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Budget Wedding Registry Tips


If you are planning a wedding on abudget, then you are probably planning to start your life together on a budget,too. Think ahead carefully about what you might need in order to maximize theusefulness of your budget wedding registry. Before you start drooling over theenticing catalogs of your favorite expensive kitchen stores, take stock of whatyou already have. If you each already have a home, then you probably alreadyhave some duplicate items that you may want to sell or give away. Regardless ofthe situation, it is best to make a list of what you need first, then thinkabout what you want, and then start looking at the catalogs and websites tocraft your budget wedding registry.

Budget Wedding Registry Tips

Items to Choose

1. Select long-lasting, highquality items for your wedding registry. Don’t choose items just because theyare inexpensive, because then you may need to replace those items in a fewyears.

2. Select solid colored or neutralpatterned pieces when you are choosing items that will be around for a lifetime.If you ask for high quality white dishes, for example, it will be much easierto match those dishes to different seasonal décor or your own changing tastesover time.

3. Do choose items for yourregistry in a variety of price ranges so that none of your budget weddingguests feel left out.

4. In addition to more practicalitems, consider asking for some memorable items that will always remind you ofyour wedding each time you look at them and the person who gave the gift, suchas a really beautiful wooden fruit bowl or handmade pottery mugs.

5. If you’re already pretty wellset for items for the kitchen, bed, and bath, then don’t forget to considerhaving a honeymoon registry instead to help pay for your budget honeymoon!

Items to Avoid

1. It can be tempting, but don’task for a bunch of fancy appliances that are likely to gather dust. If you’renot likely to make homemade pasta or funnel cakes but once in a blue moon, youmay  be best off asking for amulti-purpose electric griddle and borrowing the other items from a friend onoccasion.

2. Don’t select items that are soexpensive or fragile that you would be too intimidated to use them – or thatnone of your guests would be able to afford!

3. Just because you’re planning awedding on a budget doesn’t mean that you don’t have an eye for quality! Itemsthat are too inexpensive or cheaply made, such as particleboard furniture, isnot long-lasting and may not make it to see your first child, let alone yourgrandchildren!

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