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Unconventional Budget Wedding Gift Ideas

On a Budget Weddings

Perhaps you aren’t a very by-the-book kind of person. Perhaps walking down a straight aisle in a white strapless gown in front of 100 guests just isn’t your fantasy wedding. Perhaps you feel a little bit uncomfortable about registering for 12 place settings of china on your wedding registry.

If you don’t fit in the typical $25,000 wedding box, never fear! From an original trio wedding ring set to creative wedding gifts, from unconventional wedding ceremony sites to eccentric wedding cake choices, there are a lot of different ways to make your budget wedding your own. Here are three ideas to get you thinking about a different kind of wedding registry.

1. Eclectic Budget Wedding Gifts

With such websites as My Registry
or Amazon, you can create one single registry with a variety of different lovely and unconventional items from local family businesses, your favorite environmentally friendly companies,
or even your favorite homemade items from stores like Etsy.

2. Intangible Budget Wedding Gifts

Perhaps you both already have your own homes and already have a lot of stuff. You may be planning to downsize rather than scale up after yourwedding, with a trio wedding ring set being the only new item you wish to bring into your home. If that is the case, consider a honeymoon registry to fund the trip of your dreams or perhaps a charitable gift registry tohelp people in need, rather than feeling committed to a more conventional registry populated with hand towels and waffle makers.

3. Homemade Budget Wedding Gifts

If the best present would be having your guests give of themselves for your wedding gift, then consider asking friends to prepare and bring their favorite dish for you, either for a potluck reception or to stock your newlywed freezer. Or ask a friend to host a wedding shower to which everyone brings a favorite plant from their garden to help get yours started. If you’re crafty and have crafty friends and family, consider asking each wedding guest to create a quilt square for you. Just send a small square of plain fabric in each budget wedding invitation and ask family and friends to use fabric, fabric pens, embroidery floss, or other washable materials to create a special square that you can incorporate into a memorable wedding quilt.

What are your unique weeding registry ideas?

Photo Credit: Flickr (MRS TWINS)


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