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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

Viewing entries tagged creative proposal ideas

3 Creative Proposal Ideas for the Spring

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 07 May 2013 Proposal

creative proposal ideasAs summer approaches, there's still time for you to plan a spring proposal! Spring is a lovely time of year to propose because everything is in bloom, signifying the new life that you're about to start with your sweetheart. The scent of flowers wafts through the air, and the weather is perfect for an outdoor proposal. Here are three creative proposal ideas to consider. 

1. Nature Walk 

We say "nature walk" rather than "hike," because only the fittest and most outdoorsy of folks find sweat and sore muscles romantic! A pleasantly paced stroll, where you can walk hand in hand, is a safer bet. Choose a scenic park with tree-lined trails, or a local botanical garden. If your first date was out in nature, or on a pretty university campus, take her back to that spot.

If there's space to spread out a blanket, pack a picnic. If you can make sure she won't open the basket in advance, tape a love note to each picnic item and have her pull them out one by one. Write "Will You Marry Me?" on the last note. Extra points if it's attached to her favorite food!

2. Scavenger Hunt

A creative proposal idea for temperate weather is planning a scavenger hunt around town. Make a list of places that are special to both of you: the place where you met, where you shared your first kiss, and your favorite restaurant, for example. Then write clues that will lead her from one place to another (don't make them too hard!) and place them shortly before you propose. If you leave the clues with any people, make sure that they know about their important role in your proposal, and the approximate time you'll be arriving. In the last location, plan to get down on one knee and surprise her with a sparkling diamond cluster ring!

3. Buried Treasure

If your lady loves the beach, find a spot with a nearby landmark and bury a message in a bottle in the sand. In the message, write how much she means to you. Make sure that the bottle is fully covered, so no one else digs it up! When you arrive at the beach, give your sweetie a treasure map and have her dig at the X. After she reads your letter, take a knee in the sand and pop the question. 

Bonus: Get her dog involved in the proposal! See our previous post, "Creative Proposal Ideas Involving Her Dog." 

As you plan your spring proposal, find the perfect diamond cluster ring for her at My Trio Rings!

Image credit: Kara Allyson

Surprise Her with a Trio Ring Set for Valentine's Day

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 05 February 2013 Budget Buy

Romance is in the air this month. After all, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to propose! To gather inspiration, read through our posts, Creative Proposal Ideas for Valentine's Day and 5 More Creative Proposal Ideas for Valentine's Day. Then pick out the perfect engagement ring. Save big by choosing a trio ring set, which includes the three matching rings you need for your wedding: a ladies' engagement ring, a ladies' wedding band, and a men's wedding band. 

You'll find rings to suit every style and price range. Here are three examples:

1/2 Carat Diamond Trio Wedding Ring Set 10K White Gold

Our Price: $639.99  Retail: $1,599.99  You Save: $960.00

What better way to say "forever" than a white gold trio ring setThe sleek, classical style of these rings is designed to show the timelessness of your love. The diamonds are carefully embedded in the ring, lined up to draw attention to the stunning centerpiece of the engagement ring: a round-cut diamond. Each ring contains five diamonds. White gold is both durable and stylish. Watch the videos on the product page to see 360 degree views of each ring!

trio wedding ring set1/3 Carat Diamond Trio Wedding Ring Set 14K White Gold

Our Price: $899.99  Retail: $2,299.99  You Save: $1,400.00

The elegant curves of this trio ring set make a lasting impression. The wavy ridges are sleek and polished, complementing the sparkle of the diamonds with the shine of white gold. The ladies' engagement ring is set with seven round diamonds in a beautiful flower. This floral design, offset by the flowing lines that suggest ocean waves, gives these rings a touch of the natural world. See 360 views of each ring by watching the videos on the product page.

trio wedding ring set1 1/4 Carat T.W. Diamond Solitaire Trio Ring Set 14K Yellow Gold

Our Price: $1,299.99  Retail: $3,299.99  You Save: $2,000.00

The warm hue of the 14K yellow gold against the sparkling diamonds in this trio ring set create a big impact. This set contains a total of 24 princess cut natural, conflict-free diamonds. The ladies' engagement ring has a classic solitaire setting, and the design of the three rings are united by a unique cross design on either side of the channel settings. 

Take advantage of our Valentine's Day Sale by February 7 and get $50 off!

Purchase any Trio Ring Wedding Set or Bridal Ring Set until Feb 7th  to save over 65% off retail prices. All orders are guaranteed to be delivered in time for Valentine's Day. See over 100 d deals going on now on our Valentine's Day Specials Page.

5 More Creative Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 15 January 2013 Proposal

creative proposal ideasIf you're thinking of popping the question this Valentine's Day, you better get crackin'! You have less than a month left to order a gorgeous diamond cluster ring and plan your big ask. It's not necessary to get extravagant -- the important thing is to show your sweetheart that you've put a lot of thought into a romantic Valentine's Day proposal. Our advice is to read through a variety of suggestions and then make them your own. Here are five creative proposal ideas to get those wheels turning.

1. Attach the ring to your set of keys and hide them somewhere that's easy to find. Say to your loved one, "I can't find my keys. Could you help me look for them?" If you happen to lose your keys on a regular basis, she might roll her eyes a little, which will make the surprise all the better.

2. Cook her favorite meal and serve it by candlelight. Chill champagne and pour it out of her sight. Before you bring your love her glass, tie the diamond cluster ring around the stem. When she realizes what's sparkling in addition to the bubbly, get down on one knee and ask for her hand.

3. If your lady goes through the mail every day, hide an envelope in the stack of bills and junk mail. A handwritten envelope will catch her attention, and imagine her surprise when she pulls out a card that asks her to marry you.

4. Buy several bags of her favorite candy -- wrapped works best! -- and spell out "Will you marry me?" on the dining room table. Flowers, candles, and soft music will add ambience. Lead her in with her eyes closed, and when she opens them, be kneeling in front of her and holding up the ring.

5. At the spot where you first met, or a place that you often spend time together, hide a card that shares how you feel about her. Keep it short and sweet, or you'll be standing there awkwardly while she reads your missive! Take a walk hand-in hand, point to the envelope you've hidden, and say, "What's that? Looks like it has your name on it." 

Browse more creative proposal ideas and pick out the perfect diamond engagement ring at MyTrio Rings.

Photo credit: soloyra

Where to Propose in Boise, Idaho

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 11 December 2012 Proposal

where to propose boiseBoise, Idaho, the City of Trees, is brimming with natural beauty. With five city parks, the woodsy Boise River, the rugged Bogus Basin Mountain, and many other places to appreciate the great outdoors, you'll find plenty of romantic places to pop the question. 

Outdoor Boise

Boise River Greenbelt

If your lady loves spending time in nature, bring her to Boise River Greenbelt. This 25-mile path runs right through the city -- some residents even use it for their commute by bike or on foot! Both sides of the river are accessible, so take a long walk together or enjoy a leisurely bike ride on the paved paths along the water. There are many points of interest along the way, including Julia Davis Park, which features a zoo, paddle boats, and several museums.   

Idaho Botanical Garden

Rose gardens, herb gardens, annuals and perennials, sculptures and fountains...this garden has something beautiful for all tastes. Each season of the year offers a different experience: in the spring, see the new blossoms, and in the summer, enjoy an outdoor concert at the gardens. In the fall, marvel at the changing colors, and around the holidays, you must see the Winter Garden aGlow! The gardens are adorned with 270,000 lights that sparkle throughout December. 

At a Romantic Boise Hideaway

Anniversary Inn

The Anniversary Inn caters to couples who are looking for a quirky retreat. Each room is decorated in an imaginative theme. The Hollywood Room has a soda fountain, a tub for two with jets, and a 55" flat screen TV. The Presidential Suite has a four-poster bed, marble columns, and a fireplace for the winter months. There are also more offbeat rooms available, including the Treasure Island Suite, where your bed is on the deck of a ship! 

Boise Hillside Suites

Combine comfort, beautiful scenery, and convenience, and you'll have the Boise Hillside Suites. It's located in Boise's North End, where you can spend an afternoon enjoying the cafes and shops surrounded by natural beauty. Compare rooms and choose your amenities, such as a private bathtub, a wood-burning fireplace, or a mountain view. This secluded getaway on the Oregon Trail is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your sweetheart. Just looking through the room options on the website will inspire a few creative proposal ideas! 

In an Upscale Boise Area Restaurant

Gino's Italian Ristorante 

With soft lighting, pressed white tablecloths, and mouth-wateringly delicious Italian food, Gino's is a memorable spot to celebrate a special occasion. It's likely that Gino himself will cook for you and stop by your table to see how you're enjoying your meal. The pasta, the fish, the eggplant parmesan, and anything else on the menu will delight your palate with rich flavors. Finish the meal with cannoli, tiramisu, and, of course, a diamond cluster engagement ring!

Epi's Basque Restaurant 

People from Spain's Basque country are famous for their culinary innovation. Surprisingly, Idaho has the highest concentration of Basque residents outside of Europe. Experience authentic Basque cuisine in this cozy converted bungalow in Meridian, where the staff will welcome you as if you were family. If you contact them in advance, they may even help you come up with a few creative proposal ideas to carry out at Epi's. Whatever your plans, make sure you sample the croquettes that diners rave about!

Select a sparkling (and affordable!) diamond cluster engagement ring at My Trio Rings.

Image credit

Where to Propose in Portland, Oregon

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 20 November 2012 Proposal

Portland, Oregon, is a city full of life. Here you'll find quirky brunch cafes, live music venues, coffeehouses, and food trucks. You'll find Powell's Books, which is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. Most importantly, you'll find plenty of places to carry out your creative proposal ideas! Here are a few suggestions for where to propose in Portland, Oregon:

In the great outdoors

Multnomah Falls is not to be missed when you visit Portland. With 611 feet of cascading water, a stone bridge, pretty little streams, and surrounding valleys and forests, it's said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here's an idea: ask someone (a friend, if you're hiking in a group, or a kind-looking stranger) to take your photo as a couple. Just before the picture is taken, say, "Wait!" and get down on one knee to pop the question. You can bet that the impromptu photographer will snap a few photos of you presenting a diamond cluster ring to your bride-to-be!

Washington Park houses a number of beautiful attractions. Portland Japanese Garden is tranquil and picturesque, with impeccable landscaping and plenty of areas to sit with your sweetie and enjoy each other's company. Take a virtual tour of the Upper Pond to scope out a proposal spot. According to its website, the International Rose Test Garden is the "oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States." It opened in 1917 and serves as a testing ground for new varieties of roses. Walk with your sweetheart holding hands, and breathe in the sweet flowery scents together. 

At a romantic spa

Aqua Terra is owned by a husband and wife team and specializes in couples' massage. In addition to explaining the benefits of couples' massage -- relaxing together is a mutually healing and bonding experience -- they even give suggestions for local date ideas! One Yelp reviewer said, "I had the BEST...let me repeat that...BEST massage in my life here."

Spa Willamina tends to receive rave reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor for providing a cozy, relaxing experience. Book an outdoor couples' massage and get ready to relax. You can even have a glass of wine when you arrive! Take a virtual tour through the website to get a feel for the ambience. Evening hours are available, in case you want to enjoy the spa before heading to dinner feeling like a new person. 

In an elegant Italian restaurant

Just looking at the menu at a Cena Ristorante will make your mouth water. Corn & mascarpone raviolini with butter-poached Maine lobster. Wild boar bolognese with cocoa tagliatelle and pecorino. For dessert, butterscotch pudding, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and pizzelle. Hungry yet? Add in romantic ambience, attentive service, and a wonderful wine list, and a Cena Ristorante should be at the top of your list for places to propose in Portland! 

Fondue is both delicious and romantic. Nestle into a booth at Urban Fondue and choose your favorite dipping items and cheeses. Whether you're in the mood for seafood, red meat, or vegetarian fare, you'll find a rich, delicious option. The Ruby Port Fondue, for example, is a blend of white cheddar, Swiss, and Gruyere with caramelized onions and port wine. Finish the meal with chocolate fondue...and your proposal, of course!

While you're brainstorming creative proposal ideas, pick out the perfect diamond cluster ring from My Trio Rings!

Photo credit

How to Propose at At&T Park in San Francisco

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 18 September 2012 Proposal

propose in AT&T ParkSo you're ready to propose! If you and your sweetheart are fans of the San Francisco Giants, you know that she would love a proposal at the ballpark, and you're confident that she'll say yes, why not propose at AT&T Park? Here's how:

1. Select the game at which you'd like to propose. Proposing at a weekend or premium game will be more expensive than proposing at a weekday game.

2. Call the Giants Experience Hotline at 415-972-2349 to set up the details. 

3. Choose how you'd like to propose:

4. Make sure you're ready for the big moment. Throughout the game, make sure you're ready to propose, and that your lady is where you need her to be when it's showtime!

Now that you've learned how to propose at AT&T Park, pick out the perfect engagement ring at My Trio Rings.

Where to Propose: See the Fall Colors in New England

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 13 September 2012 Proposal

fall colors new englandIf your lady is a nature lover, start planning the perfect proposal for her now: a trip to see the fall colors in New England. The Northeast is legendary for the vivid colors of its autumn foliage. The brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds are breathtaking. If you're considering where to propose this fall, there's no better backdrop you could choose. 

Typically, the fall foliage season begins in mid-September and lasts until mid-October, though this will vary depending on the year and the location. With a quick online search, you should be able to pick a date when the colors are at their peak.

Here are 5 places to propose in New England this fall:

1. In View of a New Hampshire Waterfall

New Hampshire Waterfalls are gorgeously dramatic, especially when set against a background of vibrant autumn colors. There are plenty of falls to choose from: Sabbaday Falls, the beautiful pools catching three cascades; Thompson Falls, with a gorgeous view of Mount Washington; or Arethusa Falls, the highest waterfall in New Hampshire at 176 feet. The only thing that could make this scene more stunning is a diamond cluster ring!

Read more about New Hampshire waterfalls and New Hampshire driving tours

2. On a Hike in Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont

Vermont is known for its year-round beauty, which is especially notable in the fall. Travel writer Mashall S. Berdan says, "If the question is about fall foliage, the best answer is always Vermont." He suggests five drives that yield gorgeous views.

The small state is a great choice for a road trip, because you can easily travel between destinations. Vermont's anti-billboard laws ensure that your view of the landscape will be uncluttered. The Green Mountain National Forest site suggests a few beautiful attractions on a hike, including Thundering Falls, White Rocks Cliffs Trail, and Little Rock Pond Trail.  

3. On a Road Trip Through Maine

Given that Maine is a large state, you have many options for a road trip here, on highways and back roads. Here are one travel writer's Top 10 Routes to View Maine Fall Foliage. Check Maine's fall foliage site for the best times to visit.

Consider stopping in Bethel, Maine, a historic town in the western part of the state. It's close to New Hampshire and a drivable distance from Boston, Hartford, and New York City. The reflection of the colorful leaves in the mountain lakes will make your sweetheart swoon, even before you drop to one knee and present her with a diamond cluster ring! 

4. At Walden Pond in Massachusetts

Walden Pond, which Henry David Thoreau made famous in his book Walden, is one of the most picturesque spots on the planet. Walden Woods, the undeveloped woods on the State Reservation, total 2,680 acres, providing you with plenty of nature to explore. Pack a picnic and sit on the bank of the pond. Wade into the water or take a swim. This National Historic Landmark is an unforgettable setting for your proposal, with the fall colors in New England all around you.

5. Atop The Litchfield Hills in Connecticut

The Litchfield Hills, CT, is a perfectly lovely place for a fall proposal. The historic town of Litchfield is a short drive from Boston, New York City, and Hartford, and it's home to several quaint country inns just outside of town. In town, you'll find plenty of attractions. Around Columbus Day is usually an ideal time to see the fall colors here, so take a long weekend with your bride-to-be!

Before you plan your trip, pick out the perfect diamond cluster ring!

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Best Places to Propose in the U.S. Virgin Islands

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 09 August 2012 Proposal

If you're ready to propose, the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands await you and your sweetheart. (For tips on St. Thomas, see "Best Places to Propose in St. Thomas.") This post will focus on St. John and St. Croix.

St. Croix is the largest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, and it's full of culture, nightlife, and outdoor activities such as diving. St. John, an island with an area of 28 square miles, has many beaches where you can snorkel, sail, or dive. St. John is also home to Cruz Bay, its main town and port.  

The Virgin Islands National Park encompasses half of St. John island, and the land is preserved.  You'll find plenty of hiking trails, including Cinnamon Bay trail that passes a former sugar factory and many native tropical trees. Here are a few ideas for places to propose that she'll never forget.

At an all-inclusive resort

There's nothing like a tropical resort to pamper yourself as a couple. The job of the staff is to make sure that you have not a care in the world. Enjoy room service and schedule a massage at the spa. 

At the Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, you can enjoy ocean views from your room, a screened-in private patio, and gorgeously landscaped grounds. On the beach, put up your feet on one of the dozens of chairs set out for guests. Go for an evening walk, and when the sun drops low over the water, take advantage of the moment and present her with a diamond cluster ring

The Westin St. John Resort & Villas has 47 acres nestled into Great Cruz Bay. The white sand shores are lined with palm trees, and a bevy of sailboats float on crystal blue waters. Enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, tennis, and snorkeling. Browse the resort's Romance Packages, including the Honeymoon Package that includes special rates, couples' massages, snorkel gear, and a picnic basket.

In a waterfront restaurant

The Galleon in Christiansted, VI, is a splurge, but it is well worth the investment for a romantic evening. As if the view of the marina weren't enough, the fresh food and the extensive wine list will make you feel like royalty. 

Many reviews of Waterfront Bistro say things like, "This was our best meal on the island!" and "Great views!" Try the fresh fish with dishes like ceviche and mahi salad. The open air restaurant with breathtaking views is the perfect place to present your lady with her diamond cluster ring

In a lovely outdoor setting

When you're ready to propose, plan a day sail trip to St. Croix's Buck Island Reef National Monument. Buck Island contains 800 acres of nature reserve, a gorgeous beach, and snorkeling. The underwater life will take your breath away; you'll see turtles, colorful tropical fish, and maybe even nurse sharks (they don't bite). You can also hike on Buck Island, so bring your walking shoes. Check out companies like Buck Island Tours that will take the lead so you can sit back and relax.

The National Park at St. John has a large variety of coral reefs, beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and historic ruins. You can enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports, such as scuba diving, kayaking, and camping. Think about taking a sailing or snorkeling tour with a private company like Cruise Ship Excursions.

Ready to propose? Browse our many gorgeous engagement rings and trio ring sets in our product videos.

4 Creative Proposal Ideas from Celebrities

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 12 July 2012 Proposal

creative-proposal-ideas-from-celebritiesJust because you're planning a budget wedding doesn't mean that you can't have a proposal story as romantic as a celebrity's. Take inspiration from these 4 romantic celebrity proposals and put your own personal spin on them. 

1. Sweet surprise at home

While his girlfriend Christine Taylor was away, Ben Stiller visited her house and adorned it with candles and rose petals. Christine came home to find Ben down on one knee. He'd forgotten only one thing during his careful planning….the ring! As he went to give it to her, he remembered that it was still in his bag in another room. But she didn't seem to mind. She accepted his proposal!  

When you know your lady will be out of the house, decorate it with her favorite candy and flowers. You could write love notes and stuff them inside of balloons before filling them with helium, or write on the balloons themselves once they're inflated. Just show her how much thought you've put into coming up with unforgettably creative proposal ideas. 

2. Dramatic public proposal

Singer Pink proposed to motocross racer Carey Hart at the Pro 250 class finals in Mammoth, California. As Hart was making his third lap, Pink held up a pit board in front of the grandstands that said, "Will You Marry Me?" When he made the next lap, she added the words, "I'm serious!" to the board. At that point, Hart pulled his car off to the side of the track and picked up Pink, allowing the other racers to pass him.

If you know that your love would enjoy celebrating with a crowd -- and you're absolutely sure that she'll say yes! -- plan a grand, sweeping gesture in a public place. You could arrange for "Will you marry me?" to appear on the scoreboard at a sports event, or on a banner pulled by an airplane flying overhead. If you're planning a budget wedding, you can plan a proposal that doesn't cost anything, like a serenade in the town square before you get down on one knee and present her with a ring.

3. Holiday celebration

During the holidays, we're feeling merry and tend to be surrounded by family, so it's no wonder that many couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Michael Douglas hosted a party at his Aspen home on the New Year's Eve before the millennium. After celebrating the new year, Douglas gave Catherine Zeta-Jones (who was two months pregnant with the couple's son) a 10-carat antique diamond ring.

Before this holiday season comes, brainstorm some creative proposal ideas, like wrapping the ring box inside a series of bigger boxes, which your bride-to-be will open like nesting dolls. Other ideas are to place the box at the bottom of her Christmas stocking, under several smaller gifts. If she's close to her family, you might think about popping the question during a toast at the big holiday meal.

4. Walk down memory lane

Katherine Heigl met musician Josh Kelley when she starred in the video for "Only You" as his love interest. The video was filmed in a bungalow in Venice, California, and after several years of dating, Kelley tracked down the house and got permission from its residents to take Katherine to dinner there. He arranged for a car to pick her up, and he set up a table with a white tablecloth, roses, and chocolate cake. During dessert, he proposed, and the happy couple took a walk afterward on the beach that was also a setting for the video shoot. Hear Josh Kelley tell his sweet proposal story.

To come up with creative proposal ideas, think back on some of the best experiences you've had together. You may have dined at a certain restaurant on your first date, which you can romantically recreate. If you took a day trip to the beach, pack a picnic, take a walk, and suddenly drop to one knee before proposing. She will be moved by the thought you put into returning to a place that means a lot to both of you.

Even if you'll be planning a wedding on a budget, you'll find the trio ring set for you at My Trio Rings.

Photo credit

Best Places to Propose in Jacksonville, Florida

by Melia Dicker Thursday, 05 July 2012 Proposal

Where to propose in JacksonvilleNestled in the northeast corner of Florida close to the Georgia state line, Jacksonville offers a little bit of everything: arts and culture, fine dining, and outdoor excursions. Jacksonville Landing is full of options for shopping, dining, and having drinks, and Jacksonville Beach is a 20-30 minute drive outside downtown. Here are a few creative proposal ideas in Jacksonville to give your bride-to-be an experience she'll never forget.

1. In the Open Air

Plan a romantic evening with reservations on a dinner cruise on the St. John's River. Your choices include the Jacksonville Princess II, a luxury yacht that is usually available for charter by groups but is open to the public at certain times of the year. The Lady St. Johns is a great choice for those who like the nightlife, as it has two dance floors, two full bars, and a capacity for 250 passengers. The Annabelle Lee is a smaller, classic steam wheel ship with a charmingly decorated salon. The Lady St. Johns and Annbelle Lee are owned by the same company; for more information, visit www.jaxrivercruises.com.

At the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, admire the private art collection of Arthur and Ninah Cummer in the cozy museum (which is free on Tuesday evenings), then spend time walking around the beautifully manicured gardens and past the giant oak trees. Pass serene reflection pools and fountains on your way to admire the view of the river. There, you can present her with a sparkling diamond cluster ring that will be even more breathtaking than the view.

2. Out at a Show

If your lady loves arts and entertainment, think about creative proposal ideas that involve taking in a show. If she's the theatrical type, she won't mind drawing a crowd when you drop to one knee in the lobby during intermission and declare your love for her. 

A great many well-known broadway musicals visit Jacksonville as they tour the country, from West Side Story to Billy Elliot. Check the listings in advance to find one that your sweetheart would love to see.

The historic Florida Theatre, which opened in 1927, is one of the most eclectic venues around. Take a look at the event listings and you'll see that in a single month, the theatre may host a mainstream comedy show, a variety of classic films, a blues concert, and a live children's show. 

3. At a Romantic Restaurant

The Patio at Pastiche is a favorite of many Jacksonville locals. The small, intimate restaurant serves comforting American and Southern cuisine and has a remarkably friendly staff. If the weather is nice, ask to dine in the garden, which is lit with strings of pretty lights. Make sure to order dessert, and after you are both happily stuffed, surprise her with a diamond cluster ring. It will be the best meal of her life.

Everything about Orsay says class: the decor, the service, and the food. The cuisine is traditional French with occasional influences from the American South. "Out of this world" is how many diners describe the dishes they've eaten here, from the French onion soup to the mussels in white wine, garlic, butter, and thyme. Your mouth will water just looking over the menu. Order a decadent dessert, like vanilla bean creme brulee or a chocolate espresso torte, and sip a glass of wine before you ask for her hand in marriage.

Let your creative proposal ideas be inspired by the selection of engagement rings at My Trio Rings!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user taberandrew 

Best Places to Propose in Cleveland

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 15 May 2012 Proposal

propose in ClevelandThis post is part of the My Trio Rings Precious Places series, which introduces you to the best places to propose around the country.

When you think "Cleveland, Ohio," what probably comes to mind first is American manufacturing, or perhaps the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But there's also a romantic side to Cleveland, full of restaurants and natural spaces -- including a few prime spots to propose marriage. Here are a few.

1. Against a natural landscape

There's nothing like being surrounded by flowers and greenery to put you in a romantic mood. The Cleveland Greenhouse, which was built at the turn of the 20th century, is the perfect setting for a relaxing day with your fiancee-to-be. Explore 270 acres of outdoor gardens, spending time in the lovely Japanese garden and admiring the vibrant orchids in the tropical garden. If you're ready to propose around the holidays, consider asking for her hand in the indoor gardens bursting with colorful poinsettias. 

Pack a picnic and head to the beach at Edgewater Park before sunset. Take a stroll on the sand, then find a spot to lay down a blanket and sit awhile. Sip some wine and watch the sun sink low over Lake Erie and the city skyline. When you present your love with a diamond cluster ring, the twinkling stars and city lights will make it sparkle.

2. At an upscale restaurant

Lola, a classy bistro owned by celebrity chef Michael Symon, has been rated by Zagat as the most popular restaurant in Cleveland. Select a bottle of wine from the extensive list (which your server will present to you on an iPad) and browse a menu full of fresh, local ingredients.

If you're ready to propose, consider spending an evening romancing your lady in Little Italy. Osteria Di Valerio & Al is full of charm, with happy guests drinking wine and dancing to Frank Sinatra tunes played by a live band. 

3. At a classy bar

Stepping into The Velvet Tango Room is like traveling back through time. The sconces on the wall softly illuminate the roomy couches and dark wood, while live jazz and black and white movies play in the background. Make sure you're dressed to the nines, like your fellow ladies and gents will be. Order a martini or a lime fizz, which chef Michael Symon raved about on Food Network as the best thing he ever drank. As you toast to your love, surprise your lady with a diamond cluster ring. The entire evening is sure to be unforgettable.

Plan an evening in Ohio City, Cleveland's walkable artisan neighborhood, which is dedicated to creating a thriving community of local merchants. The Market Avenue Wine Bar has a funky charm, with exposed brick walls, soft lighting, and a blend of antique and modern decor. In the spring, request a seat on the patio and enjoy people-watching as you relax with a drink. The servers are knowledgeable about the wine selection and can recommend food pairings (try a fruit and cheese plate or the baked brie with warm bread).

Get ready to propose by finding a stunning, affordable engagement ring at My Trio Rings.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user joshuarothhaas

Best Places to Propose in Hamilton, Ohio

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 03 April 2012 Proposal

This post is part of the My Trio Rings Precious Places series, which uses Mashable's Top 10 Cities for Getting Engaged list for inspiration.

Who knew that Hamilton, Ohio, was one of the most popular places in the U.S. to propose? Part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area in Southwestern Ohio, the historically industrial Hamilton is known as "The "City of Sculpture" because it is attempting to revitalize itself through the arts. 

Where to Propose in Hamilton, Ohio

Though it may not be as well known as nearby Cincinnati, Hamilton is a great town in which to carry out your creative proposal idea -- if you know where to look, that is. Here are a few of the coolest places to propose:

1. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

This park is one of the most beautiful highlights Hamilton has to offer. When the weather is nice, take your loved one on a walk (you have 265 acres to choose from!) and admire the many different sculptures that grace the landscape. A particularly unique feature of the park is the 10,000 square foot Ancient Sculpture Museum that displays Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan sculpture. Pyramid Hill's ultimate goal is to be the only art park in the world to represent the complete history of sculpture of mankind, and it's well on its way. Scout out the grounds in advance to find a sculpture that represents your relationship with your bride-to-be. When you come back with her by your side, present her with a diamond cluster ring and share why you chose this sculpture as your romantic backdrop.     

2. Holiday Auto Theatre 

What could be more romantic than watching a drive-in movie with your sweetheart? Drive-in theaters are hard to come by nowadays, which will make the experience at the Holiday Auto Theatre all the more exciting. Choose a romantic film or a lighthearted comedy, something that you know she'll enjoy. Pay a $5.00 fee to bring in your own food, or stop by the Refreshment Center and buy some popcorn and her favorite kind of candy. Cuddle up during the movie, and as the credits roll, surprise her by popping the question. When you tell the story of your engagement later, you'll receive a lot of compliments for your creative proposal idea!

3. Hanover Winery 

An unexpected find in Hamilton is Hanover Winery, which produces more than 20 wines on site and holds wine tastings and community events on their beautiful grounds. Choose an event -- such as an outdoor concert -- from the schedule on the winery's website. Bring a blanket and picnic, and pick up a bottle of wine in the tasting room. As the sun sets, present your lady with a diamond cluster ring that will sparkle with the fading rays of light.

4. Flub's Dari-Ette 

If your loved one is a kid at heart, consider this creative proposal idea: asking for her hand in marriage at this old-style ice cream shop. Flub's Dari-Ette has been serving up frozen treats for more than 40 years, including soft-serve cones, slushies, and cyclones (with delicious names like "Mike's Chocolaty Marshmallow"). Imagine her surprise when she reaches for her order and turns around to find you on one knee!

5. Hamilton Oktoberfest 

The Oktoberfest celebration in Hamilton is more than 45 years old. It's held by the Liberty Home Association, a German club that brings authenticity to the annual event. Enjoy the freshly made bratwurst, sauerkraut, and other German foods (make sure to bring some breath mints!) and sample the liberally flowing beer. Once you surprise your lady with a diamond cluster ring, you can celebrate by sharing your news with the multi-generational partygoers and dancing to live music. Prost!

Pick out a special engagement ring to add the perfect touch to your creative proposal idea, or save by selecting a trio ring set. 

Best Places to Propose in Washington, D.C.

by Kelly Smith Monday, 26 March 2012 Wedding Ideas

This post is part of the My Trio Rings Precious Places series, which uses Mashable's Top 10 Cities for Getting Engaged list for inspiration.

Lately, the internet has been abuzz with the best places to propose. If you are looking for creative proposal ideas, be certain to keep up with the My Trio Rings Precious Places series. This week, our destination is Washington, D.C. So if you are ready to pop the big question, then pick out an affordable wedding ring set, and ponder the following proposal venues.

Creative Proposal Ideas in Washington, D.C.

1. Blooming Cherry Blossoms

One of the things that Washington, D.C. is best known for outside of government and politics is its extravagant display of blooming cherry blossoms around the perimeter of the Tidal Basin. If you live in the D.C. metro area, consider a springtime stroll around the lake. Find a bench to sit on, and declare your desire to spend the rest of your lives together. Another romantic option would be to pack a picnic blanket, a basket of gourmet goodies, a bottle of champagne, and an affordable wedding ring set and set up camp for a picnic proposal under a blooming cherry blossom bower.

Alternative: There is also a lovely, meandering rose garden, the Kathrine Dulin Folger Rose Garden, outside of the Smithsonian Castle that offers a longer growing season and more opportunities for creative proposal ideas in the great outdoors.

2. Delicious Ethnic Cuisines

We’ve all seen the movies with the candlelit Italian restaurant and glasses of wine. While there is nothing wrong with the tried-and-true romantic classics, you may also wish to consider more creative proposal ideas, such as a different kind of culinary venue. Washington, D.C. is uniquely suited for food adventures with its wide variety of different ethnic restaurants. For something different, start the adventure of a lifetime at an Ethiopian restaurant such as Meskerem, where you will sit on intricately patterned cushions and eat with your hands. Talk about your future hopes and dreams while you feast together. Then slip the engagement ring from your affordable wedding ring set onto her finger while you wipe each other’s hands with a warm, wet cloth after your meal. For a more romantic experience, consider requesting a private room at the restaurant of your choice or getting reservations for a time when you may have the restaurant mostly to yourselves.

What is your Washington, D.C. proposal story? Share it with us!

Pick out an affordable wedding ring set today!

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Best Places to Propose in Atlanta

by Melia Dicker Tuesday, 21 February 2012 Proposal

This post is part of the "My Trio Rings Precious Places" series.

If you're looking for proposal ideas, take a look at the list recently released by Mashable: the Top 10 Cities for Getting Engaged, according to Facebook. Today we begin a series of posts that profile each city and highlight the best places to get down on one knee and present your love with a beautiful diamond cluster ring

Where to Propose in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, blends big-city culture with relaxed Southern charm. Here are three types of Atlanta proposal ideas for you to consider:

1. An elegant restaurant

During dinner, excuse yourself and secretly slip the diamond cluster ring to your waiter, with a request to bring it out with dessert or champagne. If there's a live band, approach during a break and request that the band play a song that means something to you and your sweetie. Here are a couple of the most romantic restaurants in Atlanta:

Bacchanalia is consistently rated as one of the Top 10 restaurants in Atlanta and has been number one in the Zagat guide since 1996. It's also often mentioned as one of the best places to propose. Relax into the cushy banquettes and enjoy the classy ambience, the friendly waitstaff, and the creative menu (with the chef sending out several small bites called "gifts" throughout the meal).

Set atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza, the Sun Dial Restaurant and Bar rises 73 stories above the city and rotates, offering breathtaking 360-degree views. The top floor revolves completely every half hour, the bottom floor every hour. 

2. A peaceful park

Take a walk hand-in-hand through the 30-acre Atlanta Botanical Garden and admire the beauty of the rare plants and flowersYou'll take your lady's breath away when you present a diamond cluster ring against such a gorgeous natural backdrop. The 10,000 square foot Fuqua Orchid Center is especially romantic. 

Plan a picnic at Centennial Olympic Park and surprise her with strawberries, champagne, and a sweet proposal. Or, if she's the adventurous type, playfully grab her hand and run through the Fountain of Rings. It's the largest interactive foundation in the world and is tiled in the shape of Olympic rings. Once you two are lightly soaked and laughing, get down on one knee in the middle of one of the rings and ask for her hand.

3. A center of culture 

If your bride-to-be loves to see a show, romance her at the theatre or the symphony. Propose at dinner before the show, or during an evening walk afterward, while you're both enraptured by the magic of the stage.

The Fox Theatre is a beloved historical landmark and the perfect place to take in dinner and a show. Dress up for the special occasion, and take in the gorgeous grandeur of the theatre.

The Grammy-award winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performs at several venues in town, including the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park. With 200 concerts per year to choose from, you're sure to find one that she'll fancy.

Before you propose in Atlanta, find a diamond cluster ring that she'll love. 

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Creative Proposal Ideas for Valentine's Day

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 24 January 2012 Proposal

This Valentine's Day, don't think roses -- think rings! There is still time to buy a diamond cluster engagement ring if you want to propose this year on Valentine's Day. Whether you decide to buy a single engagement ring or a trio wedding ring set that includes an engagement ring, start coming up with your creative proposal ideas now. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

5 Creative Proposal Ideas

1. Buy a dozen roses for your girlfriend. Tie the roses with a ribbon, and slip a diamond cluster engagement ring onto the ribbon as you tie the bow. When she takes the flowers from you, she should brush the ring with her fingers.

2. Turn a casual coffee date into something more by hiding a diamond cluster engagement ring on the saucer under the cup when you carry her coffee from the counter to the table. She will see the ring when she lifts the mug to take a sip. Consider getting the barista involved by requesting a heart-shaped swirl of steamed milk, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce.

3. Give her a book for Valentine's Day. Before you wrap her gift, cut some of the pages out, and tape the ring inside. When she opens the book to flip through politely, she will find the diamond cluster engagement ring hiding inside!

4. Create a treasure hunt with clues that will remind her of special memories that the two of you share. When she reads the final clue, follow her to where you have hidden the engagement ring, and get down on one knee to propose to her.

5. Arrange a night of dinner and dancing. Request a special song from the DJ. When the love song that you requested is played, take her left hand and slip a diamond cluster engagement ring onto her ring finger while the two of you are dancing.

What are your creative proposal ideas?

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Are You Ready to Get Married?

by Kelly Smith Thursday, 15 December 2011 Wedding Ideas

Many couples today are uncertain about whether they should get married and at what point in their ready-for-budget-weddingrelationship it is the appropriate time to do so. There are a lot of practical reasons why couples choose to get married: tax benefits, legal protection for children, expectations of family members and friends, sharing health insurance benefits. But regardless of all of the practical considerations that might encourage some to rush into marriage (or the undeniable excitement of wedding gowns, diamond cluster rings, and honeymoons, the best time to get married is when you both feel ready to commit to spending your lives together – not just when you are ready to plan a budget wedding or when other people are ready to see you walk down the aisle.

How will you know when you are ready? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. You want to spend your lives together, regardless of whether your budget wedding plan involves a simple trip to the courthouse or an extravagant trip to the Mexican Riviera.

2. You are prepared to stay together through thick and thin, regardless of future employment, future health, future lifestyle, or future residence. This is the person you are excited to share your life with, through all the ups and downs.

3. You share important values and are able to compromise and come to consensus on important issues as well as seemingly trivial disagreements. You have discussed everything from religion and children to household chores and spending styles, and you know you are compatible. Remember, no couple has a perfect relationship or a completely smooth road ahead in their lives. The important thing is that you are prepared to support each other and work together in good times and in bad. If you think you are ready for wedding bells to be in your future, keep in mind that the time for choosing diamond cluster rings for a Christmas proposal is drawing near. But if the time isn't quite right, then wait until you both are ready before you jump into planning the budget wedding of your dreams. How did you know you were ready to get married? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Buy a Trio Ring Set for Your Summer Proposal

by Kelly Smith Friday, 20 May 2011 Proposal

Summer is almost here, and you’ve been thinking that you are ready to propose to your girlfriend. Pick out an inexpensive trio ring set that includes a beautiful real diamond engagement ring, and surprise your girlfriend with a proposal at your closest beach. Here are a few creative proposal ideas to get you started.

1. Find a large stick to write “Marry me!” in the wet sand close to the water. Be certain that your girlfriend reads your message before the waves wash it away. Slip the engagement ring from the trio ring set onto her finger when she says yes.

2. Take your girlfriend on a special picnic at the beach. Tie the engagement ring to the handle of her fork while packing the picnic, or hide the ring box in the picnic basket until the perfect moment to unpack it.

3. If you’ve got a bigger proposal budget, hire an advertising airplane to fly a banner over the beach that says “Will you marry me?” while you are splashing in the waves or soaking in the sun with your girlfriend.

4. Take a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset with the engagement ring from the trio ring set in your pocket. Get down on one knee in the sand when the moment is right.

5. Get tickets for a short whale-watching trip or a dinner cruise if neither of you is prone to seasickness. When you are out on the water, find a private moment to pull your girlfriend aside and ask her to share your life.

6. Build a sand castle with your girlfriend. When she is not looking, put the ring box in her bucket, on her shovel, on top of the castle, or some other place where she will see it right away.

For more proposal inspiration, you may wish to read 5 Creative Proposal Ideas for Easter, Creative Proposal Traditions from Around the World, Creative Proposal Ideas from Books and Movies, or 10 Romantic Ways to Propose this Christmas.

5 Creative Proposal Ideas for Easter

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 23 March 2011 Proposal

creative-proposal-easterHave you been thinking for a while now that you’re ready to propose to your girlfriend? If you can’t imagine living without her, and you are ready to commit to creating a life together, then it may be time to pick out an inexpensive wedding ring set and surprise your girlfriend with a proposal this spring. Proposals are common at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so your girlfriend will probably be more surprised by a springtime proposal, such as a creative proposal on Easter. Easter is about a month away, so you still have time to pick out a beautiful wedding ring set and make a proposal plan. Here are some creative proposal ideas to get you started.

Easter Basket Proposal

Purchase an Easter basket and some Easter grass. Fill the basket with a variety of treats that will be special to your girlfriend, such as scented lotion, a pair of soft socks, a gourmet chocolate bar, a new book or movie, her favorite tea, a pottery mug, or even fun things for the young at heart, like crayons or a stuffed bunny rabbit. Purchase a pack of plastic Easter eggs. Fill them with a variety of Easter candies such as jellybeans or small chocolate eggs. Hide a wedding ring set inside one of the eggs instead of candy. Arrange all of the treats and plastic eggs nicely in the basket and surprise her with it on Easter morning.

Easter Bouquet Proposal

Consider a creative proposal at church. Many religious traditions ask that you bring or wear flowers to church on Easter morning. If you are celebrating the holiday together at church, bring your girlfriend a beautiful seasonal bouquet or corsage from the local florist or even from your own backyard. Use a piece of brightly colored ribbon to tie an engagement ring to the bouquet before you hand it to your girlfriend to carry.

Picnic Basket Proposal

Plan an Easter picnic with your girlfriend, and tell her that you will be in charge of bringing the food. Pack a picnic basket full of your girlfriend’s favorite seasonal foods that you either make yourself or buy from your favorite restaurant or deli. Some springtime picnic favorites include pasta salad, fried chicken, deviled eggs, and fruit salad. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of chilled champagne or sparkling cider and glasses. Nestle the ring box into the basket with the food. Spread out a picnic blanket at your favorite park or nature area, and ask your girlfriend to unpack the food. As she takes things out of the basket, she will be surprised to find a ring inside!

Easter Bunny Proposal

Plan a creative proposal with the help of the Easter Bunny at your local mall. Take your girlfriend out to breakfast or lunch, and then suggest taking a picture with the Easter Bunny as a couple for fun. When you both sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap, pull out the ring and propose. If you can, warn the Easter Bunny photographer ahead of time so that he can be certain to catch the proposal on film for a special memory that will last a lifetime.

Easter Cupcake Proposal

Designer cupcakes are all the rage right now. Ask your local bakery to create two fancy cupcakes to share with your girlfriend for Easter dessert. Choose her favorite cake flavor, and ask the bakery to decorate the cupcakes in a creative way that incorporates the beautiful wedding ring set that you picked out. Serve the cupcakes after a special dinner at home, and surprise her with delicious his-and-hers wedding ring cupcakes.

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