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Genuine Gold Wedding Rings Rings

Pure-GoldAll our rings are made of genuine gold and are guaranteed to be the stated purity. You can be sure that our rings are not "gold plated" or "gold filled".We following strict gold guidelines as provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As per the FTC guidelines, we guarantee our rings to have the exact gold purity or better as stated on the ring. We also do stamp the inside shank of the ring with the gold purity to guarantee its gold content.

Are white gold rings made of real gold?

Yes, white gold rings are made of gold and get its shiney whitish/silverish look by adding certain alloys to the gold. The gold content in white gold follows the FTC requirements and is then covered with a layer of Rhodium to give it its shine. Rhodium is a metal that is more expensive than gold and does wear off over time. To keep its shiney new look, it is recommended that white gold rings are sent back to add rhodium every 6 to 12 months of wear.