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A Different Kind of Bridal Ring Set

One cultural stereotype that many people have of a bridal ring set, which often shows up on television or in movies, is a single diamond solitaire ring on a thin band of gold (or silver), paired with a plain circle of gold (or silver) as a wedding band.

However, instead of choosing a bridal ring set with two straight bands that coordinate with each other, some brides prefer the look of an engagement ring plus a ring enhancer (also sometimes known as a ring wrap or a ring guard) as a wedding band. A ring enhancer is a diamond cluster ring that would look a little funny to wear on its own without an engagement ring. It is shaped in such a way to nestle against an engagement ring and encircle or envelop its central cluster of diamonds.

Instead of a coordinated bridal ring set, the overall effect of a diamond cluster ring as an engagement ring plus a ring enhancer as a wedding band is that the bridal ring set looks more like one larger, unified ring rather than two separate rings. Some women even choose to ask their jeweler to fuse the two rings together after their wedding to create one united piece of wedding jewelry.

With certain bridal ring set styles, an enhancer can be added on to either side of the engagement ring, so one enhancer could serve as the wedding band, and another ring enhancer could be added on years later for an anniversary gift or other special occasion, creating a piece of jewelry with even more visual impact.

By choosing to purchase diamond cluster rings, which are composed of clusters of smaller (and consequently less expensive) diamonds, rather than larger diamond solitaires, the engagement ring plus the ring enhancer offer an impressive visual impact for a much lower price than even our cultural stereotype of a plain diamond solitaire plus matching wedding band.

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