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Compare Trio Ring Set Prices Online Before You Buy

trio-ring-setBuying a trio ring set, which includes a matching engagement ring, women’s wedding band, and men’s wedding band, saves you time and money. However, not all jewelers that offer trio ring sets offer the same affordable prices. Some jewelers are more expensive due to in-store mark-ups, high shipping costs, expensive warranty plans, and misleading pricing policies. For the most affordable trio ring sets, real diamond cluster rings from low-pressure, low-cost online retailers such as My Trio Rings are probably your best bet.

Scenario 1:

*My Trio Rings:

My Trio Rings offers a trio ring set with 10k white gold and a collection of small diamonds totaling 1/4 carats. This affordable diamond cluster ring set costs $379.99 with free shipping and a one year warranty.

*The competition:

Zales also sells a trio ring set with 10k white gold and 1/4 carat diamonds. At first glance, you might think that you are about to get an amazing deal, as band costs $194.65. The total cost for this ring set is $617.95 before tax. the price is listed “from $152.15.” When you click on the link, though, you will discover that each ring is actually priced separately. The ladies’ wedding band costs $152.15, the engagement ring costs $271.15, and the men’s wedding band costs $194.65, all sale prices.

Scenario 2:

*My Trio Rings:

My Trio Rings offers a 14k yellow gold trio ring set with 1 carat total diamond weight, including both princess and round cuts. This diamond cluster ring set sells for $614.99 and includes both free shipping and a free 1 year warranty.

*The competition:

Fred Meyers Jewelers sells a trio ring set that is roughly equivalent: 10k yellow gold and 1 carat total weight in round cut diamonds. The price for this wedding ring set is $1,399.00, which is more than twice as expensive as the comparable My Trio Rings set. Even though Fred Meyers Jewelers also offers free shipping over a low minimum purchase price, the My Trio Rings set is a much better bargain.

*Please note that all product and pricing information was updated on January 15th 2010.

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