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Budget Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Inspiration On a Budget

budget-wedding-dosWedding planner Lindsay Averette knows both the smart ways to save money and the essential splurges for couples planning a wedding on a budget. Keep reading for the final installment of our wedding planner interview series. For more expert advice from Lindsay about sticking to budget wedding plans, check out the following previous posts: Budget Wedding Tips from a Wedding Planner, More Expert Budget Wedding Tips, and 3 Budget Wedding Tips from a Professional Planner.

What DIY wedding projects do you recommend?

While DIY is often a dangerous approach to such an important day, there are some things that might be fun projects for you and your hubby-to-be. If you’ve got crafty genes, creating table numbers and escort cards is an easy printable project. I’ve often had grooms who really want to be involved, so for outdoor ceremonies they have built their own wooden ceremony arbors or wedding signs. Keep in mind the value of your time when you take on DIY projects as part of planning a wedding on a budget. The money you save may not be worth the time you put into the project.

What should couples not attempt to do themselves?

Oh, where to begin? All of the major things that contribute to the success of a wedding—catering, photography, entertainment, flowers—shouldn’t be DIY’ed by you or your friends, even for a budget wedding. I’ve mentioned the reasons for some of these already in previous posts, but there are professionals in this industry for a purpose. There is so much risk if you don’t hire a wedding professional. The cake your friend made falls apart before you even get to cut it. Even though you’ve checked and rechecked your iPod sound system, it fails right in the middle of your first dance. Friends and relatives have pitched in to make the food to serve, but they seriously underestimated the amount of food, and half of your guests are starving. Quality does not have to equal expensive.

Is a wedding planner an important investment for couples on a budget to make?

Yes and yes. And I promise I’m not just saying this because I’m a wedding planner. I will say that I don’t think a full service planner—from start to finish—is always necessary. However, I do always recommend a day-of or month-of coordinator. There are certain things brides, grooms and family should not have to stress about or coordinate on the wedding day itself. If Aunt Sally sends you and your wedding party down the aisle, how is she supposed to see all the action herself? If you don’t have a coordinator and the DJ announces the cake cutting, where’s the bride? Oh, you’re in the bathroom. The coordinator would have delayed the announcement until you were ready. If there is not already a coordinator with your venue, the easiest decision you should make is to hire one. Even if you are planning a wedding on a budget, the success of your wedding and the smiles on everyone’s faces should far outweigh the money spent on hiring a wedding planner for a few hours.

Lindsay owns and operates LK Events and Design, a wedding and event planning company in Richmond, Virginia.

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