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4 Green Wedding Tips


Some couples choose to plan a green wedding that is better for the environment. Fortunately, opting for a more eco-friendly wedding is not incompatible with planning a wedding on a budget.  Choosing to serve local food, use online invitations, and buy conflict-free diamonds can help preserve the earth as well as save you money.

1. Green Wedding Decorations

Choose wedding decorations that have a lower impact on the environment. Conventionally grown flowers use a lot of pesticides, which are harmful to the environment as well as to the people who grow the flowers. Consider choosing organic flowers instead of conventional florist fare. Organic flowers are more expensive, so choose to carry a more simple, classic bouquet and decorate with fewer flowers or with live plants. Many garden centers will loan live plants to decorate a wedding, or perhaps you would like to purchase live plants as wedding table decorations that could then be planted in your yard as a special souvenir of your wedding.

2. Green Wedding Favors

Instead of buying candies or matchbooks or other wedding favors that your guests may or may not use and appreciate, think about choosing green wedding favors such as flower seeds for your guests to plant or reusable tote bags. Some couples also choose to give a charitable gift as a wedding favor, such as purchasing carbon offsets for each guest’s travel or donating money to an environmental organization in honor of their guests. Print a little card for each guest on recycled paper that describes the charitable gift.

3. Green Wedding Gifts

Create a green wedding registry by registering for well-made gifts that will last you and your spouse a long time. Choose environmentally friendly materials such as recycled glass, organic cotton, and bamboo. For the best selection of green wedding gifts from different companies, choose to register online with a universal gift registry (http://myregistry.com/) service.

4. Green Honeymoons

Planning a green honeymoon is actually very important to planning a wedding on a budget. The greenest honeymoons minimize the distance you travel. It is better for the environment to rent a low-mileage vehicle to drive to a cabin at a nearby state park than to fly to Europe, and it is also a significantly less expensive honeymoon destination. Train travel, bus travel, or car travel to a city with a good mass transit system are also more environmentally friendly than plane travel. Another good green honeymoon option is to find an eco-tourist spot that is within reasonable driving distance. Eco-tourist destinations will typically make eco-friendly choices for you, so you can relax and know that your vacation of a lifetime is helping to protect the earth.

What are your favorite tips on planning a green wedding?

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