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Diamond Cut Shapes

Mtr Diamonds
Diamonds are cut and polished into many different shapes and sizes. As you consider which ring you purchase, have a look at the diamond shapes it includes as well -- each one has its own unique look. Many women focus on choosing a diamond ring that flatters their personality and figure.

Each of our rings features one or
more of the following diamond shapes:


Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The round brilliant is the most popular and common diamond shape. It is mathematically designed to provide maximum scintillation, beauty and 'fire' in the diamond. It has 58 facets, and follows the natural shape of rough diamond crystals. The Round Brilliant shape is a timeless classic that will always be in style.


Princess Cut Diamonds

A princess cut diamond is shaped like an upside-down pyramid, with a square base. The shape creates a bigger top facet and accentuates the natural 'fire' of a diamond. It has grown in popularity recently as an alternative to the traditional Round Brilliant cut.

We use finely crafted princess cut diamonds in the center of many of our engagement rings, to create a big and continuous, sparkling center-piece.


Baguette Cut Diamonds

The Baguette shape, named after the French bread, has a long rectangular shape. The baguette shape accentuates the diamond's natural luster and is well suited to accompany other different shaped diamonds. It is rarely made in larger sizes, but works well to complement other bigger diamonds used in a design.

What type of diamond are you?

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