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We’ve all purchased a chocolate candy bar from a vending machine, but have you ever dreamed of purchasing gold from a vending machine? Well, now you can. According to a CNN.com article last week, German company named Gold-to-go is rapidly making gold bar vending machines, and opened its first gold dispensing machine in May.  This machine comes about as a result of high demand for physical gold as a safe way to safeguard cash in an uncertain economy. Much the same way people have been purchasing gold and diamond jewelry as an investment for hundreds of years now, a gold vending machine gives people the satisfaction of knowing their money is safely in their hands.

Patrizio Locatelli, the owner of SE 6, a company in Italy that pays people cash for their gold jewelry and gold items, said that “When you see exchange rates going up and down every day with the euro under so much pressure and stocks decreasing, this gold machine seemed like a very sound idea. In times like these you must think of somewhere else to put your money, and physical gold still has a great appeal for everyone.”

With gold prices at an all time high of about $1,250 an ounce, it isn’t hard to see the truth in Locatelli’s words. The demand for gold has grown rapidly and very consistently, and this is because gold is commonly seen as a “safe-haven asset,” meaning that it actually gains value in an uncertain economy. This is because while banks can fail and currencies can rapidly increase or decrease in value, gold will always be the primary form of currency and investment in any sort of economy.

How can the average investor, who can’t afford $1,250 gold bars, get into investing in gold? As highlighted in a previous blog article, gold jewelry was first created as a way to tangibly hold onto and safeguard money. By turning gold into jewelry such as gold rings, bracelets and necklaces, people had the safety and assurance of knowing their money was safe in their hands, and not left to the mercy of an unpredictable economy. By purchasing jewelry, you are not only showing others you have money, but that you are smart enough to invest it in something you can turn into cash in bad times, unlike that plasma TV or new car that will lose their value days after you take them home from the store.

Simply put, gold is the easiest and safest way to invest your money. Those who can’t afford to buy a lot of it can’t lose by purchasing jewelry from a trusted vendor. Whether you are purchasing a gold wedding ring to propose to your significant other, or are purchasing a diamond bracelet for your dad on father’s day, gold, in any size, shape or form, is a smart way to show your love.  And until your next visit to Dubai or Germany, the first two places with gold vending machines, gold jewelry is a great place to start.

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