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How to Choose Budget Wedding Rings

budget-wedding-ringsFor many couples, one of the most confusing parts of deciding to make a life together is choosing the right budget wedding rings. Shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar jeweler can seem easier at first, since there are people right there to answer questions, but in actuality, such jewelry boutiques are usually more expensive than online jewelry stores, and the salespeople can be much pushier. If you want to save money, your best bet is choosing a reliable online jewelry store with an excellent customer service record, such as My Trio Rings, where you can find high quality but inexpensive wedding ring sets crafted with conflict-free diamonds. Here’s what you need to know.

You may have heard a lot about the 4 C’s. These can seem confusing, but basically these are the standard indicators of diamond quality and price.

1.    Cut indicates the shape of the diamond. The most common cut is the round brilliant cut, which is designed to make a diamond even brighter by creating more surfaces to reflect light, thus making the diamond appear shinier.
2.    Color refers to the color of the diamond. All diamonds are not exactly the same color. There is actually a spectrum between stones that are entirely clear in color and those which are more yellowish in hue. Most people prefer a more colorless stone, which is indicated by a letter that is earlier in the alphabet. More yellow stones are described with a letter that comes toward the end of the alphabet.
3.    Clarity describes the imperfections of the ring. For a ring with fewer flaws, choose a ring that is described with an F or IF.
4.    Carat weight means the weight (and hence size) of a diamond. Larger diamonds are usually more rare and thus more expensive.

Now you can use your knowledge of the 4 C’s to help you browse inexpensive wedding ring sets and purchase your budget wedding rings online without needing to speak to any pushy salespeople. Generally, the best way to save money on real diamond rings is to purchase diamond cluster rings, which group several smaller diamonds of a lower carat weight to get a higher visual impact at a lower price. Since the diamonds are smaller, it is less expensive to group higher quality stones together. In other words, the diamonds in diamond clusters are likely to be more clear in color and have fewer imperfections since they are smaller and less expensive.

Another excellent strategy when you are hoping to save money on budget wedding rings is to select trio wedding ring sets. These inexpensive wedding ring sets include three coordinating rings: a woman’s engagement ring, a woman’s wedding band, and a men’s wedding band. Since they are manufactured, packaged, and marketed together, it is usually much cheaper to buy them together rather than shopping for three separate rings.

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