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Diamond Clarity: What to Know When Choosing Wedding Rings Sets

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 09 April 2015 Wedding Rings

wedding-rings-sets-clarity With such an important investment on the line, it's essential to do your homework before you go wedding ring shopping. The 4 C's - cut, color, clarity and carat - are quality standards that will guide you to make an educated decision about your wedding rings sets. Let's take a closer look at diamond clarity and how it affects the appearance of your rings. 

What is Diamond Clarity? 

Clarity is a quality that determines the internal characteristics - called inclusions - and external characteristics - called blemishes - of a diamond. When diamond clarity is evaluated, five factors of these characteristics are considered: size, number, position, nature and color. 

Internal Characteristics: Inclusions 

Inclusions - structural imperfections that occur inside the stone - can make a diamond appear cloudy or a whitish color. Most inclusions aren't perceptible to the normal eye, though large inclusions can limit the way a stone scatters light. Some types of inclusions are: 

  • Feathers
  • Clouds
  • Laser lines 
  • Cleavage
  • Bearding
  • Pinpoints
  • Internal graining 
  • Crystals and minerals 

External Characteristics: Blemishes 

Blemishes appear on the surface of a diamond and can occur when the stone is being cut, polished or worn. Most blemishes are too small to see by anyone but a trained professional. Some types of blemishes are: 

  • Scratches
  • Nicks
  • Pits
  • Polishing lines 
  • Naturals

How Diamond Clarity Works

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has established a diamond clarity grading scale with six different categories: 

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)
  • Included (I1, I2 and I3)

How to Shop for Diamond Clarity

Because clarity is very difficult to determine with the naked eye, it's not necessary to buy rare and expensive flawless diamonds to show off stunning wedding ring sets. Many diamond wedding rings sets have small imperfections that aren't noticeable to observers - they'll look beautiful and be much more affordable. 

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4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Diamond Rings

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 15 April 2014 Informational

diamond rings and diamond engagement rings You and your spouse will wear your engagement ring and wedding rings day in and day out. They are among your most prized possessions, and you’ll rarely, if ever, take them off. Even though your diamond engagement ring and wedding bands mean so much to you, have you taken the necessary steps to take care of them?

Think about the work your hands do on a daily basis. Think about all the situations your diamond rings are exposed to. It’s time to give your wedding rings the attention they deserve. Follow these ring care tips to ensure your rings’ safety and to have them looking brand new for years to come. 

1. Insure Them

Wedding rings have great sentimental (and monetary) value. Most people want to make sure these rings last a lifetime, and you might even want them to last several lifetimes so you can pass the rings down to future generations. One way you can safeguard your investment is to purchase ring insurance. However, you need to make sure you understand the policy and its fine print. For instance, some jewelry insurance policies won’t cover ring repairs.

2. Clean Them

Get all that grime off those rings and make them shine! You can take your rings to be professionally cleaned by a jeweler, you can buy jewelry cleaner at the store, or you can simply soak your rings in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. After the rings have soaked for a while, scrub off all the dirt with a soft toothbrush. If you have a diamond ring, you can also soak it in equal parts ammonia and cold water for half an hour. Be aware: this method can damage your rings' stones if they’re not diamonds.

3. Keep Them Safe

This probably goes without saying, but you should be cautious about what you do with your rings. For instance, never remove your diamond rings in a public restroom where you could accidentally knock them down a drain or leave them sitting on the edge of a sink. You should also avoid doing rough work while wearing your rings. For example, if you know you’re going to be doing yard work or changing the oil in your car, take off your precious rings and store them in a safe place. Also, avoid exposing your rings to harsh chemicals like bleach, which can dull the finish.

4. Inspect Them

Every year, you should take your diamond engagement ring and wedding bands to your local jeweler to have it inspected. The jeweler will be able to make sure there are no loose prongs and that your diamonds aren’t loose, which means you won’t have to frantically search for a dislodged diamond. Plus, your jeweler will usually clean your rings up for you!

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Consider getting a new set of matching wedding bands to commemorate the occasion!

NEW: Create Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 03 April 2014 Informational

alt Do you have a style that’s hard to define? Have you been searching through websites and catalogues for the perfect diamond engagement ring without any luck? If you know exactly what you want, but you haven’t been able to find it, then you’re in luck.

Instead of settling for a ring you don’t love, why don’t you create the ring of your dreams yourself? Now you can create your own perfect fit with the new My Trio Rings custom ring feature! You can also use this brand new feature to create all the diamond rings you’ll need on your special day by building your own trio ring set. The possibilities are truly endless; here's how it works:

1. Choose the type of rings you'd like to browse from our category pages. Click the “view customizable rings” button on the top right of the page.

2. First, you’ll choose your preferred stone cut. You can choose between a round cluster, a princess cluster, a round solitaire, a princess solitaire, and a fancy cluster.

3. After you pick your stone cut, you can choose how big or small you’d like the head to be. For some stone cuts, you simply pick small, medium, or large. For others, like round solitaire, you’ll pick the head according to carats.

4. Next you’ll get a list of all our pre-existing rings that match your desired stone cut and size. From there, search the list and find the one you like.

5. After you’ve found a ring you like, you can click on it and select whether you want white or yellow gold, 10K gold or 14K gold.

Ta-da! You’ve now created the exact ring you've been dreaming of. It’s really that simple. Think about all the different types of rings you can create: a 1 CT. round solitaire with 10 white gold, a 5/8 CT. princess solitaire with yellow 14K gold, or even a 1/2 CT. oval cluster diamond with 10K white gold.

What are you waiting for? Customize your perfect diamond rings.


My Trio Rings vs. Jared: Layaway Plan and Shipping for Diamond Rings

by Kirsten Clark Monday, 03 March 2014 Informational

We’re one of a kind here at My Trio Rings. Our level of service combined with our wide selection of diamond rings makes us truly special. In fact, we don’t think you’ll find another retailer that compares -- online or in store. To prove it, we’ve been sizing up our competition. In a previous post, we compared our layaway plan to Walmart’s layaway plan. This week, we’re looking at the Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and examining what makes My Trio Rings an easier and more convenient shopping experience. 

Our Layaway Plan:

Fee: $0
Down Payment: $0
Minimum Purchase: None
Days to Pay: 6 months
Layaway Available: Year-round

Jared’s Plan:

Instead of offering Layaway, Jared's only offers only a credit financing offer available. While this is convenient for many customers, it is highly dependent on past credit history and can also make their purchase far more expensive when factoring in high interest rates. To take advantage of this program, you must open up a Jared credit card and either follow a 12-month plan or an 18-month plan. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

12-Month Plan:
Down Payment: 20% required
Minimum Purchase: $1000 or more
Days to Pay: 12 months or interest charged
Interest: APR of 24.99% after 12 months

18-Month Plan:
Down Payment: 20% required
Minimum Purchase: $5000 or more
Days to Pay: 12 months or interest charged
Interest: APR of 24.99% (If you make all required minimum payments by the end of the 12th month, rate is 9.9% for the next six months, then 24.99% thereafter.) 

Just by taking a quick look at this comparison, it’s clear that the My Trio Rings layaway plan is more convenient and customer-focused. We don’t call it a financing plan because you don’t need to open up a credit card account with us for a flexible payment option.


Customer service and convenience are always top of mind at My Trio Rings? Check out the differences between our policies and Jared's when it comes to shipping.

Our Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders within the U.S.

Jared’s Shipping Policy: Free shipping to any of their stores. Shipping charges will apply when the jewelry shipped to your home.

When you buy with us, we want to make your purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we deliver your glittering diamond rings right to your doorstep for free!

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Best Places to Propose in Trinidad

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 13 February 2014 Proposal

places to propose in trinidad Just imagine: sand beneath your feet, wind in your hair, sun on your back, and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean before you. Sounds like paradise, right? Welcome to Trinidad, the southernmost island in the Caribbean. The beautiful beaches are just one aspect of Trinidad. This island has so much more to offer, which is why it’s the next stop in our places to propose series! Whether you live in Trinidad or you plan on visiting soon, we’re giving you a list of the ultimate spots to pop the question. Let’s get started!

1. Maracas Bay

If you’re looking for the ideal Caribbean beach experience, Maracas Bay is it. Even though it’ll take you about an hour to get there from Port of Spain, it’ll feel like no time at all. The scenic, mountainous drive is all part of the experience. You can grab lunch at one of the dozens of Bake and Shark huts, which will serve you a Trinidadian native dish of deep-fried shark. After a day of lounging and relaxing on the sand, turn to your partner and present her with one of our glittering diamond rings.

2. Royal Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for an idyllic setting for a proposal, consider the royal botanical gardens in Port of Spain. These botanical gardens are part of a larger park called the Queen’s Park Savannah. The park itself features mansions from the Spanish colonial era. After entering the park, you can stroll into the gardens for a serene experience. There’s no fee, and you’re free to do as you please. You can bring a picnic, take a close look at all the flowers, or just sit and relax. We promise you won’t be disappointed by your surroundings when you get down on one knee and take out one of our diamond rings.

3. Paria Falls

If you and your partner are up for a long and challenging hike, we recommend going to Paria Falls. This hike will take you about seven hours there and back, so it’s not to be taken lightly. However, the experience of the hike and the views of the end destination make it all worth it. During the hike to the falls, you’ll see some interesting trees and plants, as well as tropical birds like macaws and parrots. At the end of your long journey, the view of the crystal-clear cascading water will take your breath away. That’s when you should pop the question! She’ll be so exhausted and excited that she won’t expect a proposal.

4. Caroni Swamp

Boat tours are available everyday from dawn until dusk so you can experience the wonder of the Caroni Swamp. We recommend you schedule your tour at dusk because that’s when the Scarlet Ibis, Trinidad’s national bird, comes in to roost. You’ll be amazed by the number of Scarlet Ibis that will fly in and the roost like flowers on the trees. They’ll fly in during sunset, which makes for one truly romantic moment. Don’t let it go to waste. Propose right then and there.

Don’t forget: we ship worldwide, including to Trinidad and Tobago. Make sure you’ve looked through our selection of diamond rings for the perfect one before you propose!

Best Places to Propose at the Grand Canyon

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 28 January 2014 Proposal

places to propose in grand canyon The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing geological landmarks in the world. The Colorado River and its tributaries have carved through layer after layer of rock - and now approximately two billion years of the Earth’s natural history is on display. If you’re looking for a truly magical place to ask that all-important question, it might not get any better than this. The views alone will take her breath away before you even have a chance to propose, which will make for a memorable moment. Here are the best places to propose at the Grand Canyon.

1. Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is actually outside of the national park and is located in Grand Canyon West, which is owned by the Hualapai Tribe. The Skywalk is a transparent, horseshoe-shaped bridge that extends beyond one of the canyon’s rims and gives you a magnificent view of the canyon. If you and your sweetheart love heights and an adrenaline rush, this see-through bridge 4,000 feet above the canyon might be the perfect spot for you. Just don’t look down when you’re on one knee with one of our diamond rings! You’ll literally be taking your relationship to new heights when you drop down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

2. In Flight

If you’ve been saving up for this day and want to do something truly special, consider taking your sweetheart on a plane or helicopter ride across the canyon. Do it at sunrise or sunset to get the full effect. As you’re oohing and ahing from the air, ask her to marry you over the headset (make sure you speak up so she can hear you). Just think about the moment after she says “yes,” as you’re spending your first moments as an engaged couple cruising through the air above one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world! For that reason alone, this is one of our best places to propose.

3. El Tovar

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant with views of the Canyon, then you should check out El Tovar. The dining room is built perpendicular to the rim of the Canyon, so some of the seats have a fantastic view. Make sure to call ahead of time and reserve a table that will let you take in the full extent of the Canyon as you eat dinner. For an even more magical moment, plan your dinner around when the sun will set. When the sky is full of color, pop the question!

Make sure you check out our selection of diamond rings before you head to the Canyon!

5 Myths About Shopping at Online Jewelry Stores

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 09 January 2014 Informational

Have you ever had someone tell you that you shouldn’t shop at online jewelry stores for one reason or another? We know that in-store jewelers may try to discourage you from shopping online, but we don't want you to have any hesitations when you choose to purchase your ring with us. You should be able to fall in love with a ring and be confident about its quality and beauty. Here are the top five myths about buying from online jewelry stores - debunked!

Myth #1: You’ll get fake jewelry.
If we sold fake jewelry, we couldn’t exist as a business. Our diamond rings come with certificates of authenticity and a one-year warranty. These can be used as proof of value and for insurance purposes. If you want to learn more about shopping with us, check our BBB score or our customer reviews.

Myth #2: The pictures and the products won't match up.
We try hard to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting at the point of purchase. That’s why we show customers detailed HD photos and 360-degree videos of all our rings. We want to make sure you love your rings even more in person than you did online.

Myth #3: You don’t know who you’re buying from.
We have an extensive About Us section that tells you who we are and what we’re about. Our business consists of four generations of expertise in the diamond and jewelry industry, so we take great pride in our work. We’re also always just a phone call or an email away!

Myth #4: Online jewelry stores are unreliable.
Not us. Just take a look at the thousands of customer reviews that prove otherwise. We’ve also had the privilege of being covered by many organizations like CBS, CNN Money, US Airways, and more. Just check out our In the News section.

Myth #5: You won’t be able to get a refund if you don’t like it.
Wrong. We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. We want to make sure you’re absolutely in love with your rings. If you don’t feel that way after you get your rings and try them on, then you can return them for a full refund or an exchange of the purchase price.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our selection of diamond rings and get shopping now!

Start 2014 With Savings: Wedding Ring Sets on Sale!

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 01 January 2014 Wedding Rings

Happy New Year! As we celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, we want to make sure you’re aware of the holiday sales we have going on right now. If you’re planning on getting engaged or walking down the aisle within the coming year, check out our wedding ring sets on sale. We guarantee that you won’t be able to find more beautiful rings at these prices. Take a look at some of our holiday special diamond rings:

Wedding Ring Sets

1. 1/4 CT. Trio Matching Wedding Ring Set

If you’re looking to buy all of your wedding rings at once, check out this 1/4 CT. diamond trio set. All three rings are made with 14K white gold and round diamonds. All three of these rings combined have over 30 glittering diamonds! The retail price for this set is $1499.99, and we usually sell it for $589.99. Right now, it’s on sale for $549.99. Our customers love this set just as much as we do:

“This 1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Trio set, in White Gold, is the perfect fit for my personality. Not to flashy or big; I love that the actual ring is thinner then your normal ring. The shape of the diamond is unique and when offset with a band of diamonds, it looks like a 1 CT ring. I love how elegant and sophisticated this ring appears. Plus the price for all three is something that can't be beat!” - Erin. L.

2. 1/2 CT. Trio Matching Wedding Ring Set

If you’re looking for a wedding ring set with a classic feel, look at this 1/2 CT. diamond wedding ring set. These diamond rings are made with 10K white gold. There’s something truly special about sharing matching wedding rings with your significant other. This set gives you that opportunity at a rock-bottom cost. The retail cost of this set is $1999.99, and we normally sell it at $799.99. You can get it on sale today for $749.99! Here’s a customer review about this particular set:

“I love this set. It is petite and elegant. It's got a nice blingy sparkle to it, but is still subtle enough to not be ostentatious.” - Stephanie B.

Wedding Band Sets

1. 1/4 CT. Wedding Band Set

If you already have the engagement ring but want matching wedding bands, here’s a wedding band set for you to consider. This 1/4 CT. diamond wedding band set is made with 10K white gold, and the rings have a combined total of over 35 round, conflict-free diamonds. The retail price for this set is $1299.99. We normally sell this set at $509.99, but you can get it today for $479.99.

2. 1/10 CT. Wedding Band Set

If you’re looking for matching wedding bands that incorporate both white gold and yellow gold, you’ve found it! This 1/10 CT wedding band set will match a wide variety of engagement rings. Each ring has 3 natural diamonds in a diagonal line. The retail price for these diamond rings is $999.99, but we usually sell it for $399.99. It’s currently on sale for $369.99. Here’s a customer review about this gorgeous set:

“Love this set of rings. They look so natural and beautiful. And the price is very good for the quality you get.” - Vijeta A.

Take a look at all the wedding ring sets we have on sale right now!

Trio Wedding Ring Sets - Style Review BT572W14K

by Kirsten Clark Friday, 27 December 2013 Wedding Rings

alt Here at My Trio Rings, we know we shouldn’t have favorites, but sometimes we just can’t help it! That’s how we feel when it comes to this gorgeous 1/2 Carat, 14K white gold, round-cut diamond wedding ring set - style BT572W14K. If you’re looking for a classic and vintage inspired ring set, look no further. This is one of our most popular trio wedding ring sets, and it’s easy to see why. Just take one look at a photo of these white gold rings studded with diamond and you’ll fall in love, too. Here are a couple aspects of this wedding ring set that makes it unique:

1. Styling

We love the way these rings are styled, especially the engagement ring. The engagement ring features a sparkling solitaire diamond at the center. The solitaire diamond is surrounded by several round cut diamond in a square formation. Round accents on the outside on all three of these bands make the diamonds in the middle pop.

2. Diamonds

This trio wedding ring set has a whopping 78 round diamonds. If you’ve been looking for rings that are a little understated but will catch people’s attention, you’ve found them in this set. These glittering diamonds will catch the sunlight beautifully and might even stop traffic!

3. Matching

We’re big on matching wedding rings here at My Trio Rings, but that’s because we think having matching rings is pretty special. Wedding rings are meant to signify your commitment to each other as a couple, and having your rings complement each other perfectly strengthens the symbol of that bond. If you want to stand out as a married couple, matching wedding rings are the way to go, and this set might be perfect for you!

4. Reviews

We’re not the only ones who love these particular diamond rings. Just look at what our customers have to say about this style:

“I'm very pleased with my purchase. My ring is a liittle smaller than I expected but it's very beautiful.” - Valerie B., AL

“This set is beautiful. I normally wear a 6.5 but when I printed out the size chart it said I was a 7.5 I spoke to customer service and the rep said go with the size I normally wear. I'm glad I did. The ring fits perfectly. Their customer service staff was friendly and helpful.” - Marlon D., FL

Browse our full selection of trio wedding ring sets for your perfect match 

4 New Year's Wedding Proposal Ideas

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 18 December 2013 Proposal

02F22374 This time of year is called the holiday season for a reason. Not only do we have holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, but we also have New Year's to look forward to! New Year’s Eve or Day is the perfect symbolic time for a marriage proposal. You’re reflecting back on your relationship while making a promise for a new start in the coming year. Plus, it’s a pretty magical occasion. Think of the fireworks, the countdowns, and the confetti. If you’re thinking about a New Year's proposal, here are a few wedding proposal ideas to consider:

1. Countdown

If you’re planning on being at a New Year’s Eve party this year, work your proposal into the countdown. Right before the countdown begins, tell your sweetheart that you want to tell her why she’s the one for you. Give her a reason in between each number. (You’ll want to come up with them and practice ahead of time so you’re not struggling through the list.) Then, when the clock strikes midnight, ask her to marry you. The great thing about this proposal idea is that you can make it as private or as public as you want. For example, if you want the moment to be a little more intimate, just whisper “will you marry me?” in her ear. If you want it to be more public, get on your knee and ask in front of all your friends.

2. Calendar

New Year's is a time of both reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead. Grab a calendar for 2013. Go through the calendar and write down your favorite memories over the past year. Include anniversaries, birthdays, trips, holidays together, and more. The more detailed you can make this, the better. Include photos where you can. Then, either on New Year’s Eve or New Year's Day, tell her you forgot to give her this one last present. Let her go through the calendar. When she gets to the end, present her with one of our glittering diamond rings and ask her to marry you.

3. Resolutions

Tell your partner that you want to make resolutions together. Give her about a week to come up with hers. Then, arrange a time on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day when you can read them together. Plan it so that you will read her resolutions out loud first. Then, allow her to read yours out loud. After she’s done, tell her she forgot one and hand her a slip of paper that says something like, “make [her name] my wife.” While she’s reading it, get down on one knee and get ready to give her your speech!

4. Restaurant

If you’re a traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with a restaurant proposal. Make a reservation at her absolute favorite restaurant. You can even go all out and leave her money that morning to go shopping for a new outfit. (Or, if you’re fashionable enough to know what she likes, pick up an outfit for her by yourself.) You could also have a car pick you both up to take you to the restaurant. You can do a restaurant proposal a variety of ways. The ring could be at the bottom of a glass of champagne. It could be on a covered plate they bring out for dessert. Just make sure your waiter knows what to do!

If you’re popping the question soon, make sure you have one of our sparkling diamond rings to accompany your proposal. Don’t forget that you’ll get 10% your wedding band purchase when you purchase your engagement ring from us!

3 Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas

by Kirsten Clark Wednesday, 11 December 2013 Proposal

02F42430.jpg It’s the most wonderful time of the year...especially for proposals! The holiday season is the most popular time of the year to pop that all-important question, and there’s no question as to why. Everything and everyone seems more alive, and there’s a sense of hope, joy, and love in the air. This time of the year is truly magical-- just take a look outside! Lights are in the trees, snow is on the ground, and Christmas music is coming through every open doorway. All of these things combined creates the most romantic time of the year and presents the perfect opportunity to get on one knee. If you know you want to propose this holiday season, but you’re not sure how, check out these wedding proposal ideas:

1. Christmas Lights

Okay, here’s your warning up front: this idea is going to take a lot of work, But you know what they say: big risk, big rewards! Here it is-- write out your proposal with Christmas lights on your house. Start by making sure your sweetheart will be gone all day so she can’t interfere or spot what you’re up to. Next, you’re probably going to want to enlist some help. Think about whether you want the lights to be white, colored, twinkling, etc. Then get to work! You can spell it out on your house, her house, a house you share together, a family home, or maybe even a building that means a lot to her or you as a couple. Be creative! Just keep imagining her face when she sees her name in lights and you standing next to her on one knee.

2. In Flight

Will you be traveling this holiday season? If you want a memorable public proposal, consider proposing while you’re on the plane. That way, you’ll arrive to your destination as an engaged couple and can share the news with all your friends and family. Here’s how you do it. First, search our selection of diamond rings and pick out the perfect one. Then, talk to the flight attendants when you first get on the plane without making it obvious to your sweetheart. Ask them if you can use the speaker system to propose in mid flight. When you think the time is right, make sure she’s not sleeping and then tell her you have to go to the bathroom. Instead, you’ll go to the front of the plane and use the speaker system to propose.

3. Ice Skating

Even if you or your partner aren’t big ice skaters, this proposal idea can still work for you. I recommend an outdoor rink. There’s something really romantic about ice skating on a rink surrounded by lit trees while listening to Christmas music. If you want a more private proposal, you can call ahead and rent the rink for an hour or so. If you want a public proposal, just go for it. You can also call ahead and request they play her favorite Christmas song at a certain time. Then, when you hear it, take her to the middle of the rink and launch into your speech about how much she means to you. Then present her with a sparkling diamond ring. (You might have to forgo getting down on one knee with this option as it might prove difficult.)

If you’re proposing this holiday season, make sure you have everything you need. Check out our selection of diamond rings so you can cross off the most important element on your to-do list!

Why Gold and Diamond Rings?

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 05 December 2013 Wedding Rings

Have you ever wondered why engagement rings are typically made with gold and diamonds? Think about it: gold and diamond rings are practically synonymous with engagement rings. But why gold when it could be any other metal? And why diamonds when there are countless other gemstones available? I wondered about the significance of this and decided to do some research. I think you’ll be interested in what I found:

Diamonds in Engagement Rings

1. Diamonds weren’t always the gemstone of choice for engagement rings. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies were more commonly used in and before the 17th and 18th century.

2. Diamonds are thought to be the hardest and most unbreakable mineral, which is why it easily became a symbol for the bond created in marriage.

3. The first record use of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477 when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

4. The traditional use of diamond rings as engagement rings is actually related to a the success of De Beers, a company which launched in the 1930s. De Beers inspired the enthusiasm of fashion moguls, who decided diamond rings were the new trend, and even major Hollywood stars began to wear them. In 1947, De Beers rolled out its now famous tagline: “A Diamond is Forever.” Sales of diamond engagement rings skyrocketed, and within just a few decades, over 80% of engaged American women wore diamond rings.

Gold in Engagement Rings

1. The use of gold in a token of love or betrothal goes all the way back to the BC era. According to Pliny the Elder, Roman grooms gave their brides a gold ring and an iron ring. The gold ring was to be worn during the wedding ceremony and at special occasions. The iron ring was to be worn at home.

2.  By an overwhelming margin, the most popular metal used to make engagement rings is white gold. Just look at our diamond wedding sets for proof -- the most popular sets are made with white gold.

3. Over 90% of the world’s gold has already been mined, which makes it rare and extremely valuable.

4. Gold is durable and malleable, which ideally represents your bond as a couple. That’s why gold is the predominant metal of choice when it comes to engagement rings.

Are you planning on proposing this holiday season? Make sure you check out our selection of diamond wedding sets!

Our Customers’ Favorite Composite Engagement Rings

by Kirsten Clark Monday, 25 November 2013 Wedding Rings

Composite engagement rings are all the rage right now. Don’t know what composite engagement rings are? The term is used to describe rings with cluster diamond heads. These rings are elegant, timeless, and have an extra sparkle due to the multiple diamonds featured on the cluster head. If you’ve been looking for a ring that will catch the sunlight and stop traffic, this style is for you. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our most loved cluster engagement rings, as described by our happy customers.

1. 1/3 CT. Diamond Ladies’ Engagement Ring

This particular cluster engagement ring has an almost floral design to it, which gives an otherwise classic ring a little flair. It’s made with 10K white gold and has a beautiful illusion solitaire head. It has a total of 13 sparkling diamonds. Our customers love it just as much as we do:

“I have nothing wrong to say.. the ring is exact to picture and always sparkles! Could not be happier.. Will definitely be coming back for my wedding and husband to be rings :)” -- Shanna B.

“This ring is absolutely gorgeous, my dream engagement ring. I adore the flower design in the diamonds and appreciate that it isn't gaudy or showy. I love petite intimate bands. With the 65% discount I might just buy it myself.” -- Caryen C.

“Beautiful ring! I love almost everything about this ring! I personally like how thin the ring width is, and the shape of the diamond.” -- Vanessa L.

2. 1/2 CT. Diamond Ladies’ Engagement Ring

Here’s another one of our cluster engagement rings that you’ll adore. This ring has an intricate weaving diamond band and culminates in a circular diamond cluster head. It is made with 14K white gold and features a total of 49 natural diamonds. Check out what our customers have to say about one of our favorite diamond rings:

“Besides this being a beautiful ring I love how unique the cut of the stone is. Everything about it screams Marry me!” -- Brittany F.

“I love the simplicity of this ring. It is so delicate with an attention to detail. Not only that but I love the price. Where can you get a ring like this in this price range nowadays? But I [just] love the look and price of this ring.” -- Amy G.

3. 1/7 CT. Diamond Ladies’ Engagement Ring

If you prefer beautifully simplicity, you’ll love this composite ring. While this ring is simple, it’s not ordinary. It shines, but it has an understated beauty to it. This ring is made with 10K white gold and has 5 glittering diamonds. Here are what our customers have to say about this gorgeous ring:

“I love this ring! Its simple and elegant. Defiantly the pretties ring i have ever seen.” -- Ashley A.

“Simple, not gaudy. I love white gold!” -- Stephanie C.

“This ring is beautiful and simple. I especially love that it isn't silver, but white gold. It's simplicity makes it elegant and that's why I cannot get enough of this ring. It's just classy.” -- Courtney B.

“Simple but still beautiful. I love it!” -- Sam G.

Make sure to check out our entire collection of composite engagement rings.

Diamond Cluster Rings for Any Budget

by Kelly Smith Friday, 23 December 2011 Wedding Rings

If you purchase a trio wedding ring set, then you will be better able to stick to your wedding ring budget. This is especially true if you choose a trio of diamond cluster rings, which will save you even more money. Whatever your budget is for a set of three real diamond rings (an engagement ring plus two wedding bands), you are likely to find something in your price range that fits your style. Certainly a higher budget offers more choices in just about any situation, but a jeweler like My Trio Rings offers something for everyone at any price.

$600 Wedding Ring Budget

Spending only $600 on three coordinating diamond rings is a true bargain. If this is your budget target, then one option is a set of diamond cluster rings that features a total weight of 1/2 carats of diamonds set in 10 K white gold. This particular set features a simple, modern look with a straight line of diamonds nestled within a band of white gold. For only $550.99 (and free shipping!), such a trio wedding ring set could be on its way to you.

$800 Wedding Ring Budget

For $775.99, you can come in under your $800 budget for three diamond cluster rings if you choose another set with clean, modern lines. This particular set of inexpensive, high quality wedding rings contains a total weight of 1 carat of diamonds clustered together in 14 K yellow gold. These diamonds, rather than appearing nestled within the gold band, reach almost to the edge of the band, giving a striking appearance, especially in the engagement ring, which also features a large 9-diamond square cluster as its centerpiece.

$1000 Wedding Ring Budget

If you are seeking a trio wedding ring set for under $1000, then you are hoping to spend on average less than $333 per ring. This is still a significant savings over purchasing typical diamond solitaire rings separately from a brick-and-mortar jeweler. Within this price range, you have many choices from a jeweler such as My Trio Rings. Indeed, one such choice is a romantic three-piece set that includes 1/2 carat of diamonds set in 14 K white gold. This romantic look dazzles with diagonal bands of diamonds with swirling accent lines. Such rings could coordinate well with more old-fashioned gowns as well as with more modern, asymmetrical wedding gowns that feature a diagonal swoosh in the bodice.

A Brief History of Wedding Ring Sets

by Katy Smith Friday, 12 August 2011 Wedding Rings

While shopping for wedding ring sets online is a relatively new convenience, the wedding rings themselves belong to a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

The wedding ring was first used in ancient Egypt, where grasses and reeds were woven into circles symbolic of eternity and completeness. The Egyptians were also the first to place the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, believing that the vein from that finger led directly to the heart (the Romans called this the vena amoris, or “vein of love”). Over the course of time, temporary grass rings were replaced by rings made of leather, bone, and eventually soft metals.

Romans chose to use iron in their wedding bands, believing the strength of the metal to symbolize the strength of their love. Gold gained popularity in later centuries, and by the Middle Ages, the diamond was routinely used in wedding rings, along with other gemstones. The use of silver in rings had a brief revival in the Renaissance, and rings were inscribed with sentimental phrases and poems.

Wedding rings were almost entirely reserved for women until the mid-twentieth century, when the many separations caused by World War II (and increased marketing from jewelry companies) spurred men to begin wearing rings to serve as sentimental reminders of home. Before 1930, only 15% of marriages used wedding ring sets for both partners, while a mere fifteen years later, 80% of married men sported a band.

One of the first wedding ring sets may have been the sixteenth-century European gimmels. These rings combined to make a trio ring set that would have been separated prior to marriage – one ring for the prospective bride, one for the groom, and the third for a witness – and then rejoined into one ring to place on the bride’s hand on her wedding day. Tiffany and Co. introduced the solitaire diamond ring in 1886, but recent innovations in ring manufacturing, including the development of diamond cluster rings and trio ring sets have made it affordable for anyone to join in the historic tradition of exchanging rings to symbolize true love.

Photo Credit: Lisa H

Affordable Diamond Rings

by Annie Kim Thursday, 28 July 2011 Wedding Rings

It’s every girl’s dream to one day receive that beautiful diamond ring. But when you think of a diamond, you think, expensive, expensive, and expensive. Diamonds are beautiful stones that do not need to be as unattainable as many people may think. Affordable diamond rings sound cheap and ugly but they don’t have to be. My Trio Rings offers ravishing diamond rings at amazing prices and layaway plans as well!

My Trio Rings doesn’t mark up the rings like most of the jeweler’s out there in the market. We believe in diamonds for everyone. Why should only a select few enjoy the beauty of diamonds in gold? Beauty can be enjoyed by everyone. Using only conflict-free diamonds, the rings are made with you in mind. In the way that you want to purchase quality rings, My Trio Rings works hard to get you breath-taking rings that are no less than what we would give to our loved ones as well. We want you to buy rings that bring you happiness. All people should be able to appreciate beautiful diamond rings. For you ladies out there, check out the rocks on the many diamond rings available!

The Roots of the Diamond Engagement Ring

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 27 July 2011 Wedding Rings

The history of the wedding ring is not fully understood. Many sources cite ancient Rome as the original birthplace of the wedding ring, but others cite ancient Egypt as the home of the wedding tradition centuries before. And these ancient Egyptian rings were pretty different from today’s gold and diamond wedding bands. Brides wore rings woven from plants that grew alongside the Nile River. These makeshift rings, a far cry from a diamond cluster ring of today, usually did not survive very long with daily wear. Later, women were given more long-lasting metal rings. At the time, iron was the preferred substance to make these rings, but iron rings had the problem of growing rusty.

As the tradition of wedding rings passed from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans, and all over Europe, the use of more precious metals and jewels became increasingly common. In fact, in Ireland, it was considered bad luck to use any metal besides gold for a wedding ring. Diamonds became popular due to their strength and durability. Interestingly, the use of more expensive materials to create wedding rings transformed the ring into a symbol of an economic contract between families more than a sacred contract between two people.

Although there is no mention of wedding rings in the Bible, some wedding ring traditions do originate from the Catholic Church. Indeed, in the 13th century, Pope Innocent III standardized marriage practices. One change he instituted was an expected waiting period between an engagement and a wedding. He also mandated that a different ring should be used to formalize each contract. That is why women generally have both an engagement ring and a wedding ring today.

For centuries, it was women alone who wore wedding rings. That changed in the twentieth century. World War II brought about the change for many countries. The tradition of wearing a wedding band expanded to men so that they would have a happy reminder of their lives back home with them when they went off to fight. Wedding ring traditions continue to grow and change around the world. In some cultures, gold and diamond wedding bands are traditionally worn on the toe rather than on the finger. In other cultures, it is traditional to give an additional diamond cluster ring for a major wedding anniversary.

Whatever your religious or cultural tradition, you can find a diamond cluster ring set that best reflects your own relationship, while continuing a tradition that has become an important symbol of the marriage vows.

Photo Credit: TMAB2003

Buy a Trio Ring Set for Your Summer Proposal

by Kelly Smith Friday, 20 May 2011 Proposal

Summer is almost here, and you’ve been thinking that you are ready to propose to your girlfriend. Pick out an inexpensive trio ring set that includes a beautiful real diamond engagement ring, and surprise your girlfriend with a proposal at your closest beach. Here are a few creative proposal ideas to get you started.

1. Find a large stick to write “Marry me!” in the wet sand close to the water. Be certain that your girlfriend reads your message before the waves wash it away. Slip the engagement ring from the trio ring set onto her finger when she says yes.

2. Take your girlfriend on a special picnic at the beach. Tie the engagement ring to the handle of her fork while packing the picnic, or hide the ring box in the picnic basket until the perfect moment to unpack it.

3. If you’ve got a bigger proposal budget, hire an advertising airplane to fly a banner over the beach that says “Will you marry me?” while you are splashing in the waves or soaking in the sun with your girlfriend.

4. Take a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset with the engagement ring from the trio ring set in your pocket. Get down on one knee in the sand when the moment is right.

5. Get tickets for a short whale-watching trip or a dinner cruise if neither of you is prone to seasickness. When you are out on the water, find a private moment to pull your girlfriend aside and ask her to share your life.

6. Build a sand castle with your girlfriend. When she is not looking, put the ring box in her bucket, on her shovel, on top of the castle, or some other place where she will see it right away.

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