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How and Why to Choose Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamond Dialect Wedding Rings
how and why to choose conflict free diamonds

conflict-free-diamondsThe Desirability of Diamonds

Most couples today choose to purchase real diamonds when they shop for affordable engagement ring sets. Diamonds are beautiful and durable stones that last a lifetime, which is one of the reasons why they are a popular choice for wedding rings. Diamonds can be expensive, but smart couples have several easy methods to invest in responsibly-mined diamonds at an affordable price. One of the main things that couples need to look for as they shop is conflict-free diamonds.

The Dark Side of Diamonds

More than half of the world’s diamonds are mined in Africa. In the 1990’s, the problem of conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds, became widely publicized. Rebel groups in nations such as Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire took over the diamond industry in their countries and used the profits to purchase weapons and fund civil wars against their governments. Some of these conflict diamonds were indirectly smuggled into the hands of unsuspecting jewelry buyers.

The Global Response

In response to the problematic growth of conflict diamonds, several organizations and companies banded together to create a strict global diamond certification process known as the Kimberley Process in order to help ensure that diamond customers worldwide were not purchasing conflict diamonds. As a result, diamond buyers today can be confident that they are buying conflict-free diamonds as they shop at just about any reputable jewelry store.

What You Can Do

As you search for affordable engagement ring sets, be certain to consider the source of the diamonds before you buy. Although most jewelry stores in the United States sell certified conflict-free diamonds from legitimate sources, it is better to be safe than sorry. DeBeers, the jewelry company that many U.S. jewelers use as their source for diamonds, was instrumental in starting conflict-free diamond certification through the Kimberley Process. They believe that 99.8 percent of diamonds on the world market today are conflict-free as a result. If savvy consumers continue to demand responsibly-mined diamonds for their wedding jewelry, perhaps we can eliminate the sale of conflict diamonds altogether.

My Trio Rings proudly sources all its diamonds from the DeBeers mines so you can be certain that your wedding rings have conflict-free diamonds.

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