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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

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A Budget Wedding and Budget Honeymoon in One!

by Kelly Smith Monday, 26 November 2012 Honey Moon

If the idea of planning a budget wedding makes you break out in hives, then perhaps coordinating all the details of a more conventional wedding just isn’t for you. Some couples opt for more simple, budget-friendly options such as tying the knot at city hall and then hosting a small reception at a favorite restaurant. Other couples like the idea of combining their wedding and honeymoon in one package with a destination wedding or a budget wedding at sea on a cruise. Indeed, a cruise can be an affordable way to integrate a budget wedding and a budget honeymoon.

Benefits of a Budget Wedding on Open Water

1. Someone Else Will Be in Charge

If you plan a budget wedding on a cruise ship, most of the work is already done for you. You just need to bring a wedding dress and inexpensive wedding rings. Many cruise ships even offer tuxedo rentals on board. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while someone else takes care of all the wedding details, such as arranging music, food, and photography as part of your cruise wedding package.

2. You Will Be Pampered

Even if you stay in the least expensive stateroom with no extras, you can’t avoid being pampered. Someone else makes your bed, takes out your trash, and brings your free room service. Gourmet three-course dining is likely also included in your package, with a few specialty restaurants available for an additional splurge. If you want to splurge, you can also spend time being pampered at the ship’s spa, perhaps indulging in a couple’s massage before or after the budget wedding. Whether or not you decide to partake in some of the extras onboard ship, just remember to include tips in your budget wedding / budget honeymoon cost estimates so that you can show appreciation to the people who do the pampering.

3. You Will Be Entertained

Amenities differ by cruise ship and cruise line, but most have something for everyone to enjoy. While you are on the cruise ship, you can likely kick back by the pool, read in the library, have a mini-golf competition, learn to ice skate, unwind in the hot tub, view free theatrical performances, take classes, or participate in a wide variety of other free activities.

4. You Can Have Adventures

When the cruise ship is at port, you can venture off on your own to enjoy a more private budget honeymoon or participate in adventures with your wedding guests. You can probably go parasailing, take a jeep tour, explore ancient ruins, go swimming with dolphins or sea turtles or sting rays, ride on a pirate ship or glass-bottom boat, climb a waterfall, take a horse and carriage ride, go scuba diving, take a hike, go shopping, or relax in a hammock on the beach, depending on where you are and depending on your budget and tastes.

You can make a luxurious, all-inclusive cruise vacation work well for your budget wedding and honeymoon. Get started by picking affordable rings today!

Photo credit: coolinsights

How to Save on a Budget Honeymoon

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 08 February 2012 Honey Moon

After you pick out your affordable wedding rings and plan a beautiful budget wedding, it is time to think about planning your budget honeymoon. Just like with planning a wedding on a budget, it is necessary to prioritize your honeymoon dreams in order to maximize your honeymoon dollar. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Shop around

One of the best ways to save money on your budget honeymoon is to shop around. Sometimes discount travel sites such as Expedia.com and Orbitz.com will offer the best deal on airfare, rental cars, and the like. Other times, your best bet is to purchase directly from an airline or hotel. Sometimes more generic deal sites such as Groupon.com will run great travel deals. Once you have a general idea of your budget honeymoon priorities, start searching all around for deals in your price range. In general, the sooner you book travel, the better prices you can get, although there are some last-minute travel sites that could work well for you if you are willing to wait until the last minute to make your plans.

2. Be flexible

If a beach honeymoon is your dream, you can likely save a lot of money if you are flexible about which beach you choose. A stateside beach resort or state park is likely to be less expensive than a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean, for example. You may also be able to save a great deal of money if you can be flexible with your budget honeymoon dates. It is often cheaper to fly mid-week than to purchase airline tickets for weekend flights, in case air travel is part of your honeymoon plans.

3. Travel off the beaten path

Just like with planning a wedding on a budget, it can often be cheaper to choose not to do what everyone else is doing for their honeymoon. If you are willing to consider alternate destinations or are excited about traveling to popular destinations in the off season, then you might be able to get more for your budget honeymoon buck.

What are your honeymoon dreams?

Photo credit: SpecialKRB

5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos on Your Budget Honeymoon

by Kelly Smith Tuesday, 27 September 2011 Budget Buy

You are almost there. After months of writing lists, making phone calls, and planning, you are about to embark on the budget honeymoon of your dreams. There’s no doubt that you are ready to kick back and relax with your new spouse. But how can you best capture the memories from your honeymoon?

No matter what budget wedding photography decisions you made, you will most likely be on your own to take your honeymoon photos. Even though professional wedding planners don’t recommend a DIY approach for wedding photography, it is unlikely that you will have a professional photographer at your fingertips on your honeymoon.

Here are 5 tips for taking beautiful pictures on your budget honeymoon:

1. Request a digital camera on your budget wedding registry.

If you don’t already have a nice digital camera, it is a good investment or a good wedding gift to receive. You save money on film and developing costs, since you can take as many pictures as you wish but only develop your favorites. Many people don’t develop pictures at all – they just store their pictures digitally to enjoy in online photo albums, share on Facebook, or email to relatives.

2. Pack extra batteries.

If you are going out of the country or to a remote location for your budget honeymoon, you will want to be sure that you have extra batteries for your camera. If it is a camera with a rechargeable battery, you will want to make sure that you will have the ability to recharge the batteries. If you are out of the country, this means you may need to purchase a country-specific electrical adaptor.

3. Practice taking pictures ahead of time.

To avoid wasting your valuable honeymoon time trying to figure out a new electronic device, be sure to play around with your camera for a few weeks ahead of time to learn its features and be ready to point and shoot at the first beautiful sunset you come across without missing the sunset.

4. Don’t be afraid of taking multiple pictures of the same scene.

There is no cost for taking several pictures of the same thing on a digital camera. You can keep the best image and easily delete the rest off of your camera or your computer. If you are likely to take a high volume of photographs on your budget honeymoon, you may wish to consider purchasing an extra memory card for your camera in case you fill the first one up.

5. Put yourselves in the pictures.

Take turns taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, and make sure to include each other in the pictures. In years to come, chances are that you will be much more interested in how young you looked or how happy you looked on your honeymoon rather than what a particular beach or mountain looked like. Ask fellow tourists to take pictures of the two of you as a couple, and request that they take a few just in case.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your budget honeymoon. You can always buy a postcard with a beautiful sunset or a stunning view, but you can’t always enjoy the company of your new spouse on your honeymoon, since it will too quickly become a happy memory.

Photo Credit: Flickr (mikebaird)

Beyond the Budget Wedding: 3 Honeymoon Destinations

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 31 August 2011 Honey Moon

You’re almost there. You ordered your inexpensive trio ring set many months ago. You’ve gotten a great deal on a budget wedding venue for the big day. You ordered a delicious bargain wedding cake that looks like it cost a pretty penny. The budget wedding dress of your dreams is even in the bag.

But have you started to think beyond your budget wedding? Where will you travel on an inexpensive honeymoon without blowing all the money you saved on your wedding? Here are three ideas.

1. The Caribbean

Depending on what part of the country you live in, the Caribbean may seem out of reach. But sometimes travel websites offer amazing vacation packages to the Caribbean from an airport near you, especially during the off-season. Caribbean cruise packages also sometimes go on sale, and their all-inclusive packages might be a great deal if they sail from a port near you. Tobago and Aruba are rumored to be cheaper than many other islands in the Caribbean, especially if you stay off of the beaten path. You may also wish to consider the U.S. Virgin Islands, where you will not have to pay currency exchange rates or sales tax on any of your purchases.

2. A Nearby Luxury Hotel

If you want all out decadent relaxation on your honeymoon, remove the high travel costs. Honeymoon at a luxury hotel that is within driving distance, and splurge on gourmet meals, couples massages, breakfast in bed, and a room with a hot tub or a fireplace rather than on gas or plane tickets. This nearby hotel could also be a great destination to relive your honeymoon and celebrate anniversaries in the future.

3. A State Park

If you are outdoorsy, escape from it all in a secluded state park cabin. Cabins usually run far below $100 per night, and they generally come equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, and climate control. Be certain to reserve your cabin in advance, since state park cabins are often very popular as an inexpensive getaway. Be certain to pack your own champagne, picnic supplies, and easy but romantic foods to eat. If you’re planning on doing any serious hiking, you may wish to leave your inexpensive trio ring set in a safe place in the cabin so that it doesn’t get dirty.

What are your ideas for budget honeymoon destinations?

Photo Credit: Flickr (roughedge57)

Finding Europe on a Budget Honeymoon

by Melia Dicker Friday, 29 July 2011 Honey Moon


When most people think about honeymoons, they imagine decadence and total relaxation. But even after being practical and planning a wedding on a budget, it can be difficult to settle for anything less than a dream honeymoon. Fortunately, with a little creativity, a budget honeymoon can very closely resemble the honeymoon of your dreams. Many couples dream about honeymooning in Europe, but even airfare alone can be prohibitively expensive for such a trip. If that is your dream, keep your eye out for special airfare deals on your favorite discount travel websites, and check out books from your local library about how to see Europe on a tight budget.

But if Europe is your dream, think about ways to stay closer to home for your budget honeymoon while still recreating the European experience. If you want an experience similar to a small village or town in Europe; wandering narrow streets, peeking into tiny local shops, and eating innovative cuisine at restaurants that aren’t part of a chain, then consider finding a nice hotel or bed and breakfast in a place like Montpelier, Vermont or New Orleans, Louisiana. This is an excellent opportunity to unwind and relax with your new spouse after all the hard work you put into planning a wedding on a budget – and you don’t have to take an eight-hour flight to get there!

Or if you want something a little more action-packed, think Las Vegas for your budget honeymoon. Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Paris Las Vegas, and the Venetian are some of the resort hotels that offer European ambiance and experiences closer to home. Right there on the Las Vegas strip, you can take a gondola ride along a canal, visit a replica of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy luxurious suites decorated with European décor, and eat in a divine outdoor French bistro – in addition to being within walking distance of great shows, exotic animals, and a variety of nightlife. In Venice, Italy, the most luxurious hotels start at over $2000 per night for a room. For a fraction of that price, you could spend a week of luxury in Las Vegas, especially if you are able to find a package deal on your favorite travel website.

If you’re still working on planning a wedding on a budget, you might also want to consider Las Vegas as an excellent option for saving money with a wedding and honeymoon in one, since there are so many different places to get married in Las Vegas. Especially in the off season, Las Vegas resorts sometimes offer amazing deals.

Photo Credit: Jim G

What to Pack on Your Budget Honeymoon

by Kelly Smith Monday, 28 March 2011 Honey Moon

budget-honeymoon-luggageOnce you plan the budget honeymoon (http://www.mytriorings.com/6-budget-honeymoon-tips.html) of your dreams, you will need to start thinking about what to pack. In general, it is a good idea to pack light, so that your new husband still has the energy to carry you over the threshold after carrying your luggage up to your hotel room. Here are a few simple tips for packing smart on your honeymoon.


Check the weather forecast for your destination before you decide what to bring. Choose clothing items that are comfortable, versatile, and easily dressed up or down with simple accessories. Plan to bring light layers, even in the summer months when you may wish to put on a lightweight sweater over your sundress or shorts in the evening. If you decide to bring new clothing or new shoes on your budget honeymoon, be certain to wash new clothing and break in new shoes before you go. Most importantly, pack a change of clothes in your carry on luggage, just in case your checked bags are misdirected and you want to freshen up before they arrive. If swimming is in your honeymoon plans, consider bringing an extra bathing suit so that you don’t have to put on a wet bathing suit if yours has not fully dried from the beach the day before.


It is a good idea to leave expensive jewelry at home when you travel. Even if you purchased an inexpensive wedding ring set, you may not wish to risk loss, theft, or damage to your wedding jewelry. Some couples choose to leave their real diamond jewelry safely at home and purchase inexpensive fake cubic zirconia rings for travel. If you choose to take your wedding ring set with you, be certain to care for it properly.


Whether you are travelling to a strange city, a foreign country, or just a quiet bed and breakfast a few hours away, it is a good idea to prepare a small medical kit to take on your budget honeymoon that includes all of the prescriptions you need (or might need) to take, as well as your preferred over-the-counter remedies for common ailments such as upset stomachs or headaches. Depending on your destination, you may also need such items as sunscreen and bug spray.


If you don’t already have a good quality digital camera, this is the perfect time to get one so that you can start recording your memories of your new life together. Consider putting a camera on your wedding registry or buying one as a gift for your soon-to-be spouse so that you can record your honeymoon memories in photographs. Besides a camera, consider packing special treats to share with your spouse on the trip, such as gourmet chocolates, special champagne, or other favorite treats to share, in case you can’t purchase them at your budget honeymoon destination. You may also wish to prepare your own kit of pampering supplies in order to save money on spa treatments. Think about buying special lotion, bubble bath, or massage oil to surprise your new spouse.

What other helpful travel tips can you share?

Photo Credit: Celebratemanking

6 Budget Honeymoon Tips

by Kelly Smith Monday, 20 December 2010 Honey Moon

budget-honeymoonSo far you’ve been a savvy bride and groom. You saved a lot of money by purchasing an inexpensive wedding ring set online. You planned and executed a romantic proposal. You are in the middle of planning a wedding on a budget. Now it is time to start thinking about taking a trip that will get you away from it all. How can you save money on a honeymoon? Here are some budget honeymoon tips to get you started.

1. Stay close to home.

Purchasing domestic airfare or driving your own car can be much cheaper than finding international flights. If you do decide to fly, investigate discount airlines and alternative airport possibilities. Instead of Paris, think New York City or Chicago. Instead of the Caribbean, consider North Carolina’s Outer Banks or the Florida Keys.

2. Get outdoors.

Many state parks offer cabin rentals. Find a park with secluded cabins and beautiful scenery. Bring your own champagne and picnic blanket. Many cabins even offer a kitchen to prepare meals together. Look into Vermont’s Button Bay State Park, Virginia’s First Landing State Park, or Mississippi’s Tishomingo State Park to get you started on planning your budget honeymoon.

3. Ask your friends.

Find out if any of your family or friends own a vacation home such as a beach house or a cabin on a lake or a condo in a nearby city. They may be willing to offer you a steep discount on lodging, or perhaps they will let you stay in their place for a week for free. You might also be able to find a friend of a friend who is hoping to sublease their big city apartment for a short time, which can be cheaper than a hotel stay.

4. Buy a package.

Search for all-inclusive vacation packages at an off-season resort. At certain times of year, it is easy to find a heavily discounted cruise, a Hawaii hotel steal, or an inexpensive Las Vegas vacation package. Online travel sites also sometimes have excellent last-minute budget honeymoon getaways.

5. Find an adventure.

Instead of picking a typical honeymoon destination at a high-cost resort, look for alternative activities at different locations. Consider renting a houseboat on the St. Johns river in Florida. Find a luxury spa in a lower cost destination, such as Hot Springs, Arkansas. Stay in a tree house bed and breakfast in a cedar tree in Washington State or a wilderness lodge in Alaska.

6. Register for a honeymoon.

If you are not prepared to pay for your dream honeymoon on your own, consider setting up a honeymoon registry through a site such as HoneyLuna.com or Honeyfund. Your guests can choose to give you the gift of a one-night hotel stay, a gourmet dinner, breakfast in bed, a couples massage, and whatever other luxuries you hope to indulge in.

Photo Credit: Steve Dunleavy

Top Five Savvy Wedding Splurges

by Kelly Smith Wednesday, 06 October 2010 Ceremony

Wedding_SplurgesFor most couples, the sky is not the limit for their wedding budget. One of the necessities of planning a wedding on a budget is prioritizing in order to stay within the bounds of a reasonable budget. Where will you save money, and where do you want to spend a little extra? Smart couples who choose to purchase high quality, affordable engagement ring sets often find that they have a little extra cash to make other parts of their wedding even more special.

1. Honeymoon

Planning a wedding on a budget can be a challenge, especially when it comes to planning a memorable trip to start your life together as a married couple. A little extra money in the honeymoon budget can fund more luxurious hotel accommodations, travel to a more exotic destination, more gourmet meals, more expensive champagne, or even extras like a couple’s massage or a hot air balloon ride.

2. Photography

For many brides and grooms, their wedding day is a whirlwind. They may not even remember to eat, and they may have trouble remembering specific moments from their special day in the years to come. Having an excellent professional photographer and / or videographer is important to preserving wedding memories for a lifetime. Whether you prefer formal portraits or the style of photojournalism, having wiggle room in the budget allows you to choose the photographer that best fits your style. Some creative couples even choose to rent a photo booth for fun candid shots of their guests.

3. Music

Some couples are happy to play a mix CD at their reception or even to have their iPod on shuffle. For others, it is important to have the funds to hire the best local band to play live music or to have their favorite DJ taking song requests from their wedding guests at the reception. Still others wish to hire a string quartet for their stroll down the aisle rather than relying on the church organist. If you decide that music is important to you as you are planning a wedding on a budget, then choosing to spend less money on an affordable engagement ring set could give you the room in your budget to cater to your musical tastes.

4. Food

Weddings that take place around meal times make it necessary to serve your guests more than just cake. Some brides and grooms are happy with a small buffet with a few different food choices. Other couples wish to host a sit-down dinner with expensive entrees and fine wine. The amount of money you spend on wedding food can vary widely depending on your taste, the style of your wedding, and the head count. If you decide that you want to serve a steak dinner, then find other places to be frugal in your wedding budget in order to save money to pay the caterer.

5. Style and Appearance (Especially For the Bride)

It’s up to you, as a bride, how glamorous you want to get for your big day. You could splurge on a wedding gown that makes you feel like royalty, or invest in a professional hair and makeup artist. To save on the hassle of transporting your bridesmaids to the salon, and to take care of their hair and makeup as well, you might hire a stylist or two to come to the hotel the morning of the wedding. Instead of buying your bridesmaids gifts, you could treat them to manicures and pedicures the day before the wedding. Cutting corners in other areas of your budget allows you to invest in those that mean a lot to you.

What would you do with the extra money left over from your wedding ring budget?

Photo Credit: Mindaugas Danys