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Upgrading Your Matching Wedding Rings for Valentine’s Day

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 11 February 2014 Wedding Rings

upgrading wedding bands for valentine's day We’re just a handful of days away from the most romantic day of the year. And it isn’t just about chocolates and flowers. It’s about celebrating the people you love most, which makes it a perfect time to commemorate the amazing times you’ve had with your partner over the last year.

Take a couple of minutes to reflect back on the recent history you've shared with your spouse. Think about the progress you’ve made and any special moments you’ve had. Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to honor those moments and celebrate the love and life you are building together. What better way to do that than by exchanging meaningful gifts? This year, upgrade your matching wedding rings and celebrate the milestones or achievements you've had as husband and wife. Here are just a few examples of why you might want to mark this Valentine's Day with new rings: 

1. Buying a House

Maybe you and your spouse finally moved into the house of your dreams this past year. This is the home where you’ll build a life together. Here, you’ll grow old, celebrate the good times and the bad, and might even start a family. Buying a house you both love together is no ordinary milestone.

3. Job Promotion

Did one of you score a big job promotion over the past year? This is another exciting life step that you can toast to together. Not only are job promotions empowering, they also can present new opportunities for your family. Make sure your spouse knows how proud you are by surprising him or her with new matching wedding rings. 

2. Paying Off Debt

Being in debt can be a big strain on your household. When you finally pay off debts - whether they are student loans or credit card bills - you’ll both feel liberated. If you weren't able to buy the matching wedding rings you wanted when you got married, maybe it's time to think about upgrading.  

4. Having a Baby

Did you and your spouse welcome a new life into the world this past year? Congratulations! There’s nothing more precious. Upgrading your wedding bands for Valentine's Day can symbolize the journey you’ve been on together and the next chapter in your relationship. Not only did you commit your lives to each other when you married, but now you’ve committed your lives to your brand new addition.

What’s something amazing that’s happened to you this year? How will you be celebrating it come Valentine’s Day?

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Save on a Diamond Cluster Ring or Trio Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 22 January 2012 Wedding Rings

You proposed to your fiancee with a family heirloom engagement ring. Now it is time to start thinking about wedding bands. You want to find a great deal, even though you already have an engagement ring and don't need a money-saving trio wedding ring set.

With My Trio Rings, you can still get a really good deal on a diamond cluster ring, even if you don't need rings in a set of three. The trick is going to be finding the right match to your existing ring. If the engagement ring is very plain, then almost any style of wedding band could conceivably look nice. Or if the ring is more ornate, you may wish to opt for a more plain wedding band. Whatever style your diamond cluster ring is, here are a few simple, timeless wedding bands to match almost any style or any budget.

1. Option 1 is a 14K gold ring. It has two straight rows of 1/4 carat diamonds with a thin center band of smooth white or yellow gold. [You will likely want to choose yellow gold to match an antique yellow gold ring and white gold to match an antique white gold, silver, or platinum ring. Most of these rings are available in 14 K yellow gold or 14 K white gold for the same price.] This band will run you $183.99 for a ladies' band, or $458.99 for a set which includes matching wedding bands.

2. Option 2 is a slender 14 K gold band with a straight line of 5/8 carat diamonds nestled right against the smooth edge of the gold band. This beautiful yet simple diamond cluster ring costs $203.99 for the ladies' band or in a matching his-and-hers set for $581.99.

3. Option 3 confirms that you don't need to purchase a trio wedding ring set to find a great deal. This elegant 14 K gold ring features one straight line of 1/5 carat diamonds nestled in a subtly patterned gold band which is plan enough to go with almost anything but which also exudes great elegance. This ring is $275.99 for the ladies' band and $678.99 for a matching diamond cluster ring set.

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