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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

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Ready to Propose? 5 Lessons from "The Bachelor"

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 13 March 2012 Proposal

ready to proposeSeason 16 of "The Bachelor" ended last night with the most controversial outcome in the history of the show: Bachelor Ben Flajnik proposed to contestant Courtney Robertson, whom America loves to hate. Many doubt that the couple will survive the media firestorm that they've faced since this season began airing. When Courtney's unkind treatment of the other contestants has come to light, Ben pulled away from Courtney and even briefly called off the engagement. 

Despite the challenges that may lie ahead for Ben and Courtney, there are several tips that you can glean from the steps leading up to his proposal. These lessons will be useful even if you're planning a wedding on a budget.

1. Make sure that you're ready to propose.

As Ben narrowed down the group of women from 25 to the final two, he asked himself whether he could picture a future with each woman. The women who were most open with him, the adventurous ones, and the ones with whom he could be completely himself were the contestants who made it until the end. When it came time to pick out an engagement ring, Ben said that he had only one woman in mind to receive it. Though he was nervous, he felt completely ready to propose to Courtney.

Lesson: Figure out your own set of "must-haves" and deal breakers. Envision yourself proposing to your loved one and see how it makes you feel. Is this the person for you? Are you ready to propose?

2. See how you fit into each other's families.

Once Ben had chosen his final four contestants, he traveled to meet each of their families. He felt comfortable with three out of four of the families, and the parents of each of those women gave their blessing to an engagement. Ben said that he could see himself naturally fitting in with each of them. However, the family of the fourth woman, Kacie Boguskie, was aloof and revealed to Ben some fundamental differences between him and Kacie. Though it was difficult for both of them, he decided to end their relationship. 

Lesson: It's important that you and your partner know each other's families and understand what you'll be marrying into. Is it essential to you to be close to your partner's family, or is it OK with you to keep your distance if you don't get along? 

3. Choose a romantic backdrop.

Ben proposed to Courtney in picturesque Zermatt, Switzerland, with the Matterhorn in the background. Neither could stop talking about how breathtaking they found the views, and how the setting felt like part of a fairy tale. It was an unforgettable place to propose.  

Lesson: Even if you'll be planning a wedding on a budget and can't afford to whisk your love away to Switzerland, you can choose a romantic setting for your proposal. Take her to the place where you had your first date, or where you said "I love you" for the first time. Arrange for an inexpensive weekend getaway to a charming town nearby. Choose a setting that will complement the beautiful moment you're about to share. 

4. Select a diamond ring that she'll love.

In keeping with "Bachelor" tradition, Ben proposed to Courtney with a sparkly Neil Lane diamond ring. The center stone is cushion cut, and pavé diamonds surround it and line the band. Ben reportedly designed the ring just for Courtney, and upon receiving it on last night's finale, she gushed about how gorgeous it was.

Lesson: Engagement rings on "The Bachelor" typically cost around $60,000, and if you're planning a wedding on a budget, there's no way you can spend that kind of cash. Fortunately, you have a wealth of options for a high-impact diamond engagement ring that is also affordable. Consider buying a trio wedding ring set will be cheaper than buying each ring individually.

5. Prepare a few romantic words to share when you propose.

When Ben proposed to Courtney, he said, "Whenever I'm with you I have these incredible moments. You know, I thought to myself I could see myself with this woman for the rest of my life. I want you to know that I think you're an incredible woman." He continued, ""I have waited a really long time to tell you that I am in love with you more than you will ever know and this whole experience and journey has been worth it every step of the way." He ended with, "You are my forever." 

Lesson: Think about the words you'd like to share with your bride-to-be that capture how she makes you feel, and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. You don't need to write a speech, but do say a few heartfelt words before the four most important: "Will you marry me?"

When you're ready to propose, choose the perfect engagement ring or trio wedding ring set

Wait on a Trio Wedding Ring Set

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 27 December 2011 Ceremony

You’re ready to spend your life with your girlfriend. You feel excited about proposing marriage. You are starting to hunt for the perfect…three rings?

Perhaps the idea of purchasing three rings at once, especially if you are surprising your girlfriend and making the decision on your own, seems a little too much. If that is the case, don’t worry! It’s okay to wait. You can still save a great deal of money on wedding jewelry without purchasing a trio wedding ring set all at once. Here’s the plan:

1. Select a diamond cluster engagement ring that best fits your girlfriend’s taste.

Think about her style of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and even home decor. Try to remember specific pieces of jewelry you have heard her admire, in case she was trying to drop you a subtle hint. Does she have a more modern style? Is she a traditional woman? Is she a die-hard romantic? Does she prefer things to be plain and simple? Or does she have a more showy style? Plan to spend between $160 and $615 on the diamond cluster engagement ring that your girlfriend will love the most.

2. Purchase the ring.

3. Plan a proposal.

4. Purchase matching wedding bands.

If you purchased a diamond cluster engagement ring from My Trio Rings that your fiancé loves, it is easy to purchase the coordinating wedding bands. Let’s say you chose this 1/2 Carat diamond-studded engagement ring set in 14K white gold for $489.99. If you scroll further down the page, you have the option to look at the wedding bands designed to go with that very ring. For $785.99, you can purchase the men’s and ladies’ wedding bands that are also studded in lustrous, real diamonds, thus giving you a complete trio wedding ring set.

5. Enjoy your savings!

Although it is a little more expensive to purchase the diamond cluster engagement ring separately from the wedding bands rather than purchasing the entire trio wedding ring set all at once, it may be worth your piece of mind if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing all three rings simultaneously without your girlfriend’s input. Either way, you will still be likely to spend less money on all three rings than you would on a single diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Are You Ready to Get Married?

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 15 December 2011 Wedding Ideas

Many couples today are uncertain about whether they should get married and at what point in their ready-for-budget-weddingrelationship it is the appropriate time to do so. There are a lot of practical reasons why couples choose to get married: tax benefits, legal protection for children, expectations of family members and friends, sharing health insurance benefits. But regardless of all of the practical considerations that might encourage some to rush into marriage (or the undeniable excitement of wedding gowns, diamond cluster rings, and honeymoons, the best time to get married is when you both feel ready to commit to spending your lives together – not just when you are ready to plan a budget wedding or when other people are ready to see you walk down the aisle.

How will you know when you are ready? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. You want to spend your lives together, regardless of whether your budget wedding plan involves a simple trip to the courthouse or an extravagant trip to the Mexican Riviera.

2. You are prepared to stay together through thick and thin, regardless of future employment, future health, future lifestyle, or future residence. This is the person you are excited to share your life with, through all the ups and downs.

3. You share important values and are able to compromise and come to consensus on important issues as well as seemingly trivial disagreements. You have discussed everything from religion and children to household chores and spending styles, and you know you are compatible. Remember, no couple has a perfect relationship or a completely smooth road ahead in their lives. The important thing is that you are prepared to support each other and work together in good times and in bad. If you think you are ready for wedding bells to be in your future, keep in mind that the time for choosing diamond cluster rings for a Christmas proposal is drawing near. But if the time isn't quite right, then wait until you both are ready before you jump into planning the budget wedding of your dreams. How did you know you were ready to get married? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: Flickr (mikebaird)

Ready to Propose? 5 Ways to Pop the Question This Fall

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 14 September 2011 Proposal

Are you ready to propose? Indiana National Guardsman Jesse Fordyce was very ready recently. The Iraq war veteran held up a giant hand-painted sign at the airport with the help of family and friends to propose to his girlfriend Kelly, who also serves in the military. As Kelly descended the escalator to baggage claim, she was surprised to see the giant sign and her boyfriend on one knee with an engagement ring nestled in a grey box.

If you’re ready to take a similar plunge, then pick an affordable engagement ring set crafted with real diamonds, and craft a creative fall proposal using some of these ideas as a starting point:

5 Creative Fall Proposal Ideas

1. Get your fall on at the pumpkin patch. Jump on the hayride, sip some cider, and pick the perfect pumpkins with your future bride. Make plans to carve the pumpkins on a later date, and hide the affordable engagement ring set inside of a scooped-out pumpkin.

2. Take a hike together to enjoy the fall colors. When the moment is right, simply get down on one knee in the middle of the path with the ring box in your hand, and think of a creative way to tell your bride-to-be that you have fallen for her and are ready to propose.

3. Give thanks for your love at Thanksgiving. Nestle an engagement ring in the middle of the apple pie (plan well, so no one swallows it!), or slip a ring onto her finger during the Thanksgiving grace when everyone is holding hands around the table.

4. Dress up as a vampire for Halloween. Instead of using your best fake Transylvanian accent to say, “I vant to suck your blood,” find the perfect moment to cry out, “I vant to marry you!”

5. Invite your future wife over for an old-fashioned leaf-raking party. Challenge her to see who can rake the biggest pile of fallen leaves, and then reclaim your youth by jumping into the piles. When you are both lying in leaves and laughing, pull the affordable engagement ring set out of your pocket.

Photo Credit: Flickr (Mark Guim) markarus

5 Signs that You Are Ready to Propose

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 17 May 2011 Proposal

ready-to-proposeMany guys have trouble deciding when it is the right time to propose to their girlfriends. Guys get a lot of ribbing because of this, but healthy fear of commitment is not a bad thing. You want to be certain that you are getting married for the right reasons. You want to be sure that you are choosing the right person to spend your life with. Here are some signs that it might be time for you to start seriously browsing diamond cluster ring sets and coming up with creative proposal ideas to make a commitment to spending a lifetime with your girlfriend.

1. You think about her all the time.

If you would rather spend all of your free time with the guys, then this might be a sign that you are not passionate about spending time with your girlfriend. If you have been dating for quite some time, however, and you are still excited about hanging out with your girlfriend, then that is a good sign that your relationship has lasting passion, and you might be ready to propose.

2. You like to talk to your girlfriend.

If you are equally excited about going to the big game with your girlfriend and accompanying her to a chick flick, then you have a healthy balance in your relationship. If you are just as happy hanging out, making dinner at home, and talking with your girlfriend rather than going on an exciting date, then you are more prepared for the realities of married life, and you might be ready to propose.

3. You can’t imagine life without her.

If your vision of your future includes your girlfriend, and you can’t imagine a future without her, then it might be time to take concrete steps towards creating that future together. If you know that she feels the same way, you may wish to start looking for the right diamond cluster ring to make your love official in front of your family and friends.

4. You share values and future goals.

Married couples don’t always see eye to eye on everything. However, if you and your girlfriend share similar values and goals, then you have a much more solid foundation for a strong partnership in the future. This is especially true for more potentially controversial issues such as money, religion, and raising children. If you are on the same page for important issues, then you might be ready to propose.

5. You have helped each other through stressful situations.

When you get married, you vow to be there for each other for better or for worse. If you have successfully helped each other navigate major life changes and other stressful situations, then you are more prepared to be supportive partners to each other when unexpected stress arises in your lives and in your marriage. Even doing something like taking care of a pet together or taking a trip together can help to show you whether you are compatible and supportive in stressful situations. If you are, then you might be ready to propose.

What are other signs that you’re ready to pop the question?

Photo: Patrick Tobin

Creative Proposal Traditions from Around the World

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 10 March 2011 Proposal

creative-proposalYou love to spend time with her, and you can’t wait to spend your life with her. If you’re ready to propose this spring, and you are looking for creative proposal ideas, think about bypassing the more common down-on-one-knee proposal. Instead, consider modifying wedding and proposal traditions from other cultures around the world.

Rings of all kinds have been exchanged to symbolize engagement or marriage since ancient times. The Egyptians believed that the round ring symbolized eternity, and they advocated wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand as many Americans still do today, because they believed that a vein in the ring finger leads directly to the human heart.

The first documented exchange of a diamond ring to signify an engagement occurred in 1477 when Austrian Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy, but until the 19th century, engagement rings were not as popular as other engagement gifts, such as sewing thimbles or livestock. Since the 19th century, though, diamond rings have become the standard symbol of engagement in America. Today, 80 percent of American women receive (or help choose) a ring when they become engaged, and they wear a wedding ring set that includes both an engagement ring and a wedding band after the marriage.

Choose a beautiful and affordable wedding ring set that includes an engagement ring for your bride-to-be. Then read the ideas below to help inspire a creative proposal that your girlfriend won’t forget!

Chinese Proposals

The families of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be have traditionally been very involved in the proposal process. Once the couple decides to get married, the families often get together to exchange gifts: money wrapped in red envelopes, tea, wine, and sweets, such as a double happiness cake decorated with traditional Chinese symbols. If you want to modify this tradition, gather your families together for an Asian-inspired evening complete with a double happiness cake from your local bakery. Pop the question with the whole family there to share in your happiness.

Kenyan Proposals

Wedding and proposal traditions vary widely among different African cultures. In the Rendille tribe in Kenya, a man sends beads to the woman he is interested in marrying. If she keeps the beads, then the couple is considered to be engaged. The woman’s family then gives her a special ornament to add to her beads if they also accept the engagement. If you wish to copy this tradition for your creative proposal, consider purchasing a special fair trade necklace in addition to a conflict-free diamond ring.

Swedish Proposals

In Scandinavian countries, men and women often both wear a ring to symbolize their engagement. If you want to copy this tradition, pick out a ring for yourself to coordinate with your fiancée’s ring. This ring can double as your wedding band, or you could pick out another ring as a wedding band. In Sweden, men also give their brides an additional ring at the wedding, the ring of motherhood. If you choose to use these traditions, a more standard wedding ring set package would not work for you, but your jeweler might be willing to work with you to customize a set.

Women’s Proposals

Although it is still traditional for men to propose to women, there is one day a year when women have historically proposed to men. Ladies, if you want to propose to your fiancé, the traditional day is February 29. The English traditionally considered this day to be outside of law, which meant that it was a day when women could be free from conventional gender restrictions. The next leap year is less than a year away, so start planning now if you want to surprise your boyfriend with a creative proposal in 2012.

What are the most creative marriage proposals that you’ve heard about?'

Photo Source: APDK

Creative Proposal Ideas from Books and Movies

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 12 January 2011 Proposal

creative-proposal-ideaTwo of the most popular times of year to propose marriage are Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It is too late for a Christmas proposal unless you want to plan ahead for next year. However, Valentine’s Day is a little over a month away. You still have time find the best possible deal on an inexpensive diamond cluster ring and come up with a creative proposal idea if you start planning now. There are many ways to create a memorable proposal. One technique is to use your partner’s favorite book or movie proposal as an inspiration. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. The Impromptu Proposal

In Little Women, there is a misunderstanding when Professor Bhaer comes to Concord as a surprise with the manuscript of Jo March’s book. He believes that Jo has married someone else. Once she discovers the misunderstanding, Jo chases after him as he walks to the train station in the rain. She asks him to stay, and he offers his hand in marriage at the spur of the moment as they stand together under a shared umbrella in the rain. Have your diamond cluster ring at the ready to propose to your girlfriend at an unplanned romantic moment when she least expects it.

2. The Classic Proposal

Mr. Bingley falls in love with Jane Bennet at the beginning of Pride and Prejudice, but it is not until close to the end of the novel that he realizes she loves him, too. In the newest film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Bingley visits the Bennets’ house and asks to have a private audience with Jane. Once alone with Jane, Mr. Bingley walks over to Jane and gets down on one knee. This may not be the most creative proposal idea, but if your girlfriend is traditional, she may value the classic down-on-one-knee approach.

3.  The Simple Proposal

As is typical in many romances, circumstances have separated Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley until nearly the end of Anne of Avonlea. When Gilbert recovers from his long illness, he asks Anne to join him on a walk. He pauses on a bridge over the lake at sunset and takes her hand. Gilbert uses simple language to tell Anne that he doesn’t have much to offer and they won’t be able to get married right away, but he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. To take a page from Gilbert’s book, choose a beautiful landscape that is special to the two of you, and bring a diamond cluster ring in your pocket when you go.

4. The Bilingual Proposal

In Love Actually, Jamie and Aurelia quickly fall in love, but their language barrier (Jamie speaks English, and Aurelia speaks Portuguese) prevents them from communicating much with each other verbally. When he gets back to England, Jamie takes a crash course in Portuguese. He flies back to propose to Aurelia in her own language on Christmas Eve in the middle of the restaurant where she is a waitress. He is surprised when Aurelia accepts his proposal in English, as she also decided to learn his language “just in cases.” Surprise your girlfriend by learning her native language as a creative proposal idea that is full of romance.

What are your favorite proposals from books and movies?

Photo Credit: Isoteemu

10 Romantic Ways to Propose this Christmas

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 07 December 2010 Proposal

diamond-cluster-ringYou hate to spend time away from her. Your friends like her. Your mom loves her. You know that she is the one and can’t wait to start your life together. You have even saved up the money to purchase a beautiful diamond cluster ring. Now it is time to secretly find out her ring size, purchase an affordable trio ring set, and come up with a romantic way to propose this Christmas. Here are some Christmas proposal ideas to get you started:

1. Hide a diamond cluster ring in the toe of her Christmas stocking.

2. Bury the ring box under a pile of packing peanuts in a giant wrapped gift box.

3. Create a personalized proposal Christmas ornament at a make-your-own pottery studio, such as Color Me Mine.

4. Tie a trio ring set with a ribbon and hand it to her like a Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree.

5. Wrap up a travel Scrabble set with the words “Will you marry me” spelled out on the game board.

6. Arrange for the Santa Claus at the mall to give your girlfriend a ring box when she tells him what she wants for Christmas.

7. Hide an engagement ring in the bottom of her glass of champagne (or tie it to the stem if you’re safety-minded!).

8. Slip a diamond cluster ring onto her finger as you say grace before Christmas dinner.

9. Create a Christmas scavenger hunt that ends with a proposal spelled out in Christmas lights.

10. Have a bakery make a special Christmas cookie decorated with the words “Will you marry me?”

What are your own ideas for romantic Christmas proposals?

Photo Credit: Plinkk

4 Romantic Ways to Propose

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 13 October 2010 Proposal

diamond-cluster-ringYou have discovered your girlfriend’s ring size. You have shopped around for affordable engagement ring sets. You have picked out the perfect diamond cluster engagement ring. Now it is time to plan the perfect proposal. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Give her the best gift of her life.

Collect square boxes of all sizes, from very large to very small. Put the diamond cluster engagement ring into the smallest box and wrap it. Tape a note on the outside that says one of your favorite things about your girlfriend. Put the wrapped box inside of the next largest box and wrap it. Write another note. Continue to nest the box into larger boxes and wrap with pretty wrapping paper topped with a sweet note. Once you have wrapped the largest box, tie it with a big bow and give it to her for her birthday. Or slip the engagement ring into the toe of her Christmas stocking and cover it with other gifts before hanging it back on the mantel.

2. Plan a picnic.

Ask your girlfriend to meet you for a picnic at your favorite park. Pack a picnic basket with your girlfriend’s favorite foods. Fill a cooler with ice and a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider. Bring a big picnic blanket to sit on. Don’t forget to bring her diamond cluster engagement ring in your pocket. Make a toast to your future together and pull out the ring to propose before you eat. Or have a local bakery create a cake or cookie with your proposal written in icing, and present it at the end of your meal.

3. Make memories at the movies.

Plan a dinner-and-a-movie date. Take your girlfriend to her favorite restaurant and go all out. Order an appetizer, wine, and dessert in addition to the meal itself. Next, take her to see a romantic movie at the theater. Be sure to sit on her left. Hold her hand during the movie, and at one of the most romantic moments of the movie, use your other hand to slip her diamond cluster engagement ring out of your pocket and onto her finger.

4. Put it in writing.

Based on your girlfriend’s interests, think of a creative way to put your proposal in writing. If she loves the ocean, plan a day at the beach when you will write the proposal in the sand. Does she spend a lot of time at the computer? Write one word on each post-it note to spell out “Will you marry me?” Stick the notes along the top of her computer monitor. Is your girlfriend a word lover? Create your own crossword puzzle with a proposal hidden in the clues to slip inside the morning newspaper. Or write a proposal with a magnetic poetry set on the refrigerator.

For more romantic proposal ideas, visit TheKnot.com.

How to Secretly Find Out Your Bride's Ring Size

by Kelly Smith Friday, 17 September 2010 Wedding Rings

Wedding_Ring_HeartsTrying to figure out what size rings you need to buy for yourself and your bride-to-be is not nearly as difficult as you might think. It may be as simple as asking your future mother-in-law or sister-in-law if they know her ring size, or it might take a little bit more detective work on your part.

If you need to figure out your ring size and your bride’s ring size on your own, MyTrioRings has a free, easy ring sizer to get you started.

When you download and print this ring sizer, be certain that you measure the line at the top of the page with a ruler. If it measures exactly two inches, you are all set. If not, you may need to play around with the scale of the image on your printer before you can get started with your secret mission. MyTrioRings also offers a free plastic ring sizer that can be sent to you in the mail if you are having problems doing the measurements for your trio ring set with the printable version.

Grooms, there are two possibilities for using the free ring sizer printout. One option is to find another ring that your bride-to-be wears on her ring finger and compare that to the ring sizes on the free ring sizer. Another option is to cut out the finger measuring tool and measure the ring finger of your beloved yourself, perhaps when she is sleeping (assuming that she’s a heavy sleeper!). Measuring late in the day is preferable, since that is when fingers are at their largest. If you measure in the morning or measure cold fingers, you might purchase a trio ring set that is too small.

You will want to measure the widest point of the finger, usually the lower knuckle, to figure out what size will best fit your bride before you purchase an affordable bridal ring set to surprise her with.

Most women in the United States wear their wedding and engagement rings on the fourth finger of their left hand. In some cultures, the right hand is the more common location for the wedding ring. Seeing which finger your mother-in-law to be wears her wedding and engagement rings on is a safe bet for figuring out which finger your bride will prefer.

True Life: An Awesome Proposal Story and Helpful Proposal Tips

by Eric Blank Tuesday, 04 May 2010 Proposal

The My Trio Rings team came across one over-the-top proposal story should get your creative juices flowing! To help inspire more amazing proposal stories, we have put together some practical tips for those trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Whether you have already proposed or are trying to figure out what the best way to do so would be, this is a great read!

One Awesome Wedding Proposal Story:

I’m not saying that I know any more about love and marriage than anyone else. However, when someone asks me what my greatest idea was, only one comes to mind – my family.

It all started when I was trying to get votes. Not for myself, but for Atlanta mayoral candidate Maynard Jackson. My firm had been hired to help him win the election.

Maynard Jackson’s campaign for mayor of Atlanta was a victory, too. The new mayor was incredibly gracious and thankful. He said to me, “Should I ever be able to help you, just let me know.”

Now it was time to propose, so I called him. And I also called the Japanese firm that owned Atlanta’s tallest building, the IBM tower. And I called CBS, and I called the caterers, and I called in three producers from my agency.

Just before the six o’clock news, Cynthia received a message from her news director that a white-collar drug bust was about to go down in the penthouse of the IBM tower in midtown Atlanta. The police chief had been told to give Cynthia Good the exclusive story. The news director told her it would be the lead story, live, and that she should hightail it down to the tower to get the story.

Leading two camera trucks, Cynthia Good raced to the intersection of Peachtree and 14th Street where she witnessed some twenty police cars surrounding the building, a SWAT team and a fire truck (I couldn’t swing the chopper).

Cynthia demanded to be let into the building. She was told, “Sorry, ma’am, no one goes in. This is a very dangerous situation.” But Cynthia persevered and finally prevailed. Except for one last catch: a Red Dog SWAT team would have to escort her to the fiftieth floor, which it did. Once there, they broke down the door.

Behind it, she found not a Columbian drug cartel, but a knight of sorts – me – and dinner, champagne and musicians playing as the sun sank behind the picture windows, and I sank to my knees. She sank, too. And we’ve been afloat for 17 beautiful years!

-- by Joey R., Atlanta, Georgia

Some Practical Proposal Tips

The My Trio Rings team has researched and come up with some practical tips to help you come up with a great way to propose. These tips are ideas that you can mix and match based on the effect you're looking for, and the type of relationship you have with your loved one.

- Make it personal.

While going 'big' is fun, maybe top priority should be making the proposal thoughtful and personally tailored to your loved one. If you think telling it in the future will get that 'awwww' moment from your future audience, then you've probably got it just right!

- Make it public.

Proposing in a very public place can add that 'big factor' that you might be looking for! Some public proposal ideas: at a sporting event, at an attraction, or an important site. Even if you aren't comfortable putting yourself out there in a public setting, certainly announce it to the world once you're successful!

- Make it a surprise.

What is the one place she would never expect you to propose? Or what is the one way she would never expect? And when trying to figure out just how to do it, you will be surprised how many friends and acquaintances will help you!

- Make it fun.

What does she really like? Or what would she find really fun? A number of ideas start with hiring a professional of some kind to do something for you - a musician to play her favorite song, a magician to make the ring appear in a trick, or a local pilot to write it in the sky. After that, all you have to do is get her in the right place and watch her smile.

- Make it memorable.

People are going to ask you how you proposed. They will be eager to know "Where were you and what did you say?" The more uniqe you can make it, the more the details can bring it to life every time the story is told.

Ideally, you will only propose once in your life, which is why it is important to get it right. Ultimately, the best proposals take a little extra planning, effort and thought. When you come up with the best way to propose, it will be a story you'll be proud to tell over and over again to your friends, family (and future children!)

Once you have decided on the perfect way to propose, check out our Diamond Trio Ring Collection for the perfect ring to do it with!

Click the "Add New Comment" button below to share more proposal stories or tips to the My Trio Rings community!