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Keeping your Trio Wedding Rings Shiny

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So you just bought an exquisite his and her trio ring wedding set from MyTrioRings.com. You’ve married the love of your life and can’t stop admiring those gleaming diamonds on your finger. You feel like you never want to take your wedding rings off your hand because they remind you of the vows you made and the one you love. However, as difficult as it may be, it may be in your best interest to take your rings off once in a while.

The question of “Did you wash your hands?” has never been more popular, and it is important that while cleaning your hands, you are keeping your wedding rings safe!

When taking care of your engagement ring and wedding bands, it is best to practice R.I.C. – Remove. Inspect. Clean. – and adhere to the following DO’s and DON’Ts of caring for your rings.

The DOs and DON’Ts
of Taking Care of Your Trio Wedding Ring Sets

DO … DON’T …
… Maintain & Clean Your Rings
Get your wedding jewelry professionally cleaned1-2x per year. In between professional cleaning visits, use an at-home jewelry cleaner and a soft brush to remove dirt and dust. You can also use dish washing soap such as Dawn, without micro-abrasives, warm water and a soft tooth brush to clean the crevices of your rings.
… Use Harsh Chemicals While Wearing Your Rings
Chlorine, bleach, non-alcoholic hand sanitizer, hand soap and other harsh chemicals can damage or discolor the diamond and gold of your wedding rings. To avoid this, remove your bridal rings and wedding bands before cleaning with chemicals or taking a dip in a chlorinated pool or hot tub.
… Take Off Your Trio Rings When You Shower
Soap can build up on gold jewelry over time, leaving a thin film on the surface. Take off your wedding and engagement rings when you shower to cut down the number of times you have to clean them.
… Handle Your Rings Harshly
Take off your rings before doing any exercise or manual labor- such as lifting weights, auto repair, woodworking, or even dish washing – where you may accidentally knock them against hard objects.
… Insure Your Rings
Your trio wedding rings are a long-term investment that you want to protect. Have your rings appraised, and create an insurance policy for each of them. The small yearly fee will be well worth it for your peace of mind. 
… Wear Your Rings While Working Out
Aside from the day to day wear on your rings and the inevitable dirt and sweat build-up that comes from exercising, lifting weights, or any physical activity that includes your hands has potential to affect the structure of your rings.
… Find A Safe Place to Store Your Rings
When you do take off your rings to work, clean, or exercise, you’ll want to have a safe place to store them. Use your ring box or a small ring holder where you can leave your bridal set and wedding bands until you put them back on.
… Putting Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer Directly On Your Rings
Alcohol based sanitizers will not harm your jewelry, however non-alcohol based cleaners may contain harsh chemicals like chlorine, known to be harmful to gold jewelry.

Extended Service Plan

The Summer season is a particularly important time of the year to adhere to these guidelines to protect your rings. With all of the sun, sand, surf and SPF, make sure to keep these precautions in mind:

In order to help preserve the shine and beauty of your trio ring wedding set, it is important that when entering a hot tub or swimming pool that you take all your jewelry off (and store it in a safe place!) This is because chlorine can have a damaging effect on gold and platinum and has been known to slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones. Chlorine has also been known to slowly damage and discolor precious metals, especially gold and platinum.

Similarly, we recommend that you take off your wedding rings before jumping into salt water, since it has been known to have a very similar effect on gold jewelry. Another reason we recommend taking your rings off when our in the sun this summer is that applying lotions and sunscreen can also damage your rings. These products have a tendency to form a thin coating on your jewelry, which can take away much of the shine and vibrance of your rings.

Likewise, to preserve the optimum shine, it’s important that you take your rings off before showering and cleaning. While it may seem that it only happens in movies that a ring slips off while cooking or cleaning, or slips down the drain by chance, it could happen to you! Not only are your wedding rings valuable financially, they are also an important emotional symbol of your love. When it comes to your rings, it’s better to be safe than sorry, which means taking your rings off when they are in danger of getting tainted or of slipping off.

These are the tools and tips you need to keep your wedding rings as brilliant and shiny as the day you got them!


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