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My Trio Rings Affiliate Program

Join one of the industry's most lucrative affiliate program with uncapped earnings!


Why My Trio Rings?
My Trio Rings is a eCommerce retailer of real diamond and gold wedding and engagement rings. We offer Trio Ring Sets which contain the three rings necessary for marriage including the ladies engagement ring, and his/her wedding bands at factory direct prices. Many of our trio wedding ring sets sell for under $1,000 and include over 1 carat of conflict-free diamonds!

My Trio Rings offers customers rediculous value, unheard of in the industry
Customers always find what they need with an wide selection of matching wedding rings. Each of our products are designer made which carry a timeless style and beauty that customers love wearing. Our rings are sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 1 Year Warranty, free shipping and payment plans - seriously, who else makes it this good for customers? Unlike our competitors, we also offer free re-sizing with all orders and send free plastic ring sizers by mail to customers

Our Programs:
my trio rings 1 year warranty my trio rings 30 day guarantee
my trio rings free shipping my trio rings payment plan

Below are answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions by out Affiliates

When do I receive commissions earned?

  • Your commission rate is 10% of the gross sale price, minus any taxes. We make no deduction for bank costs or anything else, you get 10%, period.

Is there a minimum business qualification to be an affilate?

  • No, we welcome anyone with a website!

How do you help your affiliates so proactively?

  • We have a dedicated team with experience in running affiliate programs.

How does My Trio Rings help us sell?

  • Engagement and Wedding rings are beautiful products, we provide a number of graphics which help you to sell more. This is led by an awesome marketing team.
  • We help you to sell any sets of rings and bands or any particular ring or band of your choice. For example, if you provide equestrian related services, you might like only to see the agricultural documents.
  • Graphical assets are updated seasonally so there is always something new to grab your visitor’s attention.
  • We distribute press releases regularly with information about new product releases, stories of our customers and industry insight.
  • We send you a weekly newsletter with information on new products, designs, and news about our products. This gives our affiliates ample content to create differentiated campaigns on their sites.
  • We love to work with our affiliates. Chat with us about your progress, your challenges and what you’d like to see improved or changed in the program.

What technical help can My Trio Rings provide affiliates?

  • Setting up is really easy. Our affiliate program guides you through step by step but if you encounter a problem at any time, you can contact us for help.

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