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Twilight Fans Covet Budget Wedding Dress

This just in: just a few short weeks after the most anticipated film wedding of the year debuted in theaters, you can budget-wedding-twilightnow get your own wedding dress in the style of the Twilight series’ Bella Swan. A modest, long sleeve, fitted gown with an ornate, revealing back, Bella’s designer wedding gown is rumored by some sources to be worth in excess of $35,000. That is not exactly a budget wedding dress, since it costs more than the average cost for an entire wedding in the United States.

However, bridal designer Alfred Angelo now offers a slightly more budget wedding friendly copy of Bella’s wedding gown for $799. Engaged women around the country are flocking to try on Bella’s dress in the course of their wedding planning, even if it does not fit their own personal wedding style. Some frustrated retailers report that many non-engaged women are also filling their stores, pretending to be engaged, in order to try on Bella’s dress.

Bella’s extravagant outdoor wedding, planned by her vampire sister-in-law Alice Cullen, is perhaps out of reach for most couples, but besides a more budget wedding friendly copy of her dress, couples can also choose to purchase a copy of Bella’s diamond cluster engagement ring. A version with fake diamonds runs about $40, while a full-blown diamond cluster engagement ring made from real diamonds that matches the description in Stephanie Meyer’s book actually costs more than $2000, which is probably out of the budget of many couples.

But if you wish to take ideas from this year’s much-anticipated wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, you don’t have to copy Bella’s dress or the engagement ring that belonged to Edward’s long-dead human mother in the novel Breaking Dawn. Instead, you could choose your own modest wedding gown and old-fashioned engagement ring and mimic the atmosphere of Bella and Edward’s outdoor wedding. In the Cullen family, money is no object, but a bower of white flowers in a backyard wedding with a flowering vine-covered arbor could be easy to achieve quite inexpensively if you have a green thumb.

Photo Credit: Flickr (magesomido)

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