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Creative Budget Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Budget-wedding-guestbookSmart couples in the process of planning a budget wedding recognize the need to prioritize their wedding dreams in order to stay in control of their budget. Many couples prefer to spend their money on big-ticket items like a professional photographer, a beautiful bridal ring set, or a gourmet wedding cake. It is easy to forget how quickly the cost of the smaller details adds up in a budget wedding. One easy way to save money is to get creative with DIY wedding projects and materials you already have on hand. A unique and inexpensive wedding guestbook, for example, might be as close as your desk drawer. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started.

1. Decoupage your own photo book.

Find an unused composition book in your desk, or buy one inexpensively at a local office supply store. Collect photos of you and your spouse to be. For a more formal black and white look, xerox the photographs, and decoupage the black and white versions onto the guestbook. Mix your own decoupage solution by gradually adding water to white glue until it reaches a texture that is easily spreadable with a paintbrush. Paint the surface of the composition book with the glue solution before placing a photo. Once the photo is positioned, paint over the entire top of the photo. Repeat until the front and back covers are covered with special memories. Let dry completely before use.

2. Invite guests to write on index cards or recipe cards.

Find or purchase a stack of index cards or recipe cards, and put a small stack on each table at your budget wedding reception. Instead of the standard guestbook station, ask your family and friends to fill out an index card for you during the reception with a favorite easy family recipe on one side and their wishes for the bride and groom on the other side. After the wedding, you can store the cards in a small filing box; you could also punch holes on the sides of the cards and tie them together with piece of ribbon.

3. Ask your guests to sign scrapbook pages or a photo mat.

Set out a couple of pages of wedding-themed scrapbook paper and high-quality pens for guests to sign papers that will either go straight into your wedding scrapbook or could also be framed and displayed. If you know that you’ll be displaying your guests’ wishes in your home, ask guests to sign a large photo mat with a thin black marker or pen. When your wedding photos are printed, choose your favorite one to frame with the signed mat. Consider picking a black and white close-up photo of you and your new spouse holding hands; it will show off the bridal ring set surrounded by heartfelt messages from your wedding guests.

What are your creative ideas for a budget wedding guestbook?

Photo Credit: Corey Ann

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