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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

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Introducing Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings at My Trio Rings!

by Vipul Lakhi Tuesday, 24 April 2012 Informational

My Trio Rings was started to provide incredible value for diamond engagement and wedding rings. We’ve done this by combining the power of eCommerce with four generations of experience in diamond manufacturing. One of our methods has been to utilize cluster head settings, which are comprised of many smaller stones. With recent Improvements to the My Trio Rings manufacturing process we’ve been able to start manufacturing larger solitaire stones with the same cost advantage we provide to our customers!

Today we’re really excited to announce the release of the My Trio Rings Solitaire ring collection. The line consists of our most popular ring designs mounted with a single solitaire diamond setting. The elegance and beauty of solitaire diamonds represent the merging of two individuals, one promise that lasts a lifetime. The diamonds we’ve just released allow our customers to experience the timeless traditions of marriage and everyday affordable prices not available elsewhere.

The eye-catching solitaire collection is available with princess cut and round cut solitaire diamonds ranging in carat weight. Many of the ring sets will now surpass 1 carat t.w., like ST110 and ST114 which are each over 1.5 carats t.w. when purchased in a Trio Set! Staying true to our company’s mission we’re making the solitaire engagement rings available at incredibly low prices that can be up to 65% less than inflated prices charged by high end jewelry retailers.

Our customers come to My Trio Rings for the best possible deal on wedding ring sets and we’ve had countless requests for solitaire diamond rings. Previously they were only able through custom orders, but with the growth of our company this year we’ve been able to scale up and provide this incredible value to any customer who comes to MyTrioRings.com. 

We’re excited for this new launch and hope you are too! Starting today, our solitaire lineup will be available through trio ring sets, bridal sets and as individual engagement bands. To celebrate the launch, we’re kicking off a two week Facebook promotion where visitors can vote for their favorite solitaire ring designs to reveal exclusive discounts upto $150 on the new Solitaire Engagement Rings and Solitaire Ring Sets. Feel free to take a look through our products or reach out to us if you’re looking for something more specific!

A Trio Wedding Ring Set Testimonial

by Kelly Smith Sunday, 29 January 2012 Wedding Rings

The word is spreading about where to find high-quality, real diamond engagement and wedding rings at affordable prices.

My Trio Rings mostly serves customers in the United States, but it has seen increasing international demand, as well. Trio wedding ring sets have been shipped to Nigeria, the UK, Switzerland, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Canada, Kergistan, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Korea, and more. One couple in the Philippines, Lester and Hydee Ico, share more about their experiences as international wedding jewelry customers.

What were your priorities when choosing a trio wedding ring set?

My priorities in choosing a wedding trio were the quality of the ring, especially the diamonds, and the assurance that the rings would be sent exactly as I ordered. As a customer, I usually check online sites which would give me the perfect type of ring that my wife and I would like at a minimal price. That's when I found My Trio Rings.  I was amazed with the design and also with the prices that they have compared to those stores with good quality rings but with very high prices.

Was it easy to order your trio wedding ring set online from My Trio Rings?

Well, to tell you honestly, there were some problems regarding the order I made. At the time I ordered the set, the online site showed that the set was in stock, but after I made my order, they told me that it was already out of stock. [Because Lester’s diamond cluster ring set of choice sold out minutes before his order went through, My Trio Rings upgraded Lester’s set at no additional charge, from a diamond cluster ring set to a diamond solitaire ring set in the same style but with a larger, more valuable stone in the engagement ring. Lester and his wife Hydee are some of the first customers to experience My Trio Ring’s soon-to-be-released line of affordable diamond solitaire jewelry.]

How did you choose your trio wedding ring set?

I chose these rings based on what my wife wished me to have. It was all about our communication as a couple to select the rings that should be purchased.

What do you like best about your rings?

The thing I like most about the rings is the upgrade that they have done for my wife's engagement ring.

What do your friends and family think about your rings?

Well, as other people will say about a couple wearing a diamond set, it is whoa! Also, they were excited when they saw my wife's engagement ring with one stone in the middle that was made just for us and isn’t even on the online site yet. Thanks to My Trio Rings, and your excellent diamond sets and customer service. 

Photo credit: Lester and Hydee Ico