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Save On Solitaire Engagement Rings

If you are searching for the most affordable wedding ring sets, then the way to go is diamond cluster rings. Butif you just can’t quite give up on the idea of solitaire engagement rings, thenyou may wish to investigate My Trio Rings’ pre-launch of a line of affordablesolitaire engagement rings. Compare these similarly styled ring choices belowto get a better idea of your options.

1. 3/8 Carat Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring - $397.99

This diamond cluster engagementring from My Trio Rings features 3/8 Caratsof diamonds nestled in 14 K white gold. The ring is designed with seven smalldiamonds arranged in a circle, in the shape of a solitaire diamond. The band isencrusted with a straight line of small diamonds. It is a diamond cluster ring,but it looks like a solitaire engagement ring.

2. 1/2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring - $699.99

This new engagement ring from MyTrio Rings has a central, round cut solitaire diamond with a straight line of20 conflict-free diamonds wrapping around the band. In style, it looks very similar to the diamondcluster engagement ring also offered by My Trio Rings, but this one is a solitaire engagement ring.

3. 1/2 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring - $999.99

This diamond solitaire engagementring from Zales also features a central round cut diamond, in a square setting, with a straightline of diamonds nestled into the band. In style, it is very similar to bothrings from My Trio Rings. However, it is $300 more expensive than thecomparable solitaire engagement ring from My Trio Rings, and it is more than $600more expensive than the diamond cluster engagement ring. Whether you prefer a solitairestyle or a diamond cluster style, My Trio Rings is the clear choice.

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