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Start Fresh With an All New Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Many people aren’t thinking about divorce when they choose a diamond wedding ring set, but the reality is that many people who are tying the knot are actually divorced and getting married for the second time around. Does this apply to you? It may feel strange in some ways to be on the hunt for a conflict-free diamond yet again, but most people would agree that it is important to purchase new wedding jewelry for your new relationship.

How can you start fresh with a new diamond wedding ring set?

1. Dispose of your old conflict-free diamond.

You don’t necessarily need to throw your old wedding jewelry in the trash, but you probably don’t need it sitting in your top dresser drawer or your medicine cabinet as you start fresh with a new marriage. Think about whether you would like to sell your ring. Some jewelers or pawn shops might be able to offer you a good price, but be sure to shop around. Some people also sell jewelry on sites like Ebay or Craigslist.

Another idea is to purchase a trunk or bin of some type to house your mementos from your previous marriage to store in the attic. If you have children, you probably won’t want to torch your first wedding album, so think about simply boxing up photographs, wedding jewelry, and other special items to save for your children to look at someday. If you can't decide, perhaps the safety deposit box is the best place for now.

2. Choose a diamond wedding ring set in a new style.

Select a ring set that is a different style from what you wore during your first marriage. You may wish to consider a different color (white gold rather than yellow gold, for instance), a different setting, or a different style. If you had a modern style before, think about more classic or romantic looks. If you had a very extravagant style before, think about selecting a plainer ring set.

Shop for a diamond wedding ring set that matches your new relationship!

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