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How Do You Tell Apart a Real Diamond from a Fake One?

Diamond Dialect Education

There are some who when looking for a wedding ring set for their upcoming wedding decide that they want simply the most affordable wedding ring they can find. There’s nothing wrong with that, and especially with the troubled economy of the past few years, this is extremely justifiable. Even though a wedding is a presumably once in a lifetime event, it is becoming more acceptable today to try to find cheaper alternatives to traditional rings that cost over $12,500. However, it is generally agreed upon that an engagement ring should have real diamonds, and not fake stones such as cubic zirconium. Even though there are a few who believe a Cubic Zirconia diamond is good enough and indistinguishable from a real diamond, there are many differences and ways to tell them apart quickly and easily.

Diamonds have been a staple of wedding rings for over a century now, and a diamond ring is almost synonymous with a wedding or engagement. A diamond is the hardest and toughest stone in the world, and nothing can break it. The only way to scratch a diamond is with another sharp diamond. However, many who are looking for cheaper alternatives tend to look at cubic zirconium diamonds as a cheaper alternative. While the price difference is huge, Diamonique and other fake diamonds have been known to cloud up or scruff up, and many consider fake diamonds to be bad luck for a wedding. More so, most jewelers and others familiar with diamonds can immediately tell the difference because a fake diamond will have a tell-tale rainbow like sparkle from it, while a real diamond has a trademark white shine, also known as its brilliance.

While most jewelers and people who are familiar with real diamonds can almost immediately tell if a diamond on a piece of jewelry is real or fake, there are many objective methods to tell if a stone is genuine. Many jewelry stores will perform a free heat test to your diamonds. During this test, they will heat it up for a few seconds and see if it holds the heat. A real diamond disperses heat quickly and won’t heat up during such a test. There are also tools available with the use of a diamond tester and a hardness test.  Also, a cubic zirconia and most other fake diamonds typically weigh 40-70% more per carat than a real diamond, a difference that is immediately obvious when you weigh the stone in question and compare it to what a real diamond of that carat size should weigh.

Since the above methods may be difficult for most people to check the diamonds in their rings personally, there are some easier ways to check if a stone is real. For example, a simple fog test can help you figure out if a stone is real. This can be done by fogging the diamond with your mouth. If it’s a real diamond, the fog won’t stay very long and will evaporate almost immediately. Another way to test a diamond is by placing it under a UV light or a black light, since a real diamond will reflect medium to dark blue fluorescence. Finally, fake diamonds tend to seem dull when looked at from the side, while a real diamond will have equal shine and brilliance from every angle.

There are many other ways to test a stone, but the best and most certain way to test if a diamond is real or not is to ask the retailer to give you a certificate of authenticity for the diamonds used in the item. Most prominent jewelers will provide a detailed certificate from a diamond lab such as GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, or EGL, the European Gemological Laboratory. Both are independent and unbiased and will give you a proof without a doubt whether the diamonds in question are authentic.

MyTrioRings guarantees its diamonds are authentic, and is happy to provide a diamond certificate of authenticity upon request, for a standard fee. Simply call or email us to request a diamond certificate for a new purchase or a trio rings purchase you have already made. A Trio Wedding Ring Set is the perfect way for you to save money on gold wedding rings yet have the satisfaction of owning real diamonds. Check out our large selection of Diamond trio ring Sets, as well as our Yellow and White gold trio ring sets. When the Ladies Engagement ring, Ladies Wedding band, and Men’s Wedding band are together in a matching set – this is called a Trio Wedding Ring Set.

Diamond Education by My Trio Rings

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