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How to Care for Your Wedding Ring Set

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caring for your trio wedding rings

Real diamonds are an excellent investment for couples to make. Conflict-free diamonds are both beautiful and long-lasting. Imitation wedding jewelry, on the other hand, can tarnish, cause skin problems, or simply not last as long as your marriage. Fortunately, it is easy to budget for affordable wedding jewelry made with conflict-free diamonds. With proper care, your diamond wedding ring set will last a lifetime, and you may choose to pass your wedding jewelry on to your children or grandchildren.

1. Remove Your Wedding Ring Set

Most jewelers recommend that you remove your rings before you dig around in the garden or go swimming. Others also recommend that you also remove your rings before exercising, showering, and washing the dishes in order to keep it safe from dirt, scratches, chemicals, and the like. When you temporarily remove your wedding ring set, be certain to put it in a safe place where it won’t get lost or get scratched by other jewelry.

2. Clean Your Wedding Ring Set

Residue from personal care products such as soap and lotion can build up and make your ring less shiny. Clean your wedding ring with a mild soap and water using a soft toothbrush to loosen dirt under or around your diamonds. For dirtier rings, mix a solution of half ammonia and half water to gently scrub your ring. Many local jewelers will also professionally clean your ring for free, even if you did not purchase the ring from their store.

3. Inspect Your Wedding Ring Set

At least once a year, take your wedding ring set to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned and inspected. You may not be able to see loose stones or other problems with the setting of your wedding ring set, but the jeweler has special tools to inspect the security of your diamonds.

What are your best tips for caring for your wedding jewelry?

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