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We asked thousands of our customers to share their experiences, browse through many of them on this page below or in the "Reviews" tab on any product page!

  • Ardell J.Chicago, IL

    We were very nervous about ordering rings online. But mytriorings.com did not disappoint. The rings are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for your customer service and awesome product delivery.

    Date of Posting: 13 July 2015

  • Jessica D.Belfry, KY

    Absolutely love these rings! We bought these for our 3rd anniversary and they got here super quick!

    Date of Posting: 10 July 2015

  • Kimberley G.Tofte, MN

    My parents bought these rings and they received them, nicely packaged, a couple days before scheduled delivery. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Excellent job mytriorings!! Real classy in design and looks very elegant on their hands. Thanks for the great customer experience. They took a chance on this website and it paid off. They will definitely be shopping here again.

    Date of Posting: 10 July 2015

  • johnny g.Park Forest, IL

    We love our rings.Great look,Great fit! Thank-you

    Date of Posting: 09 July 2015

  • Victor M.Falls Church, VA

    Rings arrived super fast and they are exactly what we wanted. Excellent service!

    Date of Posting: 09 July 2015

  • Chelsey P.Parsons, KS

    My wife loved her ring and didn't hesitate to take pics and send them to her family. It's beautiful and looks amazing on her hand. She said she already wants me to find her something else from this site. I told her I sure will.

    Date of Posting: 08 July 2015

  • Rogelio E.Bronx, NY

    When I first saw the rings I was shocked and stunned with joy because the rings look so beautiful. My wife looked at the rings and tears rolled down her face. I knew that moment she fell in love with her engagement and wedding rings. Thank you. My trio rings is the perfect place to purchase wedding rings.

    Date of Posting: 05 July 2015

  • Jeremy W.Randleman, NC

    It's perfect!! Thank you

    Date of Posting: 03 July 2015

  • Amanda B.Dekalb, IL

    Love the service

    Date of Posting: 03 July 2015

  • Eri S.Cambridge, MA

    The diamonds are so clean and shiny, they are standing in a line very equally. They are so beautiful and gorgeous.

    Date of Posting: 02 July 2015

  • shalise w.columbia, SC

    Love my ring. Thanks so much for the professionalism! I probably could have gotten one size smaller but I love it! It came on time! Perfect for me

    Date of Posting: 30 June 2015


    The rings are absolutely beautiful. The customer service was even greater. I had several questions about the rings and My order and the Customer Service representatives responded very quickly and politely.

    The rings arrived exactly on time and the packaging was good. The rings came in a beautiful red box, it just added to the whole experience. It looks and feels very durable and expensive.

    The rings as I said are beautiful. I thought my rings were tiny but they grew on me. I'm now loving it as it looks very classy on my petite finger. They were very well crafted and constructed. I love my husband's ring! It fits his finger perfectly and shines so bright.

    My overall shopping experience was great and I definitely recommend this trio ring set. Very affordable and classy I will recommend this website to others.
    Great job guys!

    Date of Posting: 29 June 2015

  • stacy H.bronx, NY

    We were so very cautious about ordering our rings online.And Honestly they looked so beautiful online,We figured it was too good to be true.Once we received them,Not only were they beautiful but well worth more than we paid!!! Thank you so much for offering such beautiful pieces of jewelry at such a affordable price!! We were married on June 15,2015 in Las Vegas and Thanks to My Trio Rings,our day was complete!! And your customer phone service is Excellent,I called several times and they were always so very Kind!!!
    Mr & Mrs Gerarl Johnson
    Bronx New York

    Date of Posting: 26 June 2015

  • Erycka W.Nassau, -

    I love my ring!! Purchasing was easy and safe, it also arrived in the time it stated. It fits perfectly and now the countdown is on to the big day! I'm happy we chose my trio rings.

    Date of Posting: 26 June 2015

  • Katherine b.Monroeville, PA

    I absolutely love them they are beautiful i think i need a different size though the delivery was also prompt

    Date of Posting: 25 June 2015

  • Megan T.Taylors, SC

    I absolutely love my rings! They looked just like they are pictured. Shiny and beautiful! Shipped right on time.

    Date of Posting: 24 June 2015


    The rings are really nice. it arrives fast 3days after the purchase date they shipped it and i got it right away... The only thing i didn't like about this ring is they're thin... But other than that its a good deal you cant beat thier price..

    Date of Posting: 23 June 2015

  • plinio m.wellington, FL

    the experience was amazing with my trio rings, the rings look even more spectacular in person than they did on the site. customer service was very friendly. Definitely recommend it if you are looking to make your wife jump of excitement.

    Date of Posting: 21 June 2015

  • Marlen L.Whittier, CA

    I'm very pleased with the tro set , but my fiancé is happier I will recommend you to those that I know that are planning to get married

    Date of Posting: 20 June 2015

  • Pan X.Philadelphia, PA

    I received my rings。it is beautiful!we love them!!

    Date of Posting: 17 June 2015

  • Nhi N.Philadelphia, PA

    These rings are gorgeous and easy to resize.

    Date of Posting: 16 June 2015

  • Joanna G.Dallas, TX

    I just totally fell in love with the way the engraving was done.

    Date of Posting: 13 June 2015

  • Mikal H.Pittsburgh, PA

    We received our rings on the exact day they said we would!! And when I laid my eyes on them I was absolutely blown away!!! I am SO in love with the trio but my engagement ring is what stole the show. We are beyond pleased and will order again for our anniversary!

    Date of Posting: 12 June 2015

  • Jasmin L.Miami, FL

    The rings are beautiful, great price, and perfect idea having a layaway program. I would order from here and tell my friends and family about this site. My only issue is I wish I would've gotten something a little bigger and heavier. We wanted to engrave our wedding date but it can't.

    Date of Posting: 11 June 2015

  • Julio S.warwick, RI

    06/08/2015 - Completely satisfied with the speedy service and the rings look much more beautiful in person!! I Recommend and will spread the word amongst my friends who are also planning on getting married, You guys rock!

    6/12/2015 Ok just got married last night and we couldn't be any happier I feel like my trio rings contributed on making me the luckiest man on earth, everything was so special and unique! my wife even loved the box! again couldn't be any more satisfied with the service and the reaction you guys made my wife have was simply priceless.

    Date of Posting: 09 June 2015

  • Kimberly H.Leavenworth, KS

    Me and my husband love our new wedding rings they are stunning. I thought that they was going to be late on my shipping since I change my order three days b4 my wedding and it work out great.They arrived a day b4 my wedding.

    Date of Posting: 09 June 2015

  • Nicole B.Zebulon, NC

    Ordered our rings and they came exactly as the picture showed! They are absolutely gorgeous and I can't stop looking at it! Great service, email customer service was always fast and helpful! Thank you so much for making our engagement/wedding so perfect!

    Date of Posting: 08 June 2015

  • Julie H.Dryden, NY

    I placed rings on layaway. Contacted customer service regarding paying rings off early, Punit Shah responded back and said that she would help me with this. Transaction went smooth. I want to give props to Punit Shah for her excellent customer service. She was Great!!!! Rings were delivered on time and are beautiful. Can not wait for my wedding day to show them off!

    Date of Posting: 05 June 2015

  • Ernest J.Kinsale, VA

    Sarah was integral in our choice to purchase. She helped every step of the way providing excellent customer service above and beyond.

    The rings are even better than they appeared in the pictures. We love them.

    Only hitch was that when we paid off the rings we were told they would ship in 2-3 business days. After many phone calls from us, the rings finally shipped a little over a month later.

    Date of Posting: 04 June 2015

  • Ernest J.Kinsale, VA

    Sarah was integral in our choice to purchase. She helped every step of the way providing excellent customer service above and beyond.

    The rings are even better than they appeared in the pictures. We love them.

    Only hitch was that when we paid off the rings we were told they would ship in 2-3 business days. After many phone calls from us, the rings finally shipped a little over a month later.

    Date of Posting: 04 June 2015

  • hilda b.el monte, CA

    i waited a month to recieve this ring because it was out of stock but I finally recieved it and its just so beautiful! i was a little scared thinking what if i dont like it? i thought it was going to be a bit bigger but its perfect i didnt want anything too big something simple and this is just beyond perfect i loveeee it

    Date of Posting: 04 June 2015

  • sonya m.fairfield, CA


    Date of Posting: 02 June 2015

  • bruce l.chester, PA

    I love my Ring this my 1st engagement ring and ring purchase. My bride to be was excited and just loves her ring. I appreciate that thus site even has ring prices to fit normal blue collar guys such as my self....sorry spending thousands on a piece of jewelry isn't my life especially when I have bills and cost of living to take care of. HOWEVER THANKS TO MY TRIORINGS I was able to select an awesome quality ring , buy same and propose to may old lady. I would and will definitely recommend my triorings.

    Date of Posting: 02 June 2015



    I received my rings onetime, the customer service over the lay-away period was EXCELLENT!!!

    I love my rings, the male band could have been a little wider but the quality is superb!!!! I have already started my recommendations for your website. My wedding is in November and I can't wait.


    Date of Posting: 01 June 2015

  • Melissa E.Rock Falls, IL

    I found this site by accident & was amazed at the different styles & simple beauty of these rings. I debated for several months and finally ordered my rings & after I finally got them - really fast shipping - I am so in love with my rings. They are the perfect size; nice & elegant. I am glad I ordered them and got them in time for my 10th anniversary! Thanks!

    Date of Posting: 01 June 2015

  • Venila T.Brooklyn, NY

    I loveeeee itttttt........

    Date of Posting: 31 May 2015

  • Clementson S.Plant City, FL

    We love our rings, I would not go with different rings. Ali with customer service rocks! Very professional and knowledgeable. Only issue was getting shipment day. It was stressful not knowing the date and being told different dates when you call. But it worked out.

    Date of Posting: 31 May 2015

  • Crystal E.Inverness, FL

    I love them, my husband and I like simple and this def is the rings for us. Very happy with the fast delivery as well, would def recommend to friends and family

    Date of Posting: 27 May 2015

  • India T.Tallassee, AL

    They are both absolutely gorgeous!!!! This is the type of ring I've always wanted. I couldn't stop thanking my husband when they came.

    Date of Posting: 20 May 2015


    I absolutely love the rings! They are beautiful and the exact size that we needed. They arrived when it said it would. This is the first time I spend tjis much money,but I believe it was worth it. Thank you very much.

    Date of Posting: 20 May 2015