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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

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Beyond the Budget Wedding: 3 Honeymoon Destinations

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 31 August 2011 Honey Moon

You’re almost there. You ordered your inexpensive trio ring set many months ago. You’ve gotten a great deal on a budget wedding venue for the big day. You ordered a delicious bargain wedding cake that looks like it cost a pretty penny. The budget wedding dress of your dreams is even in the bag.

But have you started to think beyond your budget wedding? Where will you travel on an inexpensive honeymoon without blowing all the money you saved on your wedding? Here are three ideas.

1. The Caribbean

Depending on what part of the country you live in, the Caribbean may seem out of reach. But sometimes travel websites offer amazing vacation packages to the Caribbean from an airport near you, especially during the off-season. Caribbean cruise packages also sometimes go on sale, and their all-inclusive packages might be a great deal if they sail from a port near you. Tobago and Aruba are rumored to be cheaper than many other islands in the Caribbean, especially if you stay off of the beaten path. You may also wish to consider the U.S. Virgin Islands, where you will not have to pay currency exchange rates or sales tax on any of your purchases.

2. A Nearby Luxury Hotel

If you want all out decadent relaxation on your honeymoon, remove the high travel costs. Honeymoon at a luxury hotel that is within driving distance, and splurge on gourmet meals, couples massages, breakfast in bed, and a room with a hot tub or a fireplace rather than on gas or plane tickets. This nearby hotel could also be a great destination to relive your honeymoon and celebrate anniversaries in the future.

3. A State Park

If you are outdoorsy, escape from it all in a secluded state park cabin. Cabins usually run far below $100 per night, and they generally come equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, and climate control. Be certain to reserve your cabin in advance, since state park cabins are often very popular as an inexpensive getaway. Be certain to pack your own champagne, picnic supplies, and easy but romantic foods to eat. If you’re planning on doing any serious hiking, you may wish to leave your inexpensive trio ring set in a safe place in the cabin so that it doesn’t get dirty.

What are your ideas for budget honeymoon destinations?

Photo Credit: Flickr (roughedge57)

Your Diamond Cluster Ring in the Workplace

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 09 August 2011 Ceremony

Ring on a necklace Adam Lehman
For years, you daydreamed about meeting the man of your dreams. And, let’s be honest, when you met him, you fantasized about the perfect proposal. Now, at last, after looking at inexpensive wedding ring sets together and picking a beautiful diamond cluster ring as your engagement ring, an important part of that fantasy is about to come true – showing off your engagement ring (and then your coordinating wedding band) to your friends at work. It is thrilling to have someone notice the telltale sparkle on your hand and ask to see your diamond cluster ring.

But believe it or not, this part of your fantasy may not happen exactly as you expect it to. In many professions, the wearing of jewelry, even inexpensive wedding ring sets, is not permitted, so you may have to show off your diamond cluster ring on your own time.

The main reason that jewelry wearing is discouraged or prohibited in many professions is safety. In certain hospital units, for example, doctors and nurses are not supposed to wear jewelry that could catch on the hospital equipment. Others aren’t supposed to wear jewelry that would snag on their disposable latex exam gloves. For people such as carpenters and mechanics, there is also a concern that rings or other jewelry could catch on machinery and cause injuries.

If you work in a field in which you are not allowed to wear your diamond cluster ring, you may wish to think of other creative solutions. Perhaps you could wear your engagement ring and wedding band on a necklace. In some professions, it is common to pin wedding jewelry to one’s uniform or carry it in a special bag in a pocket. Or perhaps, depending on your job, you will wish to keep your jewelry safe at home in a special jewelry box while you are at work, and you can show off your sparkles on evenings and weekends. But even if you are free to wear your jewelry at all times, don’t forget to insure your wedding jewelry and care for it properly!

Photo Credit: Adam Lehman

How to Choose Budget Wedding Rings

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 03 May 2011 Wedding Rings

budget-wedding-ringsFor many couples, one of the most confusing parts of deciding to make a life together is choosing the right budget wedding rings. Shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar jeweler can seem easier at first, since there are people right there to answer questions, but in actuality, such jewelry boutiques are usually more expensive than online jewelry stores, and the salespeople can be much pushier. If you want to save money, your best bet is choosing a reliable online jewelry store with an excellent customer service record, such as My Trio Rings, where you can find high quality but inexpensive wedding ring sets crafted with conflict-free diamonds. Here’s what you need to know.

You may have heard a lot about the 4 C’s. These can seem confusing, but basically these are the standard indicators of diamond quality and price.

1.    Cut indicates the shape of the diamond. The most common cut is the round brilliant cut, which is designed to make a diamond even brighter by creating more surfaces to reflect light, thus making the diamond appear shinier.
2.    Color refers to the color of the diamond. All diamonds are not exactly the same color. There is actually a spectrum between stones that are entirely clear in color and those which are more yellowish in hue. Most people prefer a more colorless stone, which is indicated by a letter that is earlier in the alphabet. More yellow stones are described with a letter that comes toward the end of the alphabet.
3.    Clarity describes the imperfections of the ring. For a ring with fewer flaws, choose a ring that is described with an F or IF.
4.    Carat weight means the weight (and hence size) of a diamond. Larger diamonds are usually more rare and thus more expensive.

Now you can use your knowledge of the 4 C’s to help you browse inexpensive wedding ring sets and purchase your budget wedding rings online without needing to speak to any pushy salespeople. Generally, the best way to save money on real diamond rings is to purchase diamond cluster rings, which group several smaller diamonds of a lower carat weight to get a higher visual impact at a lower price. Since the diamonds are smaller, it is less expensive to group higher quality stones together. In other words, the diamonds in diamond clusters are likely to be more clear in color and have fewer imperfections since they are smaller and less expensive.

Another excellent strategy when you are hoping to save money on budget wedding rings is to select trio wedding ring sets. These inexpensive wedding ring sets include three coordinating rings: a woman’s engagement ring, a woman’s wedding band, and a men’s wedding band. Since they are manufactured, packaged, and marketed together, it is usually much cheaper to buy them together rather than shopping for three separate rings.

Trio Ring Sets to Suit All Tastes

by Kelly Smith Monday, 11 April 2011 Wedding Rings

Not every engagement ring is created equal. All women are very different, and they have very different tastes in wedding and engagement rings. If your girlfriend hasn’t dropped any hints about her engagement ring preferences, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options available when you shop for trio ring sets. When you are ready to propose, you may wish to look to your girlfriend’s taste in clothing and jewelry to give you clues as to what her engagement ring preference might be. If you’re still stumped, use this easy guide to get you started.

Simple Trio Ring Sets


Not all women desire a loud, expensive engagement ring and wedding ring that will capture the attention of perfect strangers. If simple elegance and classic lines are more to her taste, look at an inexpensive wedding ring set such as this one that features a simple row of brilliant diamonds on each 10 k white gold ring. $489.99 is an amazing price for three conflict-free diamond rings that feature such timeless grace.

Romantic Trio Ring Sets


If your girlfriend is a romantic at heart, you may wish to shop for memorable trio ring sets that feature softer lines. One lovely option is a 10 k white gold ring set that uses the beauty of nature as its inspiration. Delicately curving lines embrace real diamond clusters in a pattern that resembles flowers and leaves. For only $399.99, these beautifully romantic rings are sure to please your girlfriend.

Modern Trio Ring Sets


For a truly unique but inexpensive wedding ring set with a more contemporary look, you may wish to consider a 10 k white gold set that features clean zig-zag lines with conflict-free diamonds nestled in between. The engagement ring also features a round cut diamond set above the other diamonds for greater visual impact and impressive sparkle. For only $619.99 for all three rings plus free shipping and an excellent warranty, this may be the ring set for you.

5 Ways to Find a Wedding Dress on a Budget

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 18 January 2011 Wedding Dress

planning-a-cheap-weddingBrides, one of the hardest times to keep your wedding on budget is while you are shopping for a wedding dress. Most women have an image in their minds of their perfect dress, and it is all too easy to forget about the price tag when you find the one. Maybe you have a little wiggle room in your budget as you are planning a cheap wedding because you found a beautiful discount wedding ring set online for less than you expected. Or perhaps you have found an inexpensive honeymoon package that will allow you to splurge a bit on your wedding dress. Or maybe you are completely strapped for cash. No matter how much money you have to spend on a wedding dress, here are five are easy ways to save on your perfect gown.

1. Go vintage.

Ask your mother, grandmother, aunt, older sister, or other female relatives or friends if you could alter and wear their dress. Many moms save their wedding dress in hopes that their daughter will want to wear it for her wedding. Wear the dress as-is if it is the right size and you like the vintage style, or find a tailor who specializes in wedding dresses to update the style or the fit. Some antique stores also sell beautiful wedding dresses at reasonable prices.

2. Buy used.

Most wedding dresses only get worn once, and then they get put in a box in the attic. Some women decide to sell their gown after the wedding to make some of the money back. If you like a specific designer gown, look on Craigslist or eBay to see if anyone is selling your ideal gown secondhand for a better price, then pay to have it steam cleaned by your local wedding store.

3. Shop sales.

When you are planning a cheap wedding, the last thing you need to do is walk into an expensive bridal boutique. Search inexpensive national bridal chains. Some stores such as David’s Bridal have regular $99 gown sales on select styles. Another possibility is to look for department store sales if you’re willing to look at nice white dresses in the prom or formalwear sections that might not be specifically designed as wedding gowns.

4. Make your own.

If you have strong sewing skills, look at your local fabric store for wedding dress patterns and fabrics to see if they carry anything you like. Sign up to receive store coupons via mail or email so that you can save even more money. Even if you are intimidated by the idea of sewing a dress, you can easily save money by sewing your own sash, veil, or other accessories. Or perhaps a sewing-savvy friend or relative will make your wedding dress as her gift to you.

5. Crowd-source.

Discover the best places to buy wedding dresses by polling social networks. Post a status update on Facebook asking, “Where do I buy an inexpensive wedding dress?” or search “cheap wedding dress” on Yelp.com. The results will show retailers whose descriptions and reviews include your search terms. That means you’ll find the stores that carry cheap wedding dresses and know to avoid the stores that are decidedly not cheap!

What tips do you have for buying a wedding dress on a budget?

Compare Trio Ring Set Prices Online Before You Buy

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 12 January 2011 Wedding Rings

trio-ring-setBuying a trio ring set, which includes a matching engagement ring, women’s wedding band, and men’s wedding band, saves you time and money. However, not all jewelers that offer trio ring sets offer the same affordable prices. Some jewelers are more expensive due to in-store mark-ups, high shipping costs, expensive warranty plans, and misleading pricing policies. For the most affordable trio ring sets, real diamond cluster rings from low-pressure, low-cost online retailers such as My Trio Rings are probably your best bet.

Scenario 1:

*My Trio Rings:

My Trio Rings offers a trio ring set with 10k white gold and a collection of small diamonds totaling 1/4 carats. This affordable diamond cluster ring set costs $379.99 with free shipping and a one year warranty.

*The competition:

Zales also sells a trio ring set with 10k white gold and 1/4 carat diamonds. At first glance, you might think that you are about to get an amazing deal, as band costs $194.65. The total cost for this ring set is $617.95 before tax. the price is listed “from $152.15.” When you click on the link, though, you will discover that each ring is actually priced separately. The ladies’ wedding band costs $152.15, the engagement ring costs $271.15, and the men’s wedding band costs $194.65, all sale prices.

Scenario 2:

*My Trio Rings:

My Trio Rings offers a 14k yellow gold trio ring set with 1 carat total diamond weight, including both princess and round cuts. This diamond cluster ring set sells for $614.99 and includes both free shipping and a free 1 year warranty.

*The competition:

Fred Meyers Jewelers sells a trio ring set that is roughly equivalent: 10k yellow gold and 1 carat total weight in round cut diamonds. The price for this wedding ring set is $1,399.00, which is more than twice as expensive as the comparable My Trio Rings set. Even though Fred Meyers Jewelers also offers free shipping over a low minimum purchase price, the My Trio Rings set is a much better bargain.

*Please note that all product and pricing information was updated on January 15th 2010.

6 Budget Honeymoon Tips

by Kelly Smith Monday, 20 December 2010 Honey Moon

budget-honeymoonSo far you’ve been a savvy bride and groom. You saved a lot of money by purchasing an inexpensive wedding ring set online. You planned and executed a romantic proposal. You are in the middle of planning a wedding on a budget. Now it is time to start thinking about taking a trip that will get you away from it all. How can you save money on a honeymoon? Here are some budget honeymoon tips to get you started.

1. Stay close to home.

Purchasing domestic airfare or driving your own car can be much cheaper than finding international flights. If you do decide to fly, investigate discount airlines and alternative airport possibilities. Instead of Paris, think New York City or Chicago. Instead of the Caribbean, consider North Carolina’s Outer Banks or the Florida Keys.

2. Get outdoors.

Many state parks offer cabin rentals. Find a park with secluded cabins and beautiful scenery. Bring your own champagne and picnic blanket. Many cabins even offer a kitchen to prepare meals together. Look into Vermont’s Button Bay State Park, Virginia’s First Landing State Park, or Mississippi’s Tishomingo State Park to get you started on planning your budget honeymoon.

3. Ask your friends.

Find out if any of your family or friends own a vacation home such as a beach house or a cabin on a lake or a condo in a nearby city. They may be willing to offer you a steep discount on lodging, or perhaps they will let you stay in their place for a week for free. You might also be able to find a friend of a friend who is hoping to sublease their big city apartment for a short time, which can be cheaper than a hotel stay.

4. Buy a package.

Search for all-inclusive vacation packages at an off-season resort. At certain times of year, it is easy to find a heavily discounted cruise, a Hawaii hotel steal, or an inexpensive Las Vegas vacation package. Online travel sites also sometimes have excellent last-minute budget honeymoon getaways.

5. Find an adventure.

Instead of picking a typical honeymoon destination at a high-cost resort, look for alternative activities at different locations. Consider renting a houseboat on the St. Johns river in Florida. Find a luxury spa in a lower cost destination, such as Hot Springs, Arkansas. Stay in a tree house bed and breakfast in a cedar tree in Washington State or a wilderness lodge in Alaska.

6. Register for a honeymoon.

If you are not prepared to pay for your dream honeymoon on your own, consider setting up a honeymoon registry through a site such as HoneyLuna.com or Honeyfund. Your guests can choose to give you the gift of a one-night hotel stay, a gourmet dinner, breakfast in bed, a couples massage, and whatever other luxuries you hope to indulge in.

Photo Credit: Steve Dunleavy

Where to Buy a Wedding Ring Set on a $400 Budget

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 02 December 2010 Budget Buy

When shopping for gold and diamond wedding bands, there is no limit to how much money you can spend. It can be easy to get pulled into the trap of spending more than you can afford on beautiful wedding jewelry, especially in a store with pushy salespeople. In order to spend wisely, decide on a specific budget for wedding ring sets before you walk into a store or start looking around online, and shop around to find the best deal on quality jewelry within your price range.

Let’s say for the sake of comparison that you decide you can spend a maximum of $400 on a wedding ring set. Here is what you can purchase at some of the most popular online jewelry stores.

blue_nile 1. Bluenile.com

At Bluenile.com, you can design your own ring. The cheapest possible engagement ring that you can create is a 1/4 carat diamond solitaire ring set in 18K gold. This one ring alone will cost you $660, which is far out of your budget for a trio wedding ring set.
ice 2. Ice.com

At Ice.com, you can purchase a 1/4 carat diamond solitaire ring with a 14K gold setting for $495. This ring does not fall under your budget and it only includes one ring instead of the engagement ring, women’s wedding band, and men’s wedding band you hope to purchase for less than $400 total.
zales 3. Zales.com

At Zales.com, you can find a small collection of trio wedding ring sets.  Their lowest priced trio wedding ring set is a 1/3 ct tw 10 K White Gold Trio Ring Set runs $871.  This set is probably double the budget because of the "brand name" that Zales carries. 
BT133W 4. Mytriorings.com

On a $400 budget for a set of gold and diamond wedding bands, your best bet is Mytriorings.com, where you can purchase a 1/4 carat diamond trio set with 10K white gold for only $379. This affordable price is well within your $400 budget, and it includes not only an engagement ring, but also a men’s wedding band and a women’s wedding band as well. My Trio Rings can offer better prices on high quality wedding jewelry because they craft rings using small diamond clusters rather than solitaire diamonds, which makes a bigger impact at a lower price. You even have $21 left over to purchase a bottle of champagne to celebrate your engagement.

Celebrate Your Love and the Planet with a Green Wedding

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 30 September 2010 Ceremony

Green_WeddingWeddings can be both expensive and hard on the environment, but with a little planning, you can create a beautiful green wedding. From picking conflict-free, inexpensive trio ring sets to serving locally grown food, you can make your wedding a little greener without spending too much extra money. By thinking about ways to reduce and reuse, you might even save a little money. Here’s how to green your wedding:

1. Minimize Travel.

Choose a location for your wedding that will minimize how much travel your guests will need to do. Some couples with far-flung family and friends decide to have a formal wedding and reception in one area of the country and an informal reception with other loved ones in another area of the country to reduce their wedding expenses as well as to reduce how much their family and friends will need to travel. Other couples minimize travel by holding their wedding and reception in the same building or renting a bus to transport guests between the wedding and reception sites. If you and your guests will have a lot of long-distance travel to do, consider purchasing inexpensive carbon offsets.

2. Serve Sustainable Food.

Serve your guests organic food or seasonal food that is locally grown and harvested to reduce the environmental impact of feeding your wedding guests. Ask your caterer to serve your food on washable, reusable plates or disposable plates that are made from recycled materials. Use nice cloth napkins. Make sure you have facilities available for recycling soda cans and other recyclable materials.

3. Purchase Wedding Ring Sets Responsibly.

Not all diamonds are created equal. Be certain to choose diamonds that are mined in a responsible manner. Ask your jeweler for conflict-free diamonds that have not been used to fund slavery or war in Africa. Most diamonds sold in the United States today are certified conflict-free, but it is an important question to ask before purchasing a trio wedding ring set to celebrate your love. Fortunately, this certification should not increase the price of your rings. Purchasing a his and hers wedding ring set also saves you money and uses less packaging compared to purchasing individual wedding rings.

4. Use Recycled Paper or Go Paperless.

Print your wedding invitations on recycled paper products, or send online invitations to all or most of your guests (besides your grandmothers, unless they’re tech-savvy). Invitations made with recycled content should not cost much more than conventional invitations. Sending online invitations is best for the environment and will definitely save you money. Consider using e-mail or e-cards to send your thank-you notes as well.

Photo Credit: Alexandria Perone

Welcome to the MyTrioRings.com Blog!

by Vipul Lakhi Saturday, 17 October 2009 Informational

Thanks for checking out our new MyTrioRings.com blog! In the last few weeks, we have reached out to many of you to get feedback on what you wish to see at MyTrioRings.  A special thank you goes out to everyone who let us know what you liked and what you didnt like.  We have listened to your feedback and have started to make the changes that youve asked for.

We found out that many of you would love to see a blog on MyTrioRings.  Check back every few days and you will see:

- Wedding tips and suggestions

- Wedding ring news and information

-  and lots more...

If theres something more you would like to see, just let us know!