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How to Pick an Affordable, Designer-Look Diamond Cluster Ring

One of the most prestigious purveyors of diamond engagement rings in the United States is Tiffany & Co. But like most high-status jewelers, their products are not very affordable for most people. Fortunately, that does not mean that you can’t get a designer look at a lower price. Choose a quality real diamond cluster ring that looks similar to popular designer rings at a much lower cost. Here’s how.

Scenario 1designer-diamond-cluster-ring-2

The Tiffany Round Brilliant with Channel-Set Band Engagement Ring features a round-cut solitaire diamond set above a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel in a white gold band. It is generally paired with a matching wedding band with smaller diamonds set in the band. $10,300 is the starting price for this engagement ring without the matching wedding band.

My Trio Rings offers a much less expensive trio wedding ring set that has a similar design. The engagement ring is a diamond cluster ring that has a cluster of delicate, high-quality diamonds set in a circle above a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel. Both the ladies’ wedding band and the men’s wedding band also have a row of smaller diamonds set in a channel to coordinate with the engagement ring. The price for all three rings is less than $900, which offers a savings of more than $9,000 compared to the Tiffany ring, as well as including three rings rather than only one.

Scenario 2

designer-diamond-cluster-ring-1The Tiffany Novo Ring has one large diamond solitaire in an almost square-shaped cut with a stripe of smaller diamonds nestled into the white gold band. It is often paired with a coordinating wedding band that is embedded with a row of smaller diamonds. Just the Tiffany Novo engagement ring alone starts at $11,500 for a 1 carat diamond.

You can find a much more affordable trio wedding ring set with a similar visual impact from My Trio Rings. For less than $700, you can purchase a coordinating set for you and your spouse-to-be that includes an engagement ring and two wedding bands. The engagement ring is a diamond cluster ring with a large square-shaped diamond cluster in place of the diamond solitaire of the Tiffany ring. The engagement ring, the ladies’ wedding band, and the men’s wedding band all feature a similar row of smaller diamonds embedded in the white gold bands. This beautiful trio wedding ring set is just as beautiful as the Tiffany engagement ring, and it costs almost $11,000 less.

With My Trio Rings, you can get the designer style you want without paying a designer price.

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