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Wedding Ideas

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Creative Proposal Tips for Everyone

by Kelly Smith on Oct 10 in Proposal

With YouTube, Facebook, and so many other social media options, the stakes can be higher when you are planning a creative proposal. Sure, she will probably say yes, but how many hits will your proposal video get on YouTube? How many likes will it get on Facebook? No matter what your creative proposal idea, here are a few simple tips to get you started on the right track.

1. Get the Right Ring

One recent creative proposal occurred when a soldier and his girlfriend of three years were interviewed on live TV. Her tears began as she saw him reach into his pocket for a ring box and get down on one knee. He was excited that she said yes – and also that he got the right diamond cluster ring size for her finger. You may not be able to pull off an on-screen proposal of this magnitude. But if you do choose a public proposal of any kind, from a broadcast to a baseball game to a bar, you will likely wish to be absolutely certain of the ring size (and style) so that she can put the ring on and show it off to everyone right away!

2. Get Her Friends Involved

Various flash mob proposals and lip sync proposals have hit the airwaves lately and become wildly popular. Think about how you could personalize a creative proposal that involves the people and places she loves the most. Or if you are thinking of a more private proposal, her girlfriends and sisters are an excellent source for information about what she would find to be the most romantic.

3. Scare Her?

One Romeo recently faked his own death before proposing to his girlfriend. Just a hint guys – many women aren’t going to be thrilled with those kinds of proposal dramatics. But apparently some women do like a little thrill in their creative proposal. For example, a pilot recently staged an in-air emergency that required his girlfriend to read an emergency manual with a proposal hidden inside, transforming her expression from terror to joy.

Whatever your creative proposal idea, start shopping for a diamond cluster ring today!

Photo credit: tarale

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About the author

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, recent brain surgery survivor, and wannabe
chicken farmer in Jackson, Mississippi. She has bachelor's and master's degrees in English.
She planned her own budget outdoor wedding five years ago at a state park in Florida, on the
waterfront of a natural spring. She wishes that she had known more about budget weddings back
when she was planning hers, because she comes up with new ideas all the time that she wishes
she had incorporated into her own wedding plans! In addition to saving money, Kelly's passions
are reading, writing, parenting, planning, traveling, and living an environmentally friendly life.