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White Gold vs. Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

When looking for a trio ring set, the first choice to make is between White Gold and Yellow Gold. Everyone knows about yellow gold, but not as many people are familiar with the concept of white gold, which has been gaining popularity and recognition in recent times. Gold, when naturally mined and extracted has the traditional metallic yellow color. This image of gold as yellow comes from classic depictions of gold as yellow in classic movies and images. When one thinks of mining for gold and gold nuggets, it is the classic yellow colored gold that comes to mind.

White gold is made of the same materials as yellow gold, but is mixed with different metals to give it the silver color. A 14 Carat white gold ring has exactly the same amount of pure gold as a yellow gold ring, at 58.3%. A piece of jewelry will never be pure gold because pure gold is too delicate and soft for manufacturing. That is why jewelry is combined with other metals to reinforce it and make it durable enough to be worn daily as jewelry. Yellow gold is combined with copper and zinc to give it the yellow color, while white gold, which is typically combined with palladium and silver to give it the silver color. Nickel used to be used in white gold in the past, but isn’t anymore because many people have allergic reactions to nickel on their skin.

White gold was originally developed to create a different look and feel to jewelry and wedding rings. It is a popular choice for wedding rings because it has the same look and feel as more expensive and luxurious metals such as platinum and titanium. This silvery gold also accentuates diamonds in a wedding ring and creates a striking effect in combination with well cut diamonds. White gold rings traditionally are also more durable and scratch resistant than their yellow counterparts because of the stronger metals that are used to make them.

However, yellow gold still remains very popular today because it provides a very classic and traditional feel to wedding rings. Yellow gold has a timeless property to it, in that it is always in style and is immediately associated with pure gold. Yellow gold also provides a greater contrast in terms of the white diamonds that are placed in it tend to shine better in certain lights. Many antique wedding rings are yellow gold, and are considered beautiful in all cultures and regions of the world.

Ultimately, yellow and gold rings of equal Carat weights have the same dollar value. The real differences between the two are based purely on personal taste and preference. As the age old saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and some prefer the classic and timeless beauty of a yellow wedding ring, while some prefer the modern yet bolder look of a white ring. Either color makes for an equally attractive ring that with the right mix of shapes and setting of diamonds make for an unforgettable symbol of love and devotion for a life-long partner.

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