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Top 5 Ways to Save Hundreds on Wedding Rings

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Weddings are a beautiful (and often expensive) event in a couple’s life. Most couples need to work within a budget to pay for formal wear, food, music, flowers, and photography in order to start their life together without going into debt. Fortunately, it is easy to find inexpensive, high quality trio wedding ring sets that will celebrate your relationship for a lifetime. Here are the best ways to find high quality, affordable wedding rings:

1. Buy Online

Purchase rings online to avoid paying the overhead costs associated with expensive jewelry boutiques. Online jewelry stores are less likely to have a pushy sales staff encouraging you to purchase a more expensive ring than you can afford. Online jewelers with a strong customer service record can give buyers more information and assistance with less pressure and fewer costs.

2. Buy Direct from the Source

Purchase your wedding rings directly from the manufacturer in order to take the middleman or wholesaler out of the equation. Jewelers that sell rings straight from the source can save you a significant amount of money.

3. Buy All Three Wedding Rings Together

Purchase a trio wedding ring set rather than purchasing the engagement ring and each wedding band separately. It is much less expensive for a retailer to manufacture, package, and sell rings as a set rather than individually, and it saves you time shopping as well. Many couples prefer to have matching rings, so purchasing the rings as a set makes the process easier as well as more affordable.

4. Choose a Cluster Head Instead of a Solitaire

Choose a cluster head of smaller diamonds, which are less expensive than a single solitaire diamond. A cluster of small, high quality diamonds can have a bigger visual impact at a much lower cost. Cluster rings also have the advantage of making it more affordable to purchase conflict-free diamonds.

5. Avoid Expensive Brand Names

Avoid purchasing expensive brand name wedding rings. Experienced jewelers can design a beautiful and affordable bridal ring set for you and your future spouse without a designer price tag. Well-known, high-priced jewelry brands do not hold a monopoly on beautiful rings. A unique ring design will likely impress your family and friends more than something run-of-the-mill.

Photo Credit:Angelia Herring (My Trio Rings Customer)


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