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4 Budget Wedding Tips

On a Budget

budget-wedding-tipsWeddings can be incredibly expensive. Some couples are lucky to have family members that want to help out, but for other couples, it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on an extravagant wedding just before starting their lives together. Many couples would prefer to save money for a relaxing honeymoon or a down payment on a house. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lovely wedding on a smaller budget. From searching for discount wedding ring sets online to cutting down on food costs, saving money is easy to do with a little planning. Here are a few budget wedding tips to help you save money while still celebrating in style.

1. The Rings

Wedding and engagement rings can be expensive. Save money on your rings by shopping for discount wedding ring sets (which include a matching ladies engagement ring, woman’s wedding band, and man’s wedding band) online instead of looking in more pricey brick-and-mortar shops. Consider purchasing a diamond cluster ring instead of a diamond solitaire ring to save even more money.

2. The Dress

To get the best possible deal on a wedding dress, avoid expensive bridal boutiques. Instead, shop for your wedding dress at a big bridal store. You can often save a couple hundred dollars or more if you choose to buy an almost-perfect dress off the rack at a bridal chain and pay to have it altered or even alter it yourself. Start the search several months before the wedding so that you can avoid paying extra for a fast turnaround. If you are having a less formal wedding, look for white prom dresses at your local department store. And don’t forget to ask other brides for budget wedding tips in your area.

3. The Venue

Rather than paying for two separate venues and worrying about needing transportation between the two, choose a location for your wedding that can also accommodate your reception. Look for churches with large fellowship halls or state parks with indoor lodges or outdoor picnic areas. Many times, renting one multi-purpose venue can save money on facility rental fees as well as fees for things such as setting up the space with chairs and tables. And if you have friends who are willing to drag chairs around on the big day, you may be able to save even more.

4. The Food

Ask your caterer to give you specific budget wedding tips that they may have. In general, it will probably cost less money per person to serve a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner. Meatless dishes usually cost less than expensive cuts of meat or fish. Don’t forget to think about the expense of alcohol as well. Instead of offering an open bar, think about paying for a champagne toast and then offering a cash bar for guests who wish to drink more than that. And instead of purchasing a designer wedding cake, consider having a friend who is skilled in the kitchen make a cake or even create more original wedding cupcakes.

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