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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

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Engraving Ideas for Wedding Band Sets

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 26 March 2015 Wedding Rings

Ring Engraving S 522dcd7b22d43There is no better way to personalize your wedding rings than to engrave them with a message that is meaningful to you both. When you buy an engagement ring, wedding band sets and/or trio ring sets from My Trio Rings, you can have them engraved for a small additional fee.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to our ring engraving page and select which rings you’d like engraved.
  2. Select standard or cursive font. 
  3. Write the message you’d like engraved - up to 15 characters. Double and triple-check it to make sure it’s spelled correctly! (We’ll also email you to confirm the message before we engrave it.) 
  4. Add it to your cart with your rings.
  5. Your rings will arrive beautifully engraved with your personalized message.

Are you and your partner not yet sure what you want to engrave on your wedding band sets? Here are a few engraving ideas that will last the test of time.

Meaningful dates
Commemorate the date you met, the date you started your relationship, your wedding date or your two birthdays.

Names or initials
Keep it simple and classic by using your initials - “JB + ML” - or first names if they fit - “Tom + Sarah.”

Expressions of love
Je t’aime, ti amo, te quiero. Engrave a heartfelt “I love you” on your rings.

Lyrics from your song
Do you two have a song? Engrave a short line that is meaningful to you - “All I want is you” or “At last” or “I’m yours.”

Scripture verse
If you and your spouse-to-be share a common faith, engrave a Bible verse that is going to be a reading at your wedding - such as Ephesians 4:2-3 ("Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.") or Mark 10:9 (“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.")

Line of poetry
If you two love a certain poem, select a short excerpt of it to engrave on your wedding bands - such as “How do I love thee” or “Love one another”

One word
Choose just one word that represents your bond - such as “forever,” “always,” “together" or “yes.”

Reaffirm your wedding vows every day with an engraving that says, “I do,” “ever after,” or “I choose you.”

What are your ring engraving ideas? Share them in the comments.

Learn more about the My Trio Rings engraving service

4 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 30 December 2014 Wedding Ideas

planning-destination-weddingThere is a certain allure to saying, “I do” in a romantic and exotic location far from home. A destination wedding lets you realize the fairy tale of saying your vows and exchanging wedding band sets in a place like Aspen or St. Bart’s or Siena.

It’s hard to know where to begin when you’re organizing a wedding that is nowhere near where you live. Here are five tips for getting started on pulling off the perfect destination wedding.

1. Find a location that feels right.

When you are planning a destination wedding, you have the opportunity to choose a location that is just the right fit for you as a couple. Do you love the great outdoors? Find a rustic lodge in the middle of the woods. Do you dream of a relaxed tropical ceremony? Find a low-key beach resort where you can celebrate with sand between your toes. Weigh the different factors that are important to you - budget, mood, views, nearby activities, etc. - before you make your decision. Give preference to places where you have meaningful memories.

2. Take a research trip.

Planning a destination wedding can be very challenging if you are doing everything long distance. Do as much detailed research as you can from your hometown to narrow down options, then plan a trip to the location to meet with vendors, scout out venues, do food tastings and hair trials. If you batch these meetings in one trip, you can make final decisions and leave with signed contracts.

3. Let people know in advance.

With a destination event, it’s likely that only your nearest and dearest will make the trip. Embrace this as a positive thing, and pare your guest list down to be a small and personal affair. Tell the people you absolutely want to be there - especially those in the wedding party - well in advance, and give them an idea of what the expenses will be. Let them know that you will understand if they aren’t able to make it but that it would mean a lot to you if they can. 

4. Go the extra mile for your guests.

Do everything you can to make the trip easy and enjoyable for friends and family who attend your wedding. Research flight and airport information, block rooms at special group rates at hotels, organize sightseeing outings. Offer to defray some costs for wedding party members - such as attire or hotel rooms - if you can afford to.

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Wedding Traditions of the World: Food Edition

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 16 October 2014 Wedding Ideas

food-wedding-traditions-croquemboucheYour wedding day is a time to mark a major milestone in your relationship and exchange wedding band sets, but it’s also an occasion to celebrate the family and cultural traditions that are most important to you and your partner. And what brings people together more than delicious food?

Here are just a few of the edible wedding traditions from around the world that you might want to incorporate into your own special day.


Pastry lovers will swoon over France’s traditional wedding cake, called a croquembouche. Instead of one large wedding cake, a croquembouche is actually an elegant tower made from cream puffs - profiteroles - and covered in cream, caramelized sugar or chocolate, as well as decorations such as flowers or sugar art.


The traditional Thai dessert foy thong, a long noodle dish made from egg yolks and sugar syrup, is often served at weddings. The name translates to “golden silk threads,” and the dish represents the enduring love between the married couple.


After the couple says “I do” and exchanges wedding band sets at the ceremony, the English wedding reception traditionally continues with a custom that dates back to the medieval era: a three-tiered fruitcake (Prince William and Kate Middleton served a larger version at their wedding in 2011). The dried fruit and nuts are symbols of fertility and good fortune, and the top tier is called the “christening cake,” which the couple keeps to eat at the christening of their first child.


In Morocco, delicious wedding traditions abound. Guests begin the celebration with milk - symbolizing happiness and safety - and dates - representing a sweet life. The wedding feast might include pastilla (or bastilla) - a meat pie traditionally made with pigeon but can also be made with chicken or seafood - or roasted lamb.


Kazunoko, or herring roe, signifies fertility and prosperity in Japan, and it is often served at weddings. The fish eggs are dried and pickled, then served on top of rice.

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Start 2014 With Savings: Wedding Ring Sets on Sale!

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 01 January 2014 Wedding Rings

Happy New Year! As we celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, we want to make sure you’re aware of the holiday sales we have going on right now. If you’re planning on getting engaged or walking down the aisle within the coming year, check out our wedding ring sets on sale. We guarantee that you won’t be able to find more beautiful rings at these prices. Take a look at some of our holiday special diamond rings:

Wedding Ring Sets

1. 1/4 CT. Trio Matching Wedding Ring Set

If you’re looking to buy all of your wedding rings at once, check out this 1/4 CT. diamond trio set. All three rings are made with 14K white gold and round diamonds. All three of these rings combined have over 30 glittering diamonds! The retail price for this set is $1499.99, and we usually sell it for $589.99. Right now, it’s on sale for $549.99. Our customers love this set just as much as we do:

“This 1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Trio set, in White Gold, is the perfect fit for my personality. Not to flashy or big; I love that the actual ring is thinner then your normal ring. The shape of the diamond is unique and when offset with a band of diamonds, it looks like a 1 CT ring. I love how elegant and sophisticated this ring appears. Plus the price for all three is something that can't be beat!” - Erin. L.

2. 1/2 CT. Trio Matching Wedding Ring Set

If you’re looking for a wedding ring set with a classic feel, look at this 1/2 CT. diamond wedding ring set. These diamond rings are made with 10K white gold. There’s something truly special about sharing matching wedding rings with your significant other. This set gives you that opportunity at a rock-bottom cost. The retail cost of this set is $1999.99, and we normally sell it at $799.99. You can get it on sale today for $749.99! Here’s a customer review about this particular set:

“I love this set. It is petite and elegant. It's got a nice blingy sparkle to it, but is still subtle enough to not be ostentatious.” - Stephanie B.

Wedding Band Sets

1. 1/4 CT. Wedding Band Set

If you already have the engagement ring but want matching wedding bands, here’s a wedding band set for you to consider. This 1/4 CT. diamond wedding band set is made with 10K white gold, and the rings have a combined total of over 35 round, conflict-free diamonds. The retail price for this set is $1299.99. We normally sell this set at $509.99, but you can get it today for $479.99.

2. 1/10 CT. Wedding Band Set

If you’re looking for matching wedding bands that incorporate both white gold and yellow gold, you’ve found it! This 1/10 CT wedding band set will match a wide variety of engagement rings. Each ring has 3 natural diamonds in a diagonal line. The retail price for these diamond rings is $999.99, but we usually sell it for $399.99. It’s currently on sale for $369.99. Here’s a customer review about this gorgeous set:

“Love this set of rings. They look so natural and beautiful. And the price is very good for the quality you get.” - Vijeta A.

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Buying Affordable Wedding Band Sets With My Trio Rings

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 25 December 2013 Wedding Rings

wedding band setsIf there’s one thing we truly pride ourselves on here at My Trio Rings, it’s being able to offer beautiful rings at affordable prices. We think our affordability makes us special and gives us a unique place in the wedding ring market. As an all online retailer, we don’t have to worry about the costs of renting a showroom, employing salespeople, or setting up fancy showcases, which means low prices for high quality. You don’t have to pay anything close to a retail store’s high costs. You also don’t have to take our word for it. Online jewelry stores have a very visible reputation through customer reviews, so take some time to read what our customers have to say about our affordable wedding band sets!

My Trio Rings Reviews:

“I loved the ring. It was much cheaper then all the competitors (which is nice), but also I think it is much prettier then the other rings I looked at. Thanks!” - Evan J., TN

“I am not sure where to begin, except that our rings are absolutely gorgeous. My husband and I are very well pleased with the design and quality craftsmanship of our rings and everyone loved them, they sparkle ever so bright and no one knows that we paid less than a $1000 for the entire set.” -- Shakira S., GA

“Amazing ring set at a unbelievable price, and got there sooner than expected...NO complaints.” - Joanna A., GA

“The bridal set that I purchased was very affordable, but yet beautiful.” - Larry T., FL

“Gorgeous looking rings. Hell of a deal. Seller provided three certificates of authenticity for the diamonds. My (now wife) loves it. Her friends are jealous of the rings. They fit perfectly. We are very pleased with the purchase. Highly recommended.” - Peter E., MO

“I had my My Trio Rings website saved under my favorites for 3 months deciding to purchase. I researched other jewlery companies website for price and style comparison. My Trio Rings website prices were half the price of other jewlery site and the ring I chosen was a modern up ring for 2012.” - Al Reed, FL


Did you know we have a no-fee layaway plan? It’s just one way we try make buying wedding band sets more affordable. This way, you can pay for your purchase in chunks over time. There are no-fees whatsoever: no interest fees, processing fees, or even a minimum down payment! Check out one of our My Trio Rings reviews about the layaway process:

“My fiance and I used My Trio Rings to purchase my engagement ring. Our experience was better than we could have imagined it to be. We were able to put our engagement ring and our wedding band set on layaway and pay them what we could afford monthly. We couldn't be happier with our rings. I tell everyone I know about our experience. Great customer service too!” - Bethany M., AL

Make sure you check out our selection of affordable wedding band sets, and learn more about our layaway process.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Wedding Band Sets

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 19 November 2013 Wedding Rings

wedding band setsEverything needs an upgrade every now and then. Your car, you washing machine, your bed spread, and yes, even your wedding rings. Your wedding rings are an important symbol of your commitment and love for your partner, so you shouldn’t think of upgrading them as frivolous. Instead, see it as a way of strengthening your bond. Treat yourself to new wedding bands! Surprise the love of your life with a his and hers matching sing set this holiday season. Explain to your spouse how much your marriage has meant to you and how much your love has grown. Here are a few of the many reasons you may want to consider upgrading your wedding rings.

Reasons for Upgrading Wedding Band Sets

1.Vow Renewal

Renewing your wedding vows presents the perfect time and place to exchange new rings. Ask her to marry you all over again with a new diamond engagement ring, and then surprise her again with a new his and hers matching ring set in the ceremony. Talk about a memorable holiday surprise!

2. Special Occasion

You don't need plan a vow renewal ceremony in order to exchange new rings. Instead, you could celebrate a special occasion like the upcoming holiday season, a birthday, or a milestone anniversary by presenting your partner with new wedding bands.

3. New Life Phase

Did you get married young? If so, you may not have had the budget at the time to buy the wedding rings you really wanted. Now that some time has passed and you are more established and financially secure, you have the opportunity to buy the rings you've always dreamed of. 

4. Style

Has your style changed over the last several years? Maybe when you got married you loved yellow gold and had a more bold sense of style. Now, however, your style is more classic and you find yourself preferring white gold. People and styles change, so your rings can, too. Find wedding bands that reflect your new taste in jewelry.  

5. Family Heirloom

Were the rings you exchanged on your wedding day family heirlooms? If so, they may be ready to be passed on to the next generation. And of course, once you pass along the rings and the tradition, you'll need new rings of your own to replace them. 

6. Options

It’s possible that there weren’t a whole lot of ring options available to you when you were getting married. Luckily, My Trio Rings offers a huge selection of rings to choose from at very attractive prices. Plus, you have the added convenience of shopping from home and being only a click away from assistance!

Thinking about upgrading? Check out our selection of wedding band sets.

How to Elope on a Budget and a Timeline

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 04 April 2013 Wedding Ideas

When you envision your dream wedding, you may not see a lacy white wedding dress, elaborate arrangements of flowers, and an audience full of guests. You may see you and your partner exchanging vows on a beach with only an officiant and a couple of witnesses, or the two of you standing in front of a Justice of the Peace. Many couples forgo a big wedding production in favor of a simple ceremony. Eloping saves money, hassle, and time.



Even if you're eloping, you can still get creative and have your wedding just the way you want it. Here are five ideas for eloping on a budget and timeline that will help you arrange a memorable wedding day, without all the fuss. 

1. Choose a venue and your witnesses.

Take some time as a couple to outline your priorities for your wedding. Do you want to skip the big production altogether and save the money for a shared project or goal? Or do you want to have a celebration that's small and intimate, with just your nearest and dearest? Would you like to be close to home, or take an adventure to a faraway destination? If you plan to travel, what's within your budget and timeframe? If you'll be bringing your own witnesses, be realistic about where they can travel with you. Some chapels will provide their own staff as witnesses, but make sure to check in advance. 

2. Get a marriage license.

Marriage license requirements vary by location, so look up your state for the marriage license fee and where to apply. If you're on a very tight timeline, be sure to check these rules before you make any arrangements you can't change. 

3. Buy your rings.

The wedding band sets at My Trio Rings are perfect for eloping. They come as customizable and matching sets, so you'll be certain to find one that fits your budget and style. Create your own bridal ring sets, trio ring sets or engagement rings with the setting, gold color, diamond carat and other features you want.

We also ship quickly worldwide from our New York City location, so no matter where you decide to get hitched, we can get your rings to you easily. Ground shipping in the United States is free, and we also offer two-day or overnight shipping for a small extra fee. And if you change your mind and decide you want different trio or bridal ring sets, we have a free 30-day return policy. Bottom line: if your wedding date is rapidly approaching, you can rest easy knowing that your rings will arrive before your big day! 

4. Pick out what to wear.




This is a special day, so wear something that makes you feel great. For some, that's a suit for the groom and a traditional wedding dress for the bride. For others, it's faded jeans and a sundress. If you're looking for a traditional dress, see our post on Where to Buy and Sell Used Wedding Items for dresses that are lovely and barely worn. You might also borrow a wedding dress from a family member or friend. After all, it's not getting much use hanging in the closet!

If you and your partner are eloping far from home, you could also take an impromptu shopping trip together to find your wedding clothes. Be open to the unconventional, and you might be surprised what gems you discover in thrift shops, outlet malls or tiny boutiques. Use safety pins to make quick modifications to new threads that don't have time for formal alterations. 

5. Plan your honeymoon. 

Some couples save on the wedding and splurge on big honeymoon, like a trip around the world. Others keep the honeymoon as simple as the ceremony and take a "mini-moon" to a nearby destination, perhaps the place where you first fell in love, or a town you've always wanted to visit.

Make sure you do plan some time for just the two of you, ideally something out of your normal routine. Even if you just make a long weekend at home out of it, staying in and eating breakfast in bed, you'll appreciate the rest and relaxation. Don't become so focused on figuring out how to elope that you forget to build in time for your first days as a married couple!

Excited to elope? Before you do, choose one of our customizable wedding band sets!


Planning a Wedding on a Budget – at the Last Minute

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 22 March 2012 Wedding Ideas

When you’re ready to get married, you’re ready to get married. But according to some sources, most Americans are engaged for over a year before they tie the knot. Some couples need time to save up for their wedding, and others feel the need for plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding. Whatever the reason, many couples like having a lot of time between their engagement and their wedding. But believe it or not, if you’re ready to get married sooner, planning a wedding on a budget at the last minute is easy to do with a few easy tips.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget – Fast!

1. Food

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, then it is a wise move to avoid a wedding that coincides with a meal time, no matter what your time frame is for making wedding plans. It is much cheaper to serve your guests appetizers, champagne, and wedding cake than a full-on catered meal. Even cheaper would be just cake and champagne. If you’re hoping to plan a wedding in a short amount of time, then your best wedding cake option is probably a large grocery store bakery. They are likely to have more last-minute availability and lower prices than dedicated wedding cake bakeries, and they will still taste delicious.

2. Décor

Get married in a beautiful outdoor setting or a gorgeous church if you want to save your decorating dollars. Or plan an impromptu flash wedding in an art museum, like in the recent romantic movie “The Vow.” If flowers are important to you, consider planning a last minute wedding in the spring, when lots of flowers are in bloom. If you’ve got a green thumb, you could host a wedding in your own backyard garden, or you could at least grow your own bouquet or flowers for the reception.

3. Attire

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, then you can easily shop for affordable wedding band sets online and have them shipped quickly. The wedding clothing might seem more complicated than the wedding jewelry, but that is not necessarily the case. Last-minute tuxedo rentals are not too difficult to come by, especially if you avoid a date that coincides with local high school proms. And as for wedding gowns, look into gown rental at local bridal shops or costume stores, or buy a dress straight off the sale rack and have it altered. And if you’re thinking of a spring wedding, there is no shame in choosing a less expensive white prom gown!

What are your last minute wedding planning tips?

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Photo credit: lisaclarke