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About My Trio Rings, LLC

NYC Headquarters

My Trio Rings, LLC is headquartered at the heart of the world famous New York City diamond district on 47th Street and 5th Ave. Our proximity to the premier diamond and jewelry boutiques of the world help ensure that our designs and peices are up to date with the latest fashions of New York high street, and ensure you get the highest quality jewelry. However, the fact that we do not have brick and mortar retail stores and sell exclusively on MyTrioRings.com means that we have lower costs and overhead, which in turn means that we are able to retail our products at much lower costs than typical boutiques on 5th Avenue, New York City. So shop at ease knowing that our jewelry comes from a proud tradition of durable and exquisite NYC jewelry, without the pushy sales tactics or flashy decor of a NYC showroom.


One Mission

We at My Trio Rings have one mission: To help make your search for the perfect wedding ring set as memorable, stress-free, and simple as possible. If you're about to get married, finding a wedding ring should be the least of your worries, which is why My Trio Rings aims to make the search process as smooth, painless, and easy as possible. By purchasing a trio ring set, you save the hassle of individually finding and purchasing a wedding ring, men's wedding band, and a women's wedding band. This is your time, and we want to do our part to make it as perfect and memorable as possible. So take a deep breath, relax, and browse our site with ease knowing that we are on your side, and that your happiness is our ultimate goal.

No Salesmen

MyTrioRings does not hire any salesmen on our staff. This is because we strongly believe that our unique and high quality products speak for themselves, and that we should not have to spin or distort the facts just to make a sale. We want to make sure that in this joyous yet stressful time of your life that you don't feel pressured or rushed in your important decision. Any request for information over phone, email or instant chat will be answered promptly by a staff member, and not a sales representative looking to make a quick commission on a sale. This ensures that you get unbiased information about our products, and aren't ever badgered or bullied into making a purchasing decision you might regret.

Strong Reputation

MyTrioRings is part of a group that has a worldwide presence in the jewelry industry for over 45 years, and has offices in Belgium, India, Canada, the US and Dubai. Our group attains an exclusive supply of rough diamonds directly from the world's leading mining companies, which are then cut and polished in our own factories. The group is one of the worlds largest carat-volume diamond producers, and also one of the largest suppliers of white, off-white and light brown diamonds to jewelry manufacturers. My Trio Rings builds on the group's formidable legacy of exceptional customer service and attention to detail, making for a consistent and reliable experience.

Exceptional Quality

At My Trio Rings, we believe the essence of jewelry is found in its detail. We are focused on ensuring that our products have the highest quality in fit and finish. Since quality is only as good as the consistency with which it is achieved, we view consistency as paramount to our success. We have a track record of quick and on-time deliveries ensuring that all our customers are happy.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

My Trio Rings enforces a 30 day complete satisfaction guarantee for a full refund. This guarantee stems from our belief that our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customer. We are sure of the quality of our goods, and are confident that they will hold up to the highest of your expectations. If however, the specific product you purchase doesn't turn out the way you want for whatever reason, then we will be happy to make it right for you. With our wide selection of rings, we are sure you will find exactly what you're looking for.