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A Second Chance on a Wedding Ring

A glamorous wedding is something that many girls fantasize about from a very young age. They picture a fancy and classy affair from the start to the finish, with the most lavish and expensive food and accessories. However, a luxurious and pricey event is often not feasible, especially since many couples choose to get married in their early twenties, when they are unlikely to have a lot of money saved up. While most girls dream of a valuable diamond engagement ring, many can’t afford the costs associated with one. However, there is a rising trend today of a wedding ring upgrade, or a second wedding ring, to compensate for this.

It makes a great deal of sense that while every girl wants to show off a gold engagement ring studded with an enormous diamond on her finger to all her friends, it isn’t realistic for a young  couple. Usually, the person buying the ring will spend all they can to get the best ring they can afford according to their budget.  It’s usually said that an engagement ring should cost anywhere from two to six months of salary. For someone in their early twenties, this means that they can’t afford to spend a great deal of money, and the couple will usually settle for a ring that is good enough.

However, just because a couple settled for a decent ring when they just got married doesn’t mean that they have to stay with that ring for the rest of their lives. There is a rising trend today of couples purchasing second rings for their spouse to make up for the ring they had to settle for when they first got married. This gesture makes a great deal of sense because years after a marriage, the couple usually is earning more money and has more money saved up to buy the ring of their dreams. A request for an upgrade is usually well received by a spouse, and is seen as a symbol of the love that has strengthened between the two over time.

Even more, instead of simply purchasing an upgrade wedding ring as a symbol of their undying love, more and more couples today are choosing to renew their vows after 10, 25, or 50 years together. A wedding vow renewal ceremony often includes the exchange of a new set of engagement rings and wedding bands as a reaffirmation of the original exchange of rings. The renewal of vows is a public way of saying that if you had the chance, you wouldn’t hesitate to get married to your loved one all over again.

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