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Best Places to Propose in Baltimore


This post ispart of the My Trio Rings Precious Places series, which uses Mashable’s  Top 10 Cities for Getting Engaged
 list for inspiration.

Baltimore is a gorgeouscity that is a short distance from Washington, D.C. , and it offersmany unique places to propose. If you are ready to start planning a proposal,then here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning.

1. Places to Propose: At the Park

Baltimore’s oldest parkis Patterson Park , a large nineteenthcentury space with walking trails, playgrounds, fountains, a swimming pool andsplash pad, fields, woods, and even a lake. Located in southeastern Baltimore within blocks of Johns Hopkins Hospitaland Fell’s Point, Patterson Park is a vibrantcommunity getaway within the city. If you are
ready to propose  in Patterson Park , consider a picnic on the fieldsjust below the Pagoda, where you have an excellent view overlooking the parkand the city. Another lovely Patterson Park proposal would be astroll on the walking trails down to the lake, then sitting on a bench near thelake, near the middle of the park.

Another of Baltimore’s well-known parksis Federal HillPark , on the southend of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor . Federal Hill Park is not as well maintained as Patterson Park , and it does involve a rather steephike to the top of the hill, but the views of the harbor and the city are hardto beat.

2. Places to Proposes: On the Water

One of the things that makes Baltimorestand out is its abundance of waterfront property. If you are ready to propose  in a romanticlocation, then finding a likely place by the water is a good start. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor  offers
a wide variety of shops and restaurants, outdoor entertainment, placesto walk around, and even an old-fashioned carousel. Another option is proposingon a boat in the harbor, such as a harbor cruise or
a water taxi ride. For more privacy, consider renting a paddleboat and proposing out on the open water in a boat made for two.

3. Places to Propose: Over Dinner

Like many big cities, Baltimoreoffers a wide variety of dining options, from its Little Italy area
to anabundance of fresh seafood restaurants. One romantic dining destination isTapas Adela,located in the Fell’s Point neighborhood
along the water. Tapas Adela offers elegant indoor seating as wellas outdoor tables perfect for people watching and breathing in the harborbreezes. A meal of fresh and innovative Spanish tapas dishes in small portionsoffers ample opportunity for talking,
sipping wine, and lingering – a recipefor the perfect romantic proposal.

Photo credit:jepoirrier

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