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A Wise Budget Wedding Investment

On a Budget Weddings

budget-wedding-undergarmentsYou have found the perfect wedding dress to wear at your budget wedding. And since you are carefully planning a wedding on a budget, you were even able to get a great deal on the dress you wanted. However, don’t cross the wedding dress completely off of your to-do list quite yet. Before you hide your dress in a closet for the big day, you may want to take the dress with you to a specialty lingerie store or department store. Even though you are trying to save money for your budget wedding, it is important in invest in the right undergarments to wear with your wedding gown. It will be hard to look like a million dollars in your two hundred dollar gown if you have an obvious panty line or visible bra straps. Here are some items you may wish to shop for before the big day.

1. Bra

These days, it is hard to find a wedding dress with sleeves. Most wedding dresses today are sleeveless or strapless, and they are often designed to show some skin. This can make it difficult for women to find the right support to wear under their dress. Fortunately, many specialty lingerie stores and department stores carry innovative bras that give support without showing over your gown. Be certain to actually bring your dress with you to the store to try on the various options that might work best with your dress. If you can’t find the right option in a store, many seamstresses can also alter your gown to have hidden bra cups sewn into the top of the gown. If you are handy with a needle and thread, you might even be able to sew your own bra cups from a fabric store into the lining of the top of the dress if you are intent on planning a wedding on a budget, but be aware that this option might give you less support than a freestanding bra.

2. Underwear

If your wedding gown has a fuller skirt, then it is unlikely that you will have a panty line that is visible to your guests. However, if your dress is more form-fitting or made from a thinner fabric, then you will likely want to find underwear that is as invisible as possible. Many stores carry underwear that does not have a panty line. You will also want to consider color. An underwear color that is drastically different from your skin tone or from the wedding dress color is likely to be visible unless you have a very full skirt that hides it.

3. Shapewear

Many wedding dresses have built-in corsets or other structures that help to flatter your figure. If your wedding dress is made from a lighter weight fabric and does not have built-in structure, then you may want to purchase shapewear that can help smooth unflattering bulges into submission. This is another situation where you may wish to bring your budget wedding dress with you to be sure that the undergarments are not visible through the dress because of their shape, cut, or color.

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