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How to Save Up for Affordable Wedding Rings

You are ready to propose marriage to your girlfriend, so now is
the time to shop for and buy an inexpensive diamond engagement ring. But even
affordable wedding rings seem may seem out of your league without a plan. What
is the solution? Follow these easy budget tips to get you saving up for that
conflict-free diamond ring – fast.

1. Month 1
Instead of taking your girlfriend out to dinner at the new seafood bistro
downtown on Friday night, look up a couple of easy recipes online to create an
inexpensive, romantic meal at home. Put aside the money you would have spent on
appetizers, entrees, drinks, and dessert in an envelope – that’s $50 toward
affordable wedding rings!

2. Month 2 – Your
boss asks you to pick up extra hours one Saturday to help him out. Encourage
your girlfriend to have a chick-flick marathon with her friends and work those
extra hours. Add that $100 to your envelope to save for a conflict-free diamond

3. Month 3 – Ask
your girlfriend to join you for dinner and a movie – at home. Pick up a pizza
and a movie, and slop the saved movie theater ticket – drink – and popcorn
money into your envelope (or savings account). You are $25 closer to purchasing
affordable wedding rings.

4. Month 4
Think about small ways to economize your budget. Downgrade your cell phone
plan, wash and iron your own clothes this month instead of taking them to the
dry cleaners, put your gym membership on hold for a month and jog around the
neighborhood instead. Just a few economical measures could save you $75 or

5. Month 5 – You
get your tax refund check in the mail - $250 in the bank! Combine that refund
check with the $250 you already have saved, and you are ready to purchase not
only a conflict-free diamond ring, but an entire trio wedding ring set – with just five months of saving! You will even have a little extra money to
spend on taking her out to dinner to celebrate.

What are your tips for saving money?

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