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An Affordable Wedding Ring Set Shopping Schedule

On a Budget Wedding Rings
wedding ring set shopping schedule

Okay, guys. You know that you’re ready to marry her. You’re just itching to pop the question. How soon do you need to pick out an inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring and plan a surprise proposal? Well, if you don’t feel the need to have a ring in hand, then you can ask her whenever the time feels right. But if you want to wow her with a beautiful, affordable wedding ring set, then here is a tentative schedule to get you started. (Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can do it much faster, but this timeline gives you plenty of time for browsing and planning!)

Six weeks before engagement

Start thinking about creative engagement ideas and preparing yourself for the process.

Four weeks before engagement

Start comparison shopping for the ideal inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring. Look around online to determine what style and what characteristics are most important to you. Observe your girlfriend’s style of dress, home décor, and jewelry selection for helpful hints.

Two weeks before engagement

Select and order an affordable wedding ring set that fits your budget and your bride-to-be’s style. Consider an affordable wedding ring set with an inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring in addition to a men’s and ladies wedding band to get your budget off to the right start.

One week before engagement

Receive your affordable wedding ring set in the mail (My Trio Rings offers fast, free shipping. Your rings will ship out within two business days of your order). Make sure that the set meets your standards, insure the rings, and find a safe place to keep them.

A few days before engagement

Finalize your proposal plan and rehearse what you want to say. Make a date with your girlfriend so that you are sure she is available at the appointed time.

The day of the engagement

Set the stage for your proposal. Hide the inexpensive diamond cluster engagement ring in your pocket or wherever it needs to be to pull off your proposal. Take a deep breath and do it!

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