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True Life: An Awesome Proposal Story and Helpful Proposal Tips

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Real Proposals
Proposal Story

One Awesome Wedding Proposal Story:

I’m not saying that I know any more about love and marriage than anyone else. However, when someone asks me what my greatest idea was, only one comes to mind – my family.

It all started when I was trying to get votes. Not for myself, but for Atlanta mayoral candidate Maynard Jackson. My firm had been hired to help him win the election.

Maynard Jackson’s campaign for mayor of Atlanta was a victory, too. The new mayor was incredibly gracious and thankful. He said to me, “Should I ever be able to help you, just let me know.”

Now it was time to propose, so I called him. And I also called the Japanese firm that owned Atlanta’s tallest building, the IBM tower. And I called CBS, and I called the caterers, and I called in three producers from my agency.

Just before the six o’clock news, Cynthia received a message from her news director that a white-collar drug bust was about to go down in the penthouse of the IBM tower in midtown Atlanta. The police chief had been told to give Cynthia Good the exclusive story. The news director told her it would be the lead story, live, and that she should hightail it down to the tower to get the story.

Leading two camera trucks, Cynthia Good raced to the intersection of Peachtree and 14th Street where she witnessed some twenty police cars surrounding the building, a SWAT team and a fire truck (I couldn’t swing the chopper).

Cynthia demanded to be let into the building. She was told, “Sorry, ma’am, no one goes in. This is a very dangerous situation.” But Cynthia persevered and finally prevailed. Except for one last catch: a Red Dog SWAT team would have to escort her to the fiftieth floor, which it did. Once there, they broke down the door.

Behind it, she found not a Columbian drug cartel, but a knight of sorts – me – and dinner, champagne and musicians playing as the sun sank behind the picture windows, and I sank to my knees. She sank, too. And we’ve been afloat for 17 beautiful years!

— by Joey R., Atlanta, Georgia

Some Practical Proposal Tips

The My Trio Rings team has researched and come up with some practical tips to help you come up with a great way to propose. These tips are ideas that you can mix and match based on the effect you’re looking for, and the type of relationship you have with your loved one.

Make it personal.

While going ‘big’ is fun, maybe top priority should be making the proposal thoughtful and personally tailored to your loved one. If you think telling it in the future will get that ‘awwww’ moment from your future audience, then you’ve probably got it just right!

Make it public.

Proposing in a very public place can add that ‘big factor’ that you might be looking for! Some public proposal ideas: at a sporting event, at an attraction, or an important site. Even if you aren’t comfortable putting yourself out there in a public setting, certainly announce it to the world once you’re successful!

– Make it a surprise.

What is the one place she would never expect you to propose? Or what is the one way she would never expect? And when trying to figure out just how to do it, you will be surprised how many friends and acquaintances will help you!

Make it fun.

What does she really like? Or what would she find really fun? A number of ideas start with hiring a professional of some kind to do something for you – a musician to play her favorite song, a magician to make the ring appear in a trick, or a local pilot to write it in the sky. After that, all you have to do is get her in the right place and watch her smile.

Make it memorable.

People are going to ask you how you proposed. They will be eager to know “Where were you and what did you say?” The more uniqe you can make it, the more the details can bring it to life every time the story is told.

Ideally, you will only propose once in your life, which is why it is important to get it right. Ultimately, the best proposals take a little extra planning, effort and thought. When you come up with the best way to propose, it will be a story you’ll be proud to tell over and over again to your friends, family (and future children!)

Once you have decided on the perfect way to propose, check out our Diamond Trio Ring Collection for the perfect ring to do it with!

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Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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