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Gold as an Investment

Gold Guide

The stock market has fluctuated significantly over the past decade, the housing market has collapsed, and the Euro’s reputation and value has tanked. A large number of banks and firms have failed due to a unstable economy and a lot of the notions of a good investment opportunity have changed. A money market account no longer gives you a better return than the rate of inflation. The bottom line: What’s the best way to protect your savings and safeguard your money for the future? Investing in a precious commodity like gold.

While the S&P 500 had negative returns in the last ten years, gold’s value has risen an astounding 275%. This means an annual return on investment of 14.1%, and more recently, since 2008 gold prices have jumped 70%. (Source: Forbes.com) While the economy has been in bad shape and fluctuated significantly over the last decade, gold prices remained strong and have only increased in value.

Gold has typically been considered the safest and most popular investment option out of all the precious metals. More specifically, gold is the oldest form of currency, and has been used as such for over 5,000 years. Since gold is a natural resource, there is only a limited amount available, and eventually there will be no more left to mine. Couple this with the fact that the demand for gold and jewelry is only going to increase as population grows; it isn’t hard to predict that gold prices will only continue to rise in the future.

In fact, one of the first reasons jewelry was created was not just for physical attractiveness or beauty. The idea was that by turning the precious metal into a piece of jewelry like a gold ring or bracelet, it could be worn and kept on the body at all times for safekeeping. When times were rough, or money was tight, the jewelry could be melted down and easily sold, still retaining much of its original value. This makes gold much more valuable than silver, which is much harder to recover once it has been made into a finished product. Almost all of the gold ever mined is still in use today, while a lot of the silver mined is not.

Whether you are looking for a safe way to invest your money or you are simply looking to show your affection for a loved one, jewelry is and always will be one of the best long-term options you could have. By purchasing a well made piece of jewelry, you are making an investment in something that is going to last a long time. As the saying goes, a diamond is forever. Well, that may be true, but so is gold.

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