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The Basic Affordable Wedding Ring Set Buying Guide

Buying a diamond ring can be intimidating, to say the least, especially since it is something that most people don't do very often in their lifetime. If you're uncertain about how to proceed, go no further than this affordable wedding ring set buying guide to get you on the right track.

1. What is a trio wedding ring set?

One of the best deals you can get on conflict-free diamond jewelry is when you purchase rings as a set. A trio wedding ring set represents your most affordable option. This is a set of three rings: an engagement ring, a ladies' wedding band, and a men's wedding band. The three ring set offers an excellent value because it costs less to manufacture, market, and ship the rings as a package set. This savings is passed on to the consumer as well, especially if the affordable wedding ring set is purchased from a reputable online retailer with low overhead costs. Many jewelers such as My Trio Rings also offer a significant savings on two wedding bands bundled as a set or a bridal ring and an engagement ring bundled as a set, even if you don't need an entire trio set.

2. What is a diamond cluster ring?

A diamond cluster ring is a ring which consists of a cluster of smaller diamonds rather than one large diamond solitaire. Each smaller stone is a real, conflict-free diamond, but the rings are more affordable since smaller diamonds are less expensive. The grouping of diamonds together offers a similar visual impact to diamond solitaire rings for a much lower price.

3. What is a conflict-free diamond?

A conflict-free diamond is a real diamond which is certified to be ethically mined and sold. My Trio Rings is a company that offers customers the assurance that the diamonds used in each affordable wedding ring set are guaranteed conflict free. This means that the proceeds from the initial diamond sales were not used to fund armed conflict in troubled areas of the world.

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