around the side of the ring. This custom My Trio Rings engagementring is $399.99.

2. Another ring choice is a 1/2carat diamond cluster ring set in 14 K white gold. This ring has 9 small diamonds arranged in a centralsquare, with small side diamonds along the band for $399.99.

3. A different 1/2 carat diamondcluster ring with 14 K white gold features a square-shaped arrangement of small diamonds inthe center, with parallel bands of side diamonds for $469.99.

And don’t forget, you can alwaysask the My Trio Rings designers to customize an affordable wedding ring thatbest fits your taste. Get started today!

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