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Plan Smart with the Best Free Wedding Budget Tool

TheKnot_Budgeting_Tool It's easy to go over your planned wedding budget without even knowing it.  It's one thing going over on your grocery budget, but its completely different going over your wedding budget.  An average American wedding costs roughly $27,000, so going over budget even by a little can incur quite a debt. We frequently hear stories from brides who have spent many months planning for their wedding and then realize at the last minute that they don't have enough money to pull off what they planned.  You don't have to let this happen to you!  There are plenty of free budgeting calculators out there that will help you plan out and track all the expenses you will need to incur for your wedding.

After searching the internet and talking to some of our brides, we found that The Knot has developed the best wedding budget tool. This free tool will let you plan out your entire budget based on the number of guests, location, purchases etc.  It can be completely customized to your wedding and will let you make sure you aren't going over budget, as well as making sure that you haven't forgotten to plan any part of your wedding.  There’s also a payment tracker to help you stay up-to-date on items that require deposits and multiple payments.

If any of you are already using the tool for your wedding, please share your experience with the rest of us.  We would love to hear whether you have positive or negative experiences.

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