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How to Choose a Diamond Cluster Ring That She’ll Love

You are ready to propose. One of the best ways to make sure that your girlfriend will like the diamond cluster ring that you picked out is to ask her ahead of time. Now, asking for your girlfriend’s input makes it difficult to plan an engagement that is a complete surprise, but some women will prefer to choose their own engagement ring, since it is an accessory that they will be wearing for life. Of course, you may have a strong sense of your girlfriend’s taste and sense of style, or you may have a girlfriend who has dropped a few pointed hints in your direction about her taste in rings.

For a surprise diamond cluster ring set, your best bet is to choose a classic style that will look good on anyone. Stay away from more unusual styles unless you are confident that your girlfriend will love the style, or you are picking the style out together.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about whether the celebrity engagement (and recent weekend wedding) of reality television star Kim Kardashian with basketball star Kris Humphries started off on the wrong foot as a result of Kim’s engagement ring.

Kim’s engagement ring is a large 20.5 carat diamond cluster ring with two different hues of stones. It takes up most of the bottom half of her ring finger, leaving little discernable room for a wedding band. Its asymmetrical shape makes it look gaudy and almost fake. Many wonder whether Kim had any input in the choice of this bold diamond cluster ring.

The safest bet is for you to avoid this possible celebrity engagement faux pas by either choosing a more classic style or asking your bride-to-be for her input. If you wish to create a surprise engagement, then you may also wish to be open to the possibility that she would like to take advantage of My Trio Ring’s free return policy in order to choose a style that is more to her taste.

Photo Credit: Flickr (chicagofabulous)

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