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Simplify Ring Shopping with a Set of Diamond Cluster Rings

The U.S. economy may still be weak, but that is no reason to put your wedding plans on hold. You have met the love of your life, and you are ready to take the next step to make a lifetime commitment to each other. The weak economy just serves as a good reminder to use your resources wisely by spending your hard-earned money on a high-quality, low-cost three piece wedding ring set, especially a set composed of diamond cluster rings.

Diamond cluster rings are a wise investment, since they are real diamonds of a smaller size grouped together for high visual impact and low cost. Many popular jewelry designers today offer larger diamond solitaires supplemented with clusters or bands of smaller diamonds, but the diamond solitaire makes such rings much more expensive than diamond cluster rings without a large, central diamond.

Even if you can afford the ring options from a standard jeweler, the choices are much more complicated. By exploring your options online, you can avoid feeling pressured by salespeople in an in-person jewelry store.

On the My Trio Rings website, it is easy to navigate the three piece wedding ring set choices as well as the options of other combinations of rings, if you already have one of the rings in hand. All you need to do is pick a style you like that fits into your budget, and you can make decisions about your three rings with one easy click.

On jewelry websites which do not offer such combination deals, in addition to being far more expensive, it is complicated to navigate the various ring designs and figure out which rings coordinate with each other. For example, on popular jewelry websites such as kay.com or jared.com, you must search for each ring type separately, based on different styles and collections of each type of ring. For those of us who aren’t jewelry insiders, even the online ring search on such sites is frustrating and confusing. You may find an engagement ring that you like, but is it in your budget? Will it coordinate with a beautiful but budget-friendly wedding band?

Take the complicated guesswork out of the equation, and make your life a little easier with one-stop-shopping for a three piece wedding ring set.

Photo Credit: Anthony Easton (Flickr: PinkMoose)

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