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Whats the difference between comfort fit and regular fit?


The noticeable difference lies within the interior contour of the rings­ - essentially its curvature. A regular fit is flat, or concave to the finger while the comfort fit is more convex to the finger. Comfort fit bands are designed with a rounded inside so they slide on easier and sit on your finger more comfortably.

Our rings come standard in Regular fit to keep prices affordable, however we also offer a unique My Trio Rings Gallery Fit. The Gallery Fit offers a similar comfort as the Comfort Fit without the uncomfortable costs of the additional gold required for the traditional comfort fit. To request a My Trio Rings Gallery Comfort Fit, contact us at 855-MY-RINGS or email us here!

Need to add three vector graphics here, a regular fit, My Trio Rings Gallery fit, and a My Trio Rings Comfort Fit. Will need to work with boris to make a good diagram. May be good to create a landing page for this

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