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4 Things to know before Buying Jewelry and Wedding Rings Online

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It’s not a secret that there are many reasons to buy jewelry online. I’m sure you’ve heard, “Often you can save 50 percent or more buying online because e-commerce retailers have lower overhead costs than brick-and-mortar stores, and can pass the savings on to you.”

But what should you know when buying jewelry online? Anywhere you look they will tell you the same thing, and we agree with them! Here are the top 4 tips:

1. Know your stuff

Doing good research can help you make sure you get the ring that is best for your partner and the quality you expect! When it comes to buying diamonds online, you want to understand the 4 C’s – cut, color, carat, clarity. Our site has a guide to this here. Understanding the terms can be a critical “must” for such an important purchase. Make sure before you buy anything online you understand what you are buying.

2. Call the Company

There is a wealth of information available online, but you can also learn a lot by calling the company, emailing them, or talking to them on their live chat. This is especially true if they have good customer service! Click here to see where we stand on this. When you have an idea what you want, you should call. It is better to ask in advance and get exactly what you’re looking for, rather than order and have to return an item. This can save you time and shipping costs!

3. Reputation and Guarantee

Once you find an online store that has the jewelry you want, how can you tell if they are the real deal? See that they offer a guarantee, a good return policy, and that the site has secure ordering. Also see if you can find a section for testimonials or customer feedback, where you can learn what other real people think! And, calling the company to let them convince you of their reputation and guarantees is not only perfectly fair, but they should be happy to!

4. Comparison Shop for Price

Search various online retailers in order to get an idea of what a competitive price should be. If you know the details of what you want, shopping and price comparison sites such as Shopzilla.com, Nextag.com, or Bizrate.com can be really helpful. And look for a company’s specials! This can be a great way to find a bargain.


No matter which type of engagement ring you end up buying, making sure you follow certain tasks and approach the purchase in an educated fashion can ensure you will be pleased.  In the end this is an investment that will grow in value just as your love continues to grow throughout your marriage.

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